Advantages and disadvantages of modern materials for baths

Acrylic bath New materials are increasingly affects domestic sphere surrounding the man.When repairing instead of cast-iron models often are installing acrylic baths, the pros and cons of which are the subject of serious discussion.

Many repairs video reviews of new apartments, you can see that they fit better in the design of modern apartments, the best way emphasizing the advantages of finishing the bathroom.However, whether entirely switched to acrylic baths and fully forget about traditional models plumbers?

Positive features

most important characteristic of acrylic baths is their low weight .Some photos may be noted that a fairly large design keeps hands free man.

plus models of modern materials consist in the fact that they weigh no more than 40-45 kilos even with large dimensions.This makes it easy to transport acrylic bathtub by hand - including the lift on a high floor, completely ignoring the shortcomings of multi-family buildings.

advantages of synthetic materials also include a high resis

tance to dirt various kinds.Unlike iron, which refers to the disadvantages of the porous structure, easy to absorb various pollutants, acrylic completely repels them, so its advantages also contain non-yellowing surface over time.Outgoing from this pros also prevent the accumulation of infections and fungi that cause various diseases.

She rubs a sponge bath On learning of photos and videos can be seen that a good hostess evaluate the advantages that acrylic bathtubs - for cleaning you just wipe them with a damp cloth, which is applied to the liquid soap or shower gel.

Interesting benefits and provides high heat capacity acrylic plastic - water in a bath will cool down very slowly.Acrylic bath fluid retains heat 4-8 times longer than cast iron depending on the modification and the thickness of the material.

Advantages include acrylic and no significant cooling - feels he will always be warm, so a bath can sit without discomfort even in the very beginning of its fulfillment.

Acrylic bathtub with steps course, do not forget that the described raw inherent dignity of all such materials - plasticity and flexibility, that allows you to give it any shape on demand.In the photo you can see that many models are equipped with stairs, ledges for the arms, shoulders, neck and head, which significantly increases the comfort for the person wearing the device.

also benefits include the ability to create a model of any design that will be perfect for one or another apartment and a private home.

No modifications and disadvantages of traditional steel and cast iron, which are subject to short-lived enamelling with white.

Acrylic bathtubs are not painted - on their surface smeared with a special layer of protective material, which prevents the deposition of dirt and bacteria.

advantages similar methodology consists in the fact that the need for active layer can be added a coloring pigment, which will receive any color of the sanitary device.

negative side

There are negative traits possessed by synthetic materials.

Certificates of conformity First of all, it refers to the relatively high risk acrylic component to the human body .Cheap models of production to China and other countries in South-West Asia, often equipped with the minimum protective layer, and do not pass further processing, eliminating the evaporation of chemicals included in the synthetic resin.In order not to receive these shortcomings, in addition to the acquisition of fresh, carefully check the certificates of conformity to international standards with the purchase of this product.

also disadvantages include enough high strength material - acrylic baths can be easily broken down, dropping heavy stuff.

This repair major damage is quite a complex process that requires the use of special equipment - it is unlikely to succeed to perform with his own hands, which also increases the shortcomings of modern models of plumbing.

Funds for the repair of acrylic baths a long time to think about what may be dropped in the bath, do not need to - imagine that you slipped on the smooth surfaces of plastic, on which there is a sufficiently large amount of water.However, small cracks are removed without any problem by using a small amount of liquid acrylic.

on the surface of acrylic baths is easy to leave deep scratches - such deficiencies are common to all models, without exception, regardless of how they have a protective layer.So if you come across a video where a tub bathe your pet - you know that such a decision is fraught with a significant deterioration in the appearance of your plumbing.

However, these disadvantages are easily eliminated deep polished using a special grinder and gentle drive with few inclusions of abrasive material.

In general, acrylic disadvantages do not outweigh its positive features and these baths may be recommended for installation in all homes and apartments.

However, if important to you much strength, you should still prefer a cast iron model.The same decision should be taken in the case, if you want to save money and the budget you have enough money only for the purchase of low-cost model, which has no documents confirming its safety for human health.