Choose the best seats in the Boeing 777 200 (photos and charts)

Takeoff Boeing 777 are going to fly to the island for a holiday or on business in the CIS countries, have inexperienced traveler the question arises: how to fly safely and comfortably, how to choose the best places.Intercontinental passenger carried a comfortable air of Boeing 777 (USA) with three-row seating arrangement of seats.The capacity of the aircraft is 300 to 550 people.Driving the cabin Boeing (Boeing) 777 200 will help to choose a convenient place relevant class flight to deliver maximum comfort.

device interior 777 200 different airlines

Aircraft in the air Reserve flight range of the liner is 17,000 kilometers.Modification Boeing 200 and 300 operated by international airlines since 1994, during this time gained a reputation as the safest aircraft.

largest Russian air carriers are the companies:

  • Transaero;
  • Aeroflot;
  • Nord Wind (north wind);
  • Orenair (Orenburg Airlines);
  • S7 (Siberia);
  • Ural Airlines and others.
Driving cabin Boeing 777

scheme cabin Boeing 777 Transaero

the example of the aircraft company Transaero scheme of seats in

the cabin Boeing is represented on the photo.The carrier spent to improve the modernization of the interior, so the capacity of the liner is 323 people.Increase the distance between the rows, added seating.Location seats on the various courts differ Transaero: 2-5-2 or 3-3-3 for the economy, tourism, 2-3-2 for the business class (groups of two and three seats are staggered).

flights on Transaero will give travelers:

  • warm blankets, pillows;
  • variety of food, drinks;
  • alcohol;
  • travel kits.
Driving the cabin Nord Wind

scheme cabin Boeing 777 airline Nord Wind

On airplanes airline Nord Wind, there are two sectors with different levels of convenience: business, economy.The company Nord Wind for high-end comfort allocates only the first row (for 6-7 people).The line has 10 economy class seats - order 3-4-3 (see. Photo).The internal space of the aircraft Nord Wind tight compared with other carriers (see. Photo).But one flight airliner carries more passengers - capacity is 393 people.The cabin Nord Wind

Aeroflot uses advanced modification.The space of the aircraft 777 to 300 (see. Photo) is divided into 4 sectors:

  • business - 1-5 series with the placement of 2-2-2, arranged at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • comfort - the order of the 2-4-2, a number of 11-16;
  • space plus - rows 24-37, the location of the 3-4-3;
  • economy - rows 38-51 (up to 46 p. - Order 3-4-3, 47 p. Significant Groupings used
  • 2-4-2).
Driving cabin Boeing 777

scheme cabin Boeing 777 Aeroflot

comfort level Aeroflot increased with the acquisition of new Boeing 777 300. It offers improved conditions for passengers wishing to fly comfortably, inexpensively:
  • menu business level;
  • individual lights;
  • folding table;
  • step;
  • monitor.

Orenburg Airlines offers the following classes:

  • Business - 14 seats;
  • Premium - 34 seats;
  • Economy - 316 seats.

How to comfortably stay in a cabin

Flying in an airplane with comfort best places certainly are in the front of the ship, where the business and the first (comfort) class.Some aircraft have added to the level of imperial elite passengers (Transaero).Business level places a high comfort.But there are nuances.The proximity of the toilets, recurring to them all, can bring discomfort to passengers sitting nearby.This applies to companies that are business-level emit more than 20 seats (Aeroflot).In this sector, the seat located at a considerable distance from each other (125-150 cm), which allows passengers to relax during a long flight, stretch my legs.

In the middle of the liner arranged seats for economy class passengers.Here the distance between seats less, so a tall man would be uncomfortable.

proximity to the kitchen, toilet first and last rows can bring discomfort.You should not choose a seat near the aisle, there is a possibility that by passing zadenut hand or stepped on the foot.

in the passenger seat at the tail of the aircraft significantly hear the sound of running engines.The distance between seats is only 20-25 cm. In addition, turbulence behind felt tighter.

Girl drinks champagne on a plane Best Places aircraft Boeing 777, regardless of the level - the ones that are located in the middle.Also, the liner should be chosen with the location of seats in a row is not more than 3 in one line.For example, a variant of 3-3-3 landing.When placing the 2-5-2 seating space is best to choose those that are in the hull.

Breakdown of seats by sector, as the rest of the system, designed by computer simulation, but carriers reserve the right to upgrade the seating arrangement, remove or add a space.From airlines directly depends on how the flight will be comfortable for the passenger.