Weather in the Canary Islands by month

Chaise lounge on the beach Canarias (Canary Islands), have long been a place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.Beach, leisure with the sunshine of the tropics and the deep blue of the Atlantic is guaranteed all year round.The mild climate provides this island paradise soft sunshine, and the trade winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean brings freshness.Here is a little rain, and the air temperature in winter is in the range +10 ... 250 ° C, in the summer in the range of + 20 ... +350 C. The weather in the Canary Islands in March was not pleased with the warm, but since April the temperature rises and the water, andIsland welcomes its guests in the spring flowering.The Canary Islands in April, begin to take their first long-awaited visitors.

Beach lovers and hot sun to go to the Canaries, preferably in May, June, July, August, September, when the sea water temperature is comfortable +20 ... 230 S. November is characterized by gradual decrease in the temperature of air and water - winter is coming with winds, pre

cipitation.Holiday in the Canaries all year round - winter (December, January, February), you can be happy to spend a holiday, visit the sights of each island, swim in the heated pool.The information in the table on the weather months help create the overall impression about the climate of the archipelago.


  • Temperature readings
  • Spring - awakening of nature
  • Summer - full beach holiday
  • Autumn - a golden time to
  • Winter - a peaceful retreat

Temperature readings

Month water temperature Temperature
January +19 C +21, +15 C
February +18 C +21, +15 C
March +18 C +22, +16 C
April +19 C +22, +14 C
May +21 C +22, +With 17
June +21 C +23,5, +18 C
July +23 C +27, +21 C
August +22 C. +27, +21 C
September +23 C +25, +19 C
October +23 C +21, +15 C
November +21 C +23, +18 C
December +20 C +23, +17 C

Spring - awakening of nature

Bench by the sea In March, the weather in the Canary Islands withthe average rainfall of the island in winter.Short rains in the first month of spring did not spoil the holiday, but only gives respite from outdoor activities and tours to have a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe.Day temperature + 220C night + 160C.The temperature of water + 180C.Rainfall in March - 24 mm.March carried out in the Canary Islands, sightseeing, performing a variety of tours, fishing and doing sports.

often in the Canary Islands in March, found an original and entertaining, but the unpleasant natural phenomenon called Kalima.This sand slurry, which bring with them the continental winds from the Sahara Desert.To protect travelers recommend wearing sunglasses and scarf.

Canary Islands in April of the coming of the spring meet.Dominates the aroma of flowering plants, the temperature of + 14 to + 220C.Spring weather has not let you enjoy the ocean, the water temperature of + 190C.Fresh wind in April attracts windsurfers.Precipitation of 15 mm.At the end of the month of wind abate, set clear weather.April in the Canary Islands begins the season for tourists.

White flowers of wild cherry in the Canary Islands May the Canaries rightfully opens the beach season.The weather has stabilized, little rain.Rainfall in May 3 mm.The temperature of the ocean rises and already for swimming (+ 210C).May the Canary Islands is rich in festivals, interesting not only from the point of view of the observer, but also as an active participant.This is the month of flowers, which literally line the street to the Day of the Virgin .May - time Festival sheep cheese, Cross holiday, the Day of the Canary Islands .+ 220C temperature during the day, night + 170c.Activities on the islands in May, is popular because of the lack of heat, but also because of the low prices of tours.

Summer - full beach holiday

A girl reading a book on the beach June begins to gain momentum, but the weather is reminiscent of spring.As in May, seawater temperature + 210C.But the rain clouds disappear and the day temperature + 23,50S night + 180C.June - the first harvest the ripening of fruits and vegetables, which can be enjoyed by visiting Fruttero (a local store such as "vegetables and fruits").This month, we celebrate the day of Corpus Christi - mark on all the islands, and San Juan at the summer equinox.June - a month relaxing beach holiday where you can enjoy your favorite sport, visit the sights, take a dip in the invigorating water of the Atlantic.

July - the height of the season, an active beach holiday and noisy parties.
air warms by 2 degrees - day and night + 270C + 210C.The temperature of water + 230C.Rains in July, not at all, the weather on the islands encouraged persistence.The tropical sun can hurt, so you should stock up on cream with UV filter and a headgear.In July, you can find cool, take a walk on a yacht, or climbing the mountain route.

She has been diving August is characterized by hot, dry weather with the temperature of air + 270C and + 210C during the day at night, as well as in July.Ocean water + 220C.Despite the heat, in August on the coast because of the comfortable breeze that blows in from the ocean.This is an opportune time for water sports, scuba diving, sea fishing.

August - time to a family beach vacation with kids.
for youth and mass entertainment: nightclubs, sightseeing, sports, shopping, water parks.Holidays in August: Day of the Virgin Mary, the feast of Indian descent branches throughout the islands.This month, then there is a maximum of tourists.Sultry August in the Canary Islands with a temperature of 400C because of the lack of stifling humidity, is transferred more easily than on the coasts of Turkey and Greece.

Fall - the golden age

The family in the mountains September - golden sunset of the summer, but the Canary Islands is the warmest time of the year.The water temperature rises up to + 230C.During the day the air warms up to + 270C, + 210C night.The Canary Islands in September, met with the new influx of tourists.The sky often draws the clouds, but few rainy days.In September, the island becomes a place for festivals and fiestas.September continues the tradition of beach season - the weather is perfect for relaxing couples and couples with children.

October differs decrease air temperature by 1-2 degrees.The rains of short duration, but there are also showers.The temperature of water + 230C.Cool in October, bringing the wind, which cause depopulation hotels and beaches.Though monsoon - a joy for windsurfers.In October, you can still go swimming, but the water is invigorating.Holidays in October: day Columbus discovered America, opening the season of opera, International Film Festival .

Girl in carnival costume November brings the Canary Islands coolness, rain and wind.Rainfall of 38 mm.The temperature of the water is as warm as in May, but to bathe in November was not comfortable because of the winds.Most of the month the sky overcast.Sunny days almost there.The average daytime temperature + 230C, + 180C night.In November, it held kite festival .Holiday Wine Fest in November gives the opportunity to taste local drinks.

November - time for a relaxing holiday, enjoying the beauty of the island, mountain hiking, visits to water parks.

Winter - a peaceful retreat

Rain on the beach In December, the rainfall reached its peak 51 mm.Day + 230C night + 170c.The temperature of the ocean + 200C, there are strong waves.Bathing in December uncomfortable because of the strong winds and the lack of sun.In winter, the Canary Islands are selected tourists who enjoy excursions and trekking.December - a cause for celebration: Christmas for Catholics, orange Fair Day orange .December - the last month of cool nights and cloudy days.

January in the Canaries is a cool day + 210C night +150 C.Ocean + 190C.Rainfall in January of 36 mm.Prevailing winds, cloudy skies.January - time to visit the water parks, excursions, even tan and relaxing pastime.Fishing is not possible because of high waves and wind.

weather in February, in fact, is the same as in January - day temperature + 210C night +150 C.In February, windy rainfall of 34 mm.Ocean + 180C.Holidays in February: Carnival Day Almond .

Today, the Canary Islands every year receive a large number of tourists from all over the world.Popularity growing archipelago of the mild tropical climate, beautiful nature, high-quality local service.Here summer lasts from June to August, and from April to November, leaving the winter months in cold weather, a fresh wind and rain.