How to seduce your man, without resorting to platitudes

She bit her finger Sometimes just one touch in a man awakens passion unprecedented.And this touch for you may be the most common, but especially for your second half.This is not only in finding and using the body partner erogenous zones.After to comprehensively answer the question of how to make a man, you should be able to use the "weapons" with which nature has endowed woman.


  • say banality "STOP!»
  • Secret Weapon
    • Clothing - gun number 1
    • Word - the weapon number 2
    • behavior - the weapon number 3
    • Kissing - weapon number 4

say banality "STOP!»

sexual life of a man is not only a set of erogenous zones, that a woman should memorize by heart to wake him "sleeping beast."You can tell a lot about what we each floor has its own set of points The girl holds the man for a tie touch, and the majority of their location are the same.However, when asked how to make a man, can not be limited to these knowledge, depriving their primary weapon opportunity to take part in the battle of the sexes.

If so we touched upon the erogenous zone

s, it is worth mentioning that the excitement of your partner can be achieved by:

  • caresses every penis and testicles;
  • touch his lips to the lobes of his ears;
  • caressing the neck, which is a substantially continuous erogenous zone.
There is no doubt that by covering his neck with kisses from top to bottom and back again, a man aroused in a few minutes.However, you're not interested in "animal instincts" and their satisfaction.
Indeed, in man, everything should be human - even the satisfaction of sexual desires.

Now it's time to talk about the secret weapon that is in the arsenal of every woman, but it is not any use to reach the top of the true bliss.

Secret Weapon

Let's get acquainted with the arsenal, which always helps to have a man in all situations.In this case, you should use small knowledge in the field of psychology, which states that it is not only a woman loves the ears, but the way to a man is through his stomach.

Clothing - gun number 1

A girl in a long dress If you are still interested in the question of how to make a man pay attention to clothes.After revealing outfits can instantly ignite a sense of passion at any man's heart.However, make no mistake about the speed of a mini dress or a skirt.Let's start from the opposite - a maxi, but with a cut to the thigh.In this case, under the ban will also be deep neckline.It is not necessary to provide all its charms at once and immediately.Let them take effect imagination.First, a man should mentally undress you.

our words should not be interpreted too literally.Your seductive wardrobe have to be some kind of bare body.In most cases, legal capacity places are the abdomen, shoulders and back.

Tight-fitting clothes are welcome.After all, they have the opportunity to notice the subtlest and emphasize the seductive curves of your body and cause undressing eyes followed the anticipated completion.
If your wardrobe has a translucent blouses, it would mean "yes."No less important role is also played in high heels shoes.

role of first violin in a seductive way women have always played and continue to play the long hair.Dissolve them on a date, and you will see how eagerly partner will eat your eyes.

Here is the first response to the troubling question as to have a man with a twist even.

Word - the weapon number 2

Woman Man Perhaps now many women did astonished eyes.This weapon should not only be present but also and always be charged in the women's armory.After all, as a man to have, if not the words.

patrons verbal weapons drive are: avoidance of straightness, throwing unsaid phrases, meaningful sentences.

Give feel the man who had immobilized your sexy outfit that you have to close.Play around with it on his own territory.Torment, but in moderation.Make it clear that you are not a museum, exhibits and hands touch is possible, but only gently and sensually.As a result, the evening ended with something very pleasant for each of you.

a role to play in the conversation, and words of praise.We must - flatter, but with the mind, with a sense of tact.Try to find in it something that to praise did not have to lie.In fact, after the art of processing the first weapon he was so at your feet, but your words will force him to envelop you warm mist of his attention and affection.I admire him, but do not be scared.

During a conversation in an intimate setting, drop the words with the same silky tone, like the mantle of the night.Partner words fascinate exciting tunes Float purring whisper, and together they will do the job.He will be yours - and not just for one night.

Now you feel like to have a man?

behavior - the weapon number 3

Girl with glass During the communication, pay special attention to their behavior.Make sure that it in necessary quantities attended not only by members of temptation, but flirting.Try to sink into his eyes with his passionate gaze.After all, had not availed weapon, and you will not be able to understand how to make a man.

Smile and captivates.Remember, a man hunter.Arrange for a real safari, where the hunter himself will act as prey, but he know about it not worth it.

After combing the battlefield infantry, can be released and heavy artillery.

Hint subtly about their desires.Holding a glass of lightly stroking the edges with your fingers.
The dance Rub on your partner, touching it the breast and / or buttocks.Sit in front?Well, pat his foot his, throw him significant looks.All of this is exactly show him your intentions.

Do not be ashamed to play hard to get.You know how to make a man.I am seeing that he saw in you something which is very keen to touch, but can not afford to let even this, play around with it.It only ignite his desire to strengthen and desire to achieve the goal.The man - a conqueror.Give him the opportunity.

Kissing - weapon number 4

Kiss Answering the question of how to have a man, we can not talk about the fourth Weapon of women - kissing.First you kiss tenderly and surface, and then, deeply and with passion.Do not miss the earlobes, touching him only with his lips, and then, a little and gently biting.Be very tenderly, and the man let more and more entangled in the networks arranged by you, and no matter how fast or slow.

Once again, recalling the question, how to make a man want to share a little secret: it is practically impossible to find something more powerful when it comes to seducing men, rather than women's desire to do so.