Tallinn: travel on the old bridge of the European capital

Tallinn If you ever want to find yourself in the era of the gallant knights and flourishing of the first European cities, then you should take a look at the sights of Tallinn, which belong to both the long-gone centuries and to the present.

This town is popular not only among the inhabitants of the far abroad, but also visitors from nearby countries - here willingly go from Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia.Yes, and she is not far behind Estonia - as in any other country, the capital city is a place of business and tourist trips, during which people can see all the sights of this historic place.


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People on the streets of Tallinn main advantage enjoyed by old Tallinn, is it a unique atmosphere.It consists of neat houses, cobbled roadways, cozy space, lost in the map of the city, as well as ancient ch

urches, castles, and, of course - the smell of the Baltic Sea, which penetrates here every breath of fresh air.However, it is not some kind of museum mustiness, which is typical of ancient cities whose sights forever frozen in its gloomy splendor - Tallinn is full of life and fun, which covers any person looked into it at least for one day.

Street of the city in the evening Usually people leave here with an extraordinary sense of lightness - the city helps to tune in to the best, but does not keep travelers tenacious grip.But in the majority of them come back here.After Tallinn attractions that distinguish ineffable charm, again opens its welcoming embrace to all who want to wander through the back alleys thoughtful.

Thus after the first visit to the guide hardly need you - to the European capital quickly get used to and begin to guess her mood, knowing what awaits you behind the next turn of the narrow cobbled streets.

At the foot of the hill

of Tallinn starts from the lower town, which is located at the foot of Toompea Hill.

This part is actually a former entrance to the old city through which visitors fall into the historic center, where they attracted a variety of things.

as the main attractions of Tallinn offers to inspect walls depicted in many pictures depicting the state capital.In total there are 21 in the wall of the tower, where each has its own name, rooted in the depths of history.

Kiek in de Kok

Kiek in de Kok

The most famous of these is the fortification «Kiek in de Kok» , is the most modern artillery towers that Estonia had in the XVI century.Its name, which means "look in the kitchen," she was due to the fact that in the old days with the soldiers could see the heights that hostess prepared in the surrounding houses.

Now it is a museum and gallery, where you can see a variety of attractions and historic photos of Tallinn, belonging to different epochs.

interesting feature that attracts adults and children are the nucleus embedded in the wall - they reproduce the picture of the siege, the city was repeatedly threatened.

Toompea Hill After you check these attractions, Tallinn will offer you a tour to continue, rising to the historic center.To see where you are going, it is very easy - you just have to lift your head and look at the hill Toompea - it is an old castle of the same name, the first stones of which were laid back in the XII century.

map can clearly see that the whole town was built around the castle - it is reminiscent of the street, straight down from the hill communities and smoothly flows into new areas containing attractions of the day.

return to the era of chivalry

The road up the hill Toompea Despite the hefty height, which are the main attractions of Tallinn allows you to effortlessly and problems to reach them, even for inexperienced travelers.This contributes to an old road that before the city got its numerous guests.It is designed so that all the way overseas heavily laden carts and wagons of goods could go without slowing their move - this feature can be seen in the photo.

Toompea Castle

Toompea Castle

crown of the old town is the castle of Toompea , which used to be not only housing the rulers of Tallinn, but also one of the most important bastions of his defense.

Now this sight is a building of the Estonian Parliament, the daily work of the violent boiling.Despite this, it can be visited by joining a half-hour tour.

If during this time you will not have time to see all we wanted, do not worry - in a small shop at the output, you can buy a video guide, which includes Tallinn attractions - including a full inspection of the castle.

Tower Long Herman

Tower Long Herman

Outside the Parliament building, you will come to a small area, which has excellent views of the Long Hermann tower .That she is depicted on a set of photos of Tallinn.Decorating a city, it rises to a height of 46 meters, and its top is a flag of Estonia.Every day, you pick it up to the sounds of the national anthem with the sunrise, which attracts many tourists.

