The main types of clematis and their description

Different types of clematis If you want to give your flowerbeds dacha beautiful and noble appearance, the easiest solution would be clematis - varieties of this plant is common in almost all continents.Moreover, these flowers of the buttercup family, not only beautiful, but also quite unpretentious.

Every year, more and more breeders deduce new original species, which already has about 300. The picture shows examples of the most prominent varieties of flowering clematis.


  • Features of cultivation and care
  • Clematis by type of flowering
  • Top 7 cultivars-leaf flower group Zhakmana
  • Unusual double flowers

Features of cultivation and care

There are several basic classifications ofthat gardeners should choose Clematis: by the method of trimming, flower type and size, as well as the conditions of its cultivation.Cut flowers

most complex procedure and is performed in three different ways:

  1. first method involves cutting the stem immediately after flowering, when the elements are removed only dried flower.Howe
    ver, with this method the flower once every few years, it is important to do rejuvenation, cutting him deeply at the roots.
  2. second option for large-trim spring flowers suggests a procedure for 1.5 months before the expected flowering to a height of 1.5 cm from the ground.
  3. third way to trim is also produced in the spring.Trim the plants are exposed to a height of 40 cm, summer flowering on shoots of the previous year.

growth conditions are determined mainly temperature factor: particularly resistant to cold, moisture, dryness, or vice versa.On this parameter clematis divided into hardy and undemanding.The first group includes such species as "John Picton," "Serenade of the Crimea", "Elegy", "Cecile" and some other clematis.Undemanding varieties not so much.Among them is to provide 3 types of "Sakala", "Forest Opera", "Recta Manchzhurika."

If you choose wisely and in a timely manner to carry out grade cutoff stems wither, you can achieve a lush flowering all summer season.

flowering Clematis by type

Varietal Clematis - flowers are so diverse in size, shape and type of flowering buds, so experts have divided them into groups of similar external parameters and special care:

Sort Zhakmana

  • Zhakmana;
  • Patens;
  • Vititsella;
  • Lanuginoza;
  • Florida.

most popular group among Russian gardeners are Zhakmana Clematis group.They are mostly large-variety.However melkotsvetkovye types look as impressive.

Top 7 varieties of flower-leaf group Zhakmana

color palette clematis Zhakmana impresses with its diversity and beauty.

There are seven main categories of color buds:

color bud Types colors
White, including such varieties:
  • «Ballerina";
  • «Henry";
  • «Polar Star";
  • «The Seagull";
  • «Cassiopeia."
White flowers
purple flowers will be pleased with 3 varieties:
  • «Dawn";
  • «Alexandrite";
  • «Cardinal Wyszynski."
Flower Alexandrite purple
  • «Lavsoniana";
  • «Ramona»;
  • «Silmakivi";
  • «Fudzhimusumi."
Clematis Ramona
Blue varieties include:
  • «Souvenir";
  • «Mystery";
  • «Biryuzinka";
  • «Sea Spray";
  • «General Sikorski".
Plant varieties Gen. Sikorski
  • «Starfish»;
  • «President";
  • «Vivienne Pennel";
  • «Luther Burbank."
Three flowers clematis
Pink and purple flowers suggest 3 types:
  • «Fantasy";
  • «ideal»;
  • «absurdity."
Pale pink flowers
unusual bi-color variety "Hope» Pink striped flowers

These Grandiflora group Zhakmana look impressive and allow you to make a garden or a space near the country house bright and well-kept for a long time.

international recognition received 3 grade group Zhakmana such as "Komtes de Bouchaud 'gold medal of the exhibition received a grade" Niobe "and" Rouge Cardinal'.

breeder does not stop there, recently been withdrawn completely new species - "Bonanza" and "Fargezioydes."

Unusual double flowers

Terry Clematis Clematis terry represent a separate group of beautiful fluffy flowers, somewhat reminiscent of garden roses.They are grown by breeders to participate in international exhibitions.

most popular varieties of flowers spread everywhere - "Shin Shiguoku ',' Alba Plena" and "Dancing Queen", "Vanguard" and "Maria Francesca."

Clematis can be a real ornament to any garden.With proper selection of varieties will delight in its beauty the entire season from early spring until autumn.