The ladies are able to attract men?

Woman and man feed each other Women often can not find an explanation for their actions and preferences of men.Next to a handsome man is sometimes no perceptible friend.Why did he choose her?Impressive woman can not find a mate.Q: What women like men interested in many women.

To find the cause of the man's sympathy, you should look a little deeper into the psychology of the stronger sex.


  • model looks - a guarantee of success?
  • favorite type or men who choose
  • ability to forgive - great quality!
  • Classic model: a woman worthy of respect!

model looks - a guarantee of success?

The girl model looks With covers of glossy magazines looking at us emaciated thinness girl.The film industry vigorously enforces all certain standard of beauty.This is a transparent thin persons without seductive forms.Impressed by such dubious standards of style, many women begin to lose weight hard.They hope that this will help to gain popularity among men.

Before you go on a strict diet, a good idea to know what women like men? In fact, they are attracted

by the beautiful appetizing forms.Girls with a thin waist, pronounced breasts and rounded hips much more likely to win the heart of a gentleman.

favorite type or men who choose

Couple hugging In determining the selection criteria properly to give the appearance of paramount importance.It is not always well-groomed woman with a professional make-up is of interest and attention.From such beauty can blow cold.Beauty needs to be live and cause desire.

What lady is able to captivate any man:

  1. girl should take care of yourself: care for the skin and hair, do manicures.Artificial nails do not increase the attractiveness of women.They are not like the majority of the potential candidates in the life of the satellites.
  2. Interesting conversation in a restaurant myth that men prefer silly, has no relation to reality.Interesting interlocutor much nicer Ellochka-ogress.The presence of intelligence - an undoubted trump card.However, smart lady never exposes his IQ.Otherwise, the man just run away, fearing competition.
  3. immediacy and tact - the mandatory features of the ideal of beauty.Terrible manners, non-standard behavior for a while may be interested in a man.But only just.Further development of relations will not happen.
  4. Some macho selected older and experienced ladies.The presence of a rich sexual and life experience makes them extremely attractive.Such a choice could be other motives.One of them - a desire to become dependent, live at the expense of a wealthy woman.
  5. The woman on the chest of a man Nature has ordained that the master of the house was a man.He must feel that is an authority, a stone wall for his beloved.Women who are able to give him the opportunity to be a powerful and necessary, are never left alone.The Iron Lady, his whole appearance shows his self-sufficiency, discouraged suitors.They reason that if she and very well, I probably superfluous.

Contrary to popular belief that the stronger sex are not very insightful - it is not so.They are thin and psychologists are well aware of what she wants them to.Look for opportunities to enrich it and realize their desires or her interested in the man himself.

narcissistic or selfish bitch do not know emancipated besieged by suitors only in the movies.The dreams of men - a modest, kind, charming and sensual woman.

ability to forgive - great quality!

too touchy relationship causes irritation.Inflated lips, carping, the ability to store the grievances are not among the qualities that are valued in women by men.Increased tearfulness acts on them as women expect.Gentlemen prefer fun and relaxing hohotushek.

Good memory is not considered a virtue in relationships with the opposite sex.Forgive and forget - rights which, in the opinion of men, have to follow the ideal girlfriend.

ability to be condescending to small pranks and weaknesses, ability to compromise is sympathy for this girl.Living with her is going to be easy and enjoyable.

Mysterious girl available women are not interested in a man.They need to feel the conquerors.A mysterious stranger and inaccessible spur hunting instinct.Millions of men admire the Mona Lisa.And it's not beauty, namely in the puzzle.

initiative on the opposite side is welcome, but it should be clear and straightforward.Yet man must assume that he has made a choice.

Intrusive girlfriend who just does not give him passage, is unlikely to be the companion of life.If you want to express our sympathy, then it should be done very delicately.

Unselfish feelings - that involves a man (and especially - secured).He must be sure that she is not seeking to climb into his wallet.If the lady constantly demands of luxury gifts and financial investments, it is not conducive to the emergence of a strong relationship.

Picnic In the case where a girl is serious, she would not squander his money fan.You can hint to him that a good gift can not only be costly thing, but also the intangible gift.Demonstrate how you value his care and attention.This will help to win the man and make him believe in the sincere feelings.

Men - owners.This should be considered.They allow coquetry only in relation to his own person.

Even in normal conversation with an old friend, they can discern the secret meaning.In this regard, they have no alternatives.Want to be chosen for its best - prove that in your life there is a place only for him.

Classic model: a woman worthy of respect!

The girl laughs No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but the man wants to respect his girlfriend.To achieve this, it should not allow him to rough, unworthy acts.If at the beginning of the relationship does not define the boundaries of what is permitted, in the future the situation will become even worse.

Demonstrate self-esteem and self-respect - a good sign.The man instinctively seeks to find a respectable friend.After all, in the future it may become the mother of his children.

Couple in love To achieve admiration and attention of the stronger sex, you need to consider what women like men.Perhaps the reason for the failure on the personal front lies not in appearance, but in the wrong behavior with boys.Secrets that divided the men themselves, will help to avoid many mistakes and become truly happy and loved!