How to stop loving and forget a loved one

She rips the heart agree that the most popular and sought-after feeling of the earth is love.She alone, but always different.Parent - always sincere and devoted, and between men and women - passionate.Love can be not only happy, but also miserable.Therefore it is not always the question sounds like love.Increasingly - as the forgotten guy. Even in these modern times a person may be overwhelmed with sadness, and then the main question is what form of treatment to take to ease his distress and lead to a complete recovery point.


  • Four methods of spiritual healing
    • The first method - a red
    • second method - occupational
    • third method - shopping
    • fourth method - a beauty salon
    • method of five - mother, girlfriend, pillow
  • Instead of an epilogue and conclusions

Four methods of spiritual healing

Professional psychologists advised to replace the sad thoughts on any neutral, that far from suffering.That this decision will be the first step to recovery.

The first method - a red

She bakes cookies If you really want to get an answer to your burning question of how to forget the guy, then try it out working method of distraction.Take thought another question, redirect them to the creative channel, instead of self-destruction.An excellent option is to create a culinary masterpiece in the form of cake.Even inability oven should not force you to give up this idea.It's never too late to learn.It should be noted that all the necessary components to buy your masterpiece will have only you.Cooking has always been considered an excellent remedy for stress.

Baking is so exciting that it provides the opportunity not only to repeat the achievements of others, but also create something of their own, very unique.
Cooked food does not necessarily eating the most and turn into something shapeless.Your snacks you can treat the people closest.You do not even notice how all this time been able to forget the guy and not think about the sorrows.

also like cooking, forget the sorrow help:

  • embroidery;
  • drawing;
  • modeling;
  • applications;
  • puzzles;
  • card.

Do not focus on the question of how to forget Man, better look inside yourself and discover dormant in new talents.

second method - occupational

Mop if you like a child to participate in theatrical circles - reincarnated.Play the role of a housewife.Indeed, in this case, you do not need to leave the walls of the house, and this has become your cozy refuge.Take the first step to recovery - spring cleaning of your home.These steps you cool distract themselves, and eventually forget all the sadness.

If you can not decide what exactly should be included in the list of cleaning cases, using the developed by us:

  • wash your windows;
  • perestirayte, ironed and then hang up all the curtains;
  • Vacuum all the rooms;
  • do wet cleaning;
  • perechistite all utensils (better without dishwasher);
  • take care of bathroom and toilet.

After the last point, your sadness like a hand lift, a dream will be a long and pleasant, and you forget not only Man, but also other problems.

third method - shopping

The girl with packages second method, which will help to forget, is not always able to help.There are times when the house is unthinkable CHISTYULYA lives, or the care of a maid.In this situation, there is one positive way - to do shopping.The ideal situation, of course, will be a passport, a visa and travel to any European country.However, do not be afraid if this is not possible.

Well, that in every city there are shops.Therefore, the trip by car, taxi, bus, bus, subway will help you to get distracted and forget for a while the guy.Remember, there are always shops that you have not visited, making them march unforgettable.Nor should we be sad if your residence is in the village - walk around the big city and treat yourself to a beautiful new clothes, ornaments and / or cosmetics.

It may be, and so that your room is packed with beautiful and fashionable clothes, but who will forbid you to change the style and buy for themselves something new, even more fashionable.
buy all - Dresses, tunics, pants, shorts, blouses, brooches, scarves, forgetting about the problems.

fourth method - a beauty salon

A girl dyed hair In this period greatly decreases self-esteem, and the woman for some time ceased to attract attention, and this is not surprising.After all, before the skirt she bought for him, put on to please him.

But in fact, the woman does everything for himself, and the man just admires her ability to teach themselves.Therefore, no time to turn from the Queen's life Cinderella sadness.

The search should start with questioning friends, acquaintances and relatives.Then, you can even ask in the feedback network, and eventually choose the right beauty salon not only in financial terms or as a representation of the services, but also according to your perception of this institution.By entrusting their looks professional, you run the risk of leaving the walls of unsurpassed beauty, when the result exceeds all expectations.

Now you can safely choose the most expensive restaurant, ask to put you over the remote table and enjoy an unforgettable dinner, forgetting about her boyfriend.
Let today will wash the dishes for you to someone else.After all, you have a right to live the life of the Queen, and never wonder how to forget the guy.

method of five - mother, girlfriend, pillow

Cushion should never hold back emotions inside themselves, especially when it comes to destructive.In life it often happens that a mother or father, we remember only when we feel bad.A phone call, and now my mother has comforted his girl.Only with it you can share your sorrows and plenty to cry, get wise life advice.Then must come the turn of the best friend to fulfill its natural role, listen to the story of misfortune and to provide an effective answer to the question as to forget the guy.It can give a piece of advice, which will be really close to the living conditions.

to forget Man, select a day off.Find in a TV program and a good tearjerker weep near the screen.
will linger for a long time and will come with all share a favorite pillow, which for a few hours will save you from all the events.In the morning you wake up quite cheerful.And you will already be easier to forget the guy.

Instead of an epilogue and conclusions

Torn Photo All this, perhaps, will help most, but what about the remaining percentage of women who are in deep sorrow.In this case, it may be advisable to ask for help to a private psychologist who pulls professional people in distress.However, the question - is not it better for the money to pull themselves out of the quagmire fetched personally?Answer - Yes.

As you see, to solve the problem, how to forget Man, is not so simple, but there is nothing complex here.

No one argues that we have listed methods to help you forget the guy, you can use one.Not at all.They work fine in a pair or group.What matters is that the end result turned out to your total and speedy recovery.Nor should we hold them much hope, taking the real panacea for your troubles.After all, the problem is in your mind that you just need to clean, believing, primarily in the fact that you are human, sympathetic and self-sufficient woman.