When children hurt ears (tips moms)

The girl has a sore ear kids (especially to a year) often behave restlessly.This causes concern among law-governed young mothers.When a child expresses his feelings sharp, piercing cry, it can be assumed that he had a sore ear.The child also symptoms that are specific to this state:

  • he begins to rub the head of the bed;
  • by pressing the dormer opening, the baby starts to cry;
  • refuses breast milk (or worse breastfeeding);
  • the temperature increases;
  • disturbed sleep - the child can not find a comfortable position and makes erratic movements, as the ear does not cease to be ill.

special feature that allows you to determine exactly what the child has a sore ear - discharge from the ear canal.They may have a yellow or green color, and contain inclusions spotting.Do not ignore these signs can not.Urgently needed to treat the disease.This will help to maintain normal hearing and prevent the development of more severe (chronic) diseases.


  • Why can ill ears?
  • What should my mother?
  • Ambulance for pain
  • Preventive measures

Why can ill ears?

ear hurts the baby for various reasons, but most often the culprit of the disease is otitis media.There are three forms of inflammation:

  1. The baby is crying If the ear canal is inflamed locally, such a condition is called otitis externa.There is a special technique for the determination of the disease: it is easy to pull the ear.This will lead to an increase in pain.The child begins to cry.Often the occurrence of otitis externa associated with the formation of boils.It can provoke and eczema.To find out why it hurts, you should carefully examine the ear and the ear.
  2. When inflammation of the middle ear otitis media occurs.It can be a complication of rhinopharyngitis.
  3. accompanied by acute pain and infection of the inner ear.

Buttons Toddlers often put in the ears of small toys or other items.It is therefore necessary to verify: whether there will be such troubles with your child?The ear may hurt, it hurt when the child (in the fall or otherwise).Bruising - a common cause that the child's ear hurts.The prognosis depends on how severe the injury was.

If the pain persists, and the general condition of the baby is getting worse, you should immediately consult an audiologist.The exact reason why the sore ear, the doctor may determine during the inspection of the child.

What should my mother?

Typically, a child's ear begins to hurt in the evening (at night).After the walk the baby becomes fussy, can not fall asleep.The first recommendation for mom: do not panic.It is necessary to know exactly what to do in a situation where it hurts the ear.Do not start self.If the mother starts to self-treat the child and give the medicine, then it can make a medical diagnosis.It also makes it more difficult choice, how to treat the disease because of the clearly expressed symptoms.

reduce (or remove) the pain, without the use of medicines in several ways.

Boy with a compress If you do not have a fever and purulent discharge, it is advisable to do warming lotion.Compress should be done under the scheme:

  • take a piece of gauze, folded it several times;
  • alcohol diluted with water in proportion: 50-50;
  • to apply gauze soaked in alcohol solution to the patient's ear of the child;
  • cover this layer with a piece of polyethylene;
  • top to put cotton wool.

All subsequent layers should be done by increasing the surface area.Compress should be a comfortable temperature.The baby's head should wrap a warm scarf (a soft towel).Such warming first aid will help soothe the pain.If the temperature is increased, it is possible to do a swab of cotton wool.Moisten it in boric alcohol, placed in the ear canal.Making manipulation should be extremely careful.

Ambulance for pain

Cotton swab in the ear of the child Many think, what to do when a child begins the pain shooting character.In such a situation, first aid may be as follows:

  • heat the water just above room temperature;
  • wet in her padded ear stick, and insert it in the ear (shallow).

This will help relieve pain.This procedure must be done 3-4 times with a duration of 30 seconds.If so treat ear several times a day, the pain will go away.

If earache, it is possible to treat it at home with the help of walnut oil.The core walnut passed through chesnokodavilku.Oil buried in the ear.Suffice it to do a couple of drops.

Propolis tincture There is another proven folk method that can be used to treat inflammation of the ear.For him the need propolis tincture.Its mixed with honey in equal proportions.This composition is instilled into the ears (2 drops).Such aid is effective, even if purulent otitis.If your child has a sore ear after such manipulation, then tighten with a visit to the doctor is not necessary.

Preventive measures

Diseases of the ear, as well as other diseases, prevention is better than cure.One of the main rules of prevention: hygiene hearing.

Parents should make sure that what the kid is playing.It is necessary to remove sharp small objects, that they are not in the child's ear canals.Young children should not be left unattended.And those who are older, be sure to hold a conversation about how to protect their health.

Examination of the auditory canal If you find that the child's ear hurts, it is possible to provide emergency assistance at home.To get the full confidence that the health of the baby is not in danger, it is wise to take him to the doctor.