How to recognize the varicella in a child?

The child is sick with chickenpox Chickenpox - a common disease, which is at an early age, many children are going through.Basically, it affects children from 1 year to 7 years.Fear is not worth it - with the right treatment of chicken pox is not dangerous, and, the earlier a child she been ill, the easier this disease occurs.For example, a toddler of 3 years will be able to more quickly deal with chickenpox than children of 11-12 years.Any parents should be familiar with all of the major signs and symptoms of chickenpox, a timely start to competent treatment.


  • Symptoms of chickenpox
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • How to help your child?
  • Useful tips
  • Possible complications

Symptoms of chickenpox

Recognize chickenpox can be on several grounds, which are usually in the early days of the disease:

  1. Chickenpox usually begins with fever, shivering,fever and general malaise.
  2. Quite often in children beginning of the disease is also accompanied by abdominal pain.
  3. In the first 3-4 days the child is shown a rash that look
    s like a red bubbles with clear liquid (see. Photo above).They cause itching and discomfort.The rash starts with single lesions, which then spread throughout the body.They can cover not only the face, back, arms, and even appeared on the eyes and mouth.After about 3 days the bubbles burst and covered with crust.Traces of bubbles may remain for some time (up to one year).

The child has a high temperature All these features are characteristic of chickenpox and occur in the majority of children (no matter how old they are).It is extremely important in the early days of the disease to recognize its symptoms, as soon as possible to see a doctor and start treatment. chickenpox important not to confuse with the common cold, which is quite often in children and has similar symptoms (fever, fatigue, headache).As soon as you notice a child's first rash on the body and other symptoms of chickenpox, you should immediately contact the experts.

Diagnosis and treatment

Treatment of chickenpox in children should be performed as soon as the first symptoms are noticed.Typically, the physician begins with a general examination of the child and diagnosis of disease.The doctor may prescribe to fight the disease with medication.In most situations, hospitalization is not required, the majority of children suffer illness at home.Only in the most severe cases, the patient is required hospitalization (for example, if the disease is complicated in shape takes a teenager 13-14 years).Children 3-4 years are usually transferred to lung disease.

Child at the doctor At the initial examination the doctor prescribe treatment, and explain what needs to be done.Typically, children are assigned antipyretic drugs.In addition, the doctor will advise you how to treat a rash.For many years it was decided to treat rashes iodine or brilliant green.Recently, however, a host of compounds that provide effective treatment, for example, means "Calamine".It helps to relieve the itching and inflammation avoided, moreover, unlike the green fodder, it is a colorless liquid and appears much more aesthetically pleasing (see. The photo).

Calamine As a rule, after that medical assistance is no longer required, parents are watching their own patients and continue to treat him.But if you notice a deterioration (for example, if a child for 2-3 days the temperature is kept above 38 degrees or becomes inflamed rash), you must re-apply to the doctor, who will tell you how to treat the child.

How to help your child?

not only medical care but also care caring parents can alleviate the plight of children.So, what to do to help the patient:

  1. Be sure to give your child drink plenty of fluids.
  2. Do not allow your child to comb rash - it can lead to abscesses.Explain to your child that you can not do this.
  3. If the rash appeared in the mouth, you need to follow a special diet - refuse salty and acidic foods.Consumption of such food will adversely affect the rash in the mouth, you need to carefully monitor the diet.
  4. is very important for a child to rest.It is not necessary to be in bed all day and night (child 3-4 years is difficult all the time to lie still, he needs to move), but you need to make sure that the patient did not show excessive activity.
  5. Abscesses chickenpox Many parents believe that, in order not to damage the rash in the first 2-3 days of illness should be avoided water treatment.It is a common misconception.In contrast, children who are not allowed to bathe for several days, a rash can turn into abscesses (see. Photo).It should be once a day for a child to arrange a cool shower or bath (on long hot baths should refuse, they can adversely affect the rash).

All these important subtleties to help you facilitate well-being of the baby.

Useful tips

The famous children's doctor Komarovsky gives some advice to parents about how to be treated chickenpox in children.First of all, Dr. negative attitude to such a method of treatment as rash smearing green paint.In his opinion, it not only looks ugly, and can cause the patient experiences severe (especially in children aged 7-8 years who are sensitive to criticism of their peers), but does not carry with him absolutely no good.According Komarovsky, do not be better to use for this purpose is much more efficient and modern drugs.

Possible complications

Effects of chickenpox

Effects of chickenpox

severity of the disease depends on how old the child, as well as such an important factor, as timely recourse.The most difficult are the consequences in the event that chickenpox is ill teenager 14-16 years or an adult.Typically, the teens from illness for life remain in the body of pockmarks.In addition, a child of any age may experience temporary markings (usually held during the year).As it looks, you can see in the photo.

particularly severe cases occur when varicella ill pregnant woman shortly before the baby.In such situations, sick and newborn, and, in an acute and severe form.

One of the most dangerous complications of chickenpox is encephalitis.Symptoms of the disease: forgetfulness, confusion, sudden and severe pain.If you notice these symptoms should immediately contact the experts and start treatment.

Children under 3 years of disease transfer is very easy and in most cases without any complications.

The kid with chickenpox So if your child is 2-3 years and it begins chickenpox, do not worry.At this stage, the baby will transfer the disease is much easier than, say, 11-12 years.Best of all, if the child will take chickenpox in a period of 1 year to 7 years.

Chickenpox - typical children's disease that with proper treatment and care of a competent passes without consequences.If you carefully read this article and you will know exactly what it looks like chicken pox in children, you will be able to recognize the disease, promptly seek medical attention and provide the necessary assistance to the child.