Learn how beautiful and interesting to express their thoughts

Eloquence ability to communicate nicely - this is the nuance that distinguishes the ordinary man from a man who has a certain weight in society, and it does not need to hold a high position or have a family estate.The main thing to know the answer to the question of how to learn to speak beautifully. In this case, it is not just that the ideas born in the elegant dress word forms, but also the beautiful pronunciation with appropriate intonation.


  • Architecture proper proposal
  • Increase vocabulary
  • literary classics - the source of infinite wisdom
  • technology public conversations
  • Facial expressions and gestures in eloquence
  • desires and aspirations
    • beautiful speech - sure it
    • Abilityhighlight important
  • Get rid of words-parasites

Architecture proper proposal

The man speaks to his colleagues Asked how to learn to speak beautifully, note that you need to master the first step: the proper construction of sentences.This workshop is based on the fact that a beautiful proposal to be created on the fly.If at first, th

is condition is causing your difficulties, it is desirable to set up all the pre-record.

outline almost everything you need:

  • interesting words;
  • entertaining phrases or expressions;
  • some beautiful thoughts.
Many start with keeping a personal diary, which describes all the events that have taken place in a particular day.
It was he, more than anything else, helps to answer the question of how to learn to speak beautifully.It must not lead to a small personal notes, and the method of spatial narrative, even dialogues.

At this stage, the student understands the basics of talking nicely build correct sentences.Learn description of events in chronological order.

Increase vocabulary

Points on the book If you are interested in answer to the question, how to learn to speak beautifully, it is necessary to clarify that his decision in a positive way is impossible without a steady increase in vocabulary.

Cases when during a conversation with an interesting conversationalist or reading fascinating book comes across an unfamiliar word.It must always be viewed in the explanatory dictionary and memorize the value or more, if you use it in different contexts.

Learning new words provide an opportunity to carry on a conversation during a dialogue with representatives of a wide variety of professions, social or age groups, and will also be the first step to learning the correct and beautiful speech.
great solution is to look hard enough to understand the books that require the reader a comprehensive approach to the interpretation of the proposed texts.These items are not designed for persons with: read and successfully forgotten.

literary classics - the source of infinite wisdom

Books answer to the question of how to learn to speak beautifully can only be the proposal: More and more, read the classics.That reading classical literature teaches human power over the word and speech, and not of spoilage or of ironic detective instances tabloids.

classical literature is built on excellent pure Russian, filled with new expressions and beautiful dictionaries turns that very useful during training eloquence.They are able to change our style of conversation, elevating it to a hitherto unknown level of the reader.

Based on classical literature, as the basis for training the beautiful words, do not throw away, and the role of contemporary writers working in all genres.

Any book can change the direction of the flow of human thought and neponravivsheesya work - much vocabulary, closer to understanding the human response to the question of how to learn to speak beautifully.

technology public conversations

Microphone The question, how to learn to speak beautifully, there are two pitfalls.Do you want to be able to talk with friends or subtly work to the public.After talking with three or five people, and keep it in front of an audience of students from one hundred to five hundred people - are completely different things.

In the case of public speaking do not look for your professionalism or possession of oratory.The responsibility of public speaking you should never rely on "self".It is necessary to think in advance every word that should be told.Record each that came to mind, a replica concerning the topics of conversation.

All of the above is best done well in advance of the event, and after one or two days that have passed since the writing, it is necessary to revise the established monologue.Such a step will reveal a lot of inaccuracies and errors, weaknesses, veiled thoughts flow passages in the speech that would never be found in the first reading, but even more so in the process of writing the text.

Facial expressions and gestures in eloquence

Hands on the table If you are wondering how to learn to speak beautifully, in this case, can not ignore the strengthening of eloquence Facial expressions and gestures.Training will contribute to conversations in the mirror or video recording, where you can see any errors or inaccuracies, to find weaknesses.

Do not be embarrassed about the fact that at first everyone was doing motion will look more than ridiculous.Over time, this feeling will pass.The purpose of training should be the desire to learn how to keep the face "mask of the robot."On the contrary, you must be able to understand what people see on the part of the speaker.

These "mirror lessons" should occupy in your life a decent period of time, but ultimately expended time give you the desired result.

desires and aspirations

In the absence of desire, as well as a strong desire to achieve this goal, eloquence and remain within your dreams.
way to beautiful speech is thorny and complicated.Do not count on immediate results, but the motivation you need to stock up.

beautiful speech - we are confident

She says If the inability to speak nicely hidden behind the screen of your natural shyness, then need a parallel course eloquence start exercising and relatively gaining confidence.After all, to learn how to express their thoughts in front of a mirror or relatives will not mean that the same is connected and beautiful all happen in front of strangers or large audiences.

beautiful speech - is self-mastery and self-control, which should not be neglected.

ability to highlight important

The girl with a microphone detailed story, including even the smallest and inconspicuous details, always positively perceived by the listener, but it is too tedious.That has already passed the intrigue, and the climax does not come as a drowned among multiple descriptions and details.

It is because of this nuance book thrown to the farthest corner of the room and it no longer remember.The same fate befall even the most exciting work.Similarly, the same comparison can lead to speech.Whatever the event we have not been described, ready to destroy the tediousness of interest in the listener at the stage of its nucleus.

Avoid unnecessary, petty and be able to allocate a large and important.

Even if a fact you seem terribly interesting - think about it, whether it seems to those of your listeners.

Get rid of words-parasites

The man closed his mouth with his hand Nothing so much does not contaminate it, as words-parasites.They distract the listener from the master, and to destroy the thread of the narrative, among the words diffuse attention «in general", "how to", "it is the most", "type", "general» etc.

In speaking people should never be uttered by their number.In the letter, they will not, but we are talking, but not write.Therefore, talk record will help to identify the process of pollution in percentage terms.

You can record anything important within the current legal framework.Communicate on loose threads, listen, analyze your speech and make appropriate conclusions.As a result, the amount of pollutants speech always surprised at first, but then strikes.

Get rid of this addiction is difficult, but very real.Will power and self-discipline will be wonderful coaches.At first, the speaker will need to monitor every word spoken, but with time everything returns to normal, getting to the desired track.

Girl with mouth open ability to speak beautifully able to identify any person from the everyday crowd.Is guaranteed to be a promise that eloquence require maximum effort and time.However, when asked how to learn to speak beautifully, it is worth noting that eloquence is reduced not only to the professional proficiency of the vocal apparatus, and the ability to put thoughts into appropriate verbal shell, but, first of all, to be able to turn to the person on "the language 'used in its social group interlayer.

In conclusion, I would like to draw attention to two factors that must be present during the conversation right: self-preservation and composure.