Temples Estonian capital

In the video devoted to the city, always present Dome Cathedral , is the oldest church of Tallinn.Its history goes back to the times as much as the XIII century, when this place was built a small wooden church.

From the XIV century, it was rebuilt in the basilica, which was a first stone church, which received city.Around the XVII century old vaults of the basilica was destroyed and she was again reconstructed and turned into a cathedral, which has already received his body.

Through ancient churches and castles, we can see in front of current attractions - Tallinn was known among other cities of the Baltic states under their influence.
Church of St. Olav

Church St. Olaf

addition to them in the guide are also typically include other religious structures - for example, Dominican Monastery , which is part of the main attractions of Tallinn, popular among tourists from Western Europe and the East, as well as ChurchSt. Olaf .On the map this place is designated as one of the highest points of the city possessed - an observation deck is located at an altitude of 100 meters, which is an excellent opportunity for children and adults to explore Tallinn bird's-eye view.

Usually tourists are interested in and other attractions - Tallinn is a place where there are so many Orthodox churches.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Estonia is proud of the fact that it is one of the most beautiful churches - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral .The old town was a gift from Tsar Alexander III, who wanted to perpetuate his salvation in a train accident.The place was chosen for the construction of Tallinn, which is located on the map far enough away from the section of the road where the accident occurred.However, according to legend, Alexander was very fond of this town, and he wanted to remain in the memory of old Tallinn.

modern city

Children, of course, will delight and modern attractions - Tallinn has a very large zoo , which houses more than 300 species of animals.

Besides him, the city has to offer and visit the botanical garden , map located far enough away from the old Toompea Hill - near Kloostrimetsa.Thanks to the sights of the capital is the owner of one of the largest collections of unique plants in the Baltic States and Scandinavia - Estonia exhibits collected over 50 years, since 1961.

Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn TV Tower

near the Botanical Gardens, and is Tallinn TV tower , mention of which contains any guide.Reaching a height of 314 meters, it includes the observation deck at 170 meters.In good weather, it can be seen from not only all the sights of Tallinn and the Finnish coast, which usually show the residents of the capital can only map.It is in this area most tourists shoot photos and videos that perpetuate in the memory of the city.

In addition, interest is huge and such attractions of Tallinn, as the Estonian National Opera , photos that adorn many stamps, as well as concert halls and playgrounds.

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

famous Song Festival Grounds , marked on the map of Tallinn, is a venue for large-scale events of pan-European level.An interesting point is the fact that Tallinn attractions include several theaters where performances are in Russian.

Parkovy ansmabl city

For those who most spectacular natural attractions, a map of Tallinn offers a real surprise - Kadriorg Park, which occupies a large part of the urban area.

Kadriorg Park

Palace of Catherine I

It attractions include Tallinn as palace of Catherine I and house I Peter, who also loved the place and repeatedly visited the city during his reign.The splendor of the palace and the park can be seen in the image, but in reality they look more colorful and attractive!

Currently, these attractions are playing the role of an art museum, and also the place where various festivals and city-wide celebration.Lost in the park is not possible - on the map, situated near the entrance, you can see that he has a strict geometric layout, which is famous for natural sights cities of Western Europe.In addition, the card also will tell you that it is located in Kadriorg area, which held the most significant event in the country - Universal Estonian Song Festival and Games, which attract thousands of tourists who want to see the unique cultural attractions of Tallinn.

Port of Tallinn left the palace and park ensemble, you should also go to the port , which offers a great view of the harbor, make trade and passenger ships.The new era has brought to Tallinn attractions of modern times - now you can find some of the most beautiful ships of the world, coming from countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland.If desired, the port can also take the ferry plying the Baltic Sea, a trip on one of the countries on its shores.

A couple of words about this attractive location

gathered in this great capital of the Baltic, you can leave behind the bad mood - Tallinn attractions and special atmosphere of the streets will not allow you to experience negative emotions.

in this city, you can just breathe the fresh sea air deeply, and enjoy life.Rejoice because in the world there are still such magic and unusual places that hold a piece of the history of medieval Europe.