What should I do if there was constipation in infants

The child lock Quite often, parents are faced with such a problem, as constipation in a newborn, what to do in such a case, not everyone knows.To solve the problem the baby, you need to possess some knowledge required to include not only the deliverance from problems grudnichka emptying, but also the prevention of repeated constipation.


  • introductory words
  • Constipation or frequent stools
  • First aid for constipation relief
  • If it's not, what to do next?
  • How to put an enema?
  • are most important of all - prevention

introductory words

Kid eats from a bottle most dangerous for infants are cases of use of methods of traditional medicine without consulting a pediatrician.The risk for infants is that many of these recipes is intended exclusively for adults.In a way you can justify the fussiness of parents who, suspecting a newborn constipation, resorted to an enema formulation or special vent tubes.

If your baby problems emptying, then do not panic in any way.It is better to calm down and analyze the circumstances and

symptoms.Enough important point is the clear definition of constipation in infants, and only then move on, following the appointment of pediatrician to care.

Constipation or frequent stools

Newborn crying In medicine, constipation is the lack of stool in infants more than two days.This explains in his transfer Dr. Komarovsky.However, quite often in the newborn may experience difficulty with defecation, and there are significant natural explanation.Standard for infants, whose age does not exceed three months, the chair is from two to four times a day.

closer to the toddler age of one year, this frequency is reduced almost twice.However, given that the infant gut is not always ready to deal with such loads as required thorough digestion and absorption rate of incoming food, there may be irregular emptying.

should be noted that short constipation in infants observed by all parents, but with proper nutrition and appropriate dietary situation is rapidly returning to normal.

So, if your newborn there are difficulties with defecation, it is likely to assume that the stool have excessive density.In such cases, even Dr. Komorowski advises to change the diet of the baby.However, we now dwell on the causes of constipation.

Jars of baby food real reasons that trigger constipation in newborn, can identify only a pediatrician.Not recommended on their own, experimentally, to find out and treat this phenomenon.Particularly dangerous to use drugs.

There are several factors that can cause problems in an infant with a chair.Among them are distinguished:

  • transition from breast-feeding to the artificial;
  • change manufacturer of artificial feeding;
  • lack of breast milk constipation or hungry;
  • diet containing foods tend to form thick feces;
  • lack of intestinal muscle tone: colds, infectious diseases;
  • insufficient water;
  • allergic to cow protein.

First aid for constipation

Mom makes the baby massage Despite the fact that without the presence of a doctor's appointment on their own can not cure constipation, you need to do anything to alleviate the condition of the newborn.In this case it is necessary to possess certain knowledge.With this statement agrees Dr. Komarovsky and recommends the following steps:

  • Massage.
    It is quite easy to perform and is made up of a smooth movement of tummy baby palm of his right hand, following the clockwise direction.
  • Exercise Bike.
  • Warm baths taken together.
  • Laying newborn tummy to activate the functions of the intestine.
  • Eating foods thinning chair.

on this issue is divided into useful information Dr. Komarovsky.He argues that the newborn constipation occurs when too rapid assimilation of food consumed.What to do in such cases?Feed the baby "light" products, or vice versa, so after that something else is.After all, if nothing is done, the problem will not go away on their own.

Mother and child Dr. Komarovsky also recommends eliminating constipation in newborns by means of fiber, or a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, cereals, bread and bran.According to his opinion the best option would be nursing a little undercooked cereals.Among his advice, Mr. Komorowski said that the food offered to the infant should not be overly heat treated and extremely soft.

extremely important issue in terms of elimination of constipation is the inability to assumptions in the body fluid deficit.

Adhering to just such uncomplicated recommendations offered Dr. Komarovsky, you can easily remove the newborn constipation.However, we must not forget that the delay defecation depends on the amount of feces.If they accumulate in the rectum is sufficient, then the problems with the bowel movement in infants is observed.

If relief does not come, what to do next?

Mom puts a candle Cases when not disappear constipation in infants, what to do in such a case then?If all of the above has not led to the expected results, then there is left plan "B".It consists of certain steps of the mechanical effects that respond to the question of what to do next.

From mechanical impact methods that eliminate grudnichka from problems with defecation are:

  • push the little bars of soap in the anus;
  • impact thermometer (but not mercury, and electronic), which is inserted into the anus;
  • smearing the walls of the anus with a cotton swab, lubricated baby cream;
  • use of vent tubes.
Answering a question « What if a child tormented constipation? », always the safest and the best answer was the use of glycerin suppositories.

Glycerin suppositories Modern pharmacology not share candle for children and adults.Therefore, babies usually need to enter into the anus only half the candles.However, for ease of administration sufficient conditions are sometimes only the third portion of such candles.If the baby torturing constipation, it is not recommended to use these candles without consulting a pediatrician, even despite the fact that they are completely safe for the health of newborns.

not uncommon for all of the above methods did not bring even a small positive result.What to do in such a case?If all else fails, there remains a last resort - an enema.However, it should always be left in the most extreme case.

How to put an enema?

Enema in hand Many parents are afraid to do malyutke enema, and if they agree to such a move, it is only if all the work falls on the shoulders of grandparents.Terrible's nothing.

Syringe should be filled with liquid.As a general rule, use a decoction of chamomile.Liquids take from 20 to 30 ml.Pre-lubricated in infants anus any baby cream, and then enter it by 1.5 or 2 cm. Syringe.Then, fluid is introduced into the liquid by pressure.

Remember, in the enema is always used "cold" liquid.Otherwise it is all gone into the bloodstream, penetrating through the walls of the intestinal mucosa.

At the end of the topic I want to ask one more no less terrible question for parents « What to do in case of constipation in the neonate has not been overcome, and the enema was powerless? ».In this case, both the parents and their newborn there is only one way out - an appeal for the modern medical care.As the only pediatrician will be able to establish the cause of its occurrence, but he may appoint for infants, if not one, then several courses of treatment.

are most important of all - prevention

Prune view of the above it is already possible to clearly identify the causes that provoke newborn constipation.It is undeniable that an ounce of prevention, than then to try to get rid of it.So for a newborn thing to consider is prevention.It includes the following steps:

  • regular laying the baby on his tummy.Grudnichka The residence time in this position can not exceed two minutes, but not be less than one minute;
  • paying due attention to the amount of fluid required for proper operation of all systems of the body of the newborn;
  • for a breastfed baby is very important eating his mom potassium rich foods (raisins or prunes);
  • nedopuskanie overheating of the body of a newborn baby.

undeniable fact remains that no one is immune from trouble such as constipation in infants, what to do in such a case, you already know.

Performing the above proposed recommendations, which must be combined with a careful observation of the diet as a baby and her mother to prevent problems with defecation.
Then each parent will not think about what to do with constipation in an infant.