When to go on holiday to Mallorca

Family resting on the beach Mallorca - is one of the most famous resorts in Spain, the mild climate which always attracts a big number of tourists.Island in the Mediterranean Sea is notable rocky cliffs, pine forests and well-groomed beaches.In addition, the weather in Majorca pleases tourists year-round.


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climate in Majorca

A white boat in the bay of Palma de Mallorca Mallorca - an island of amazing contrasts.Unpretentious, but cozy villages, modern cities, luxury hotels, rocks, snow-white yachts.In short, modernity and antiquity in the Palma de Mallorca coexist quite friendly. The island is dominated by the mild Mediterranean climate.Summer, thanks to its proximity to the equator, is hot, but not debilitating, and winter - warm and moderately humid.

best month to holiday is considered the period from mid-spring to mid-autumn.Despite t
he fact that the weather in Majorca is considered to be favorable throughout the year, it has three seasons: high, low and velvety.The most expensive and the best season is velvet.

Temperature readings Mallorca

Month water temperature, C air temperature, C
January + 11 ... + 13 + 9 ... +11
February + 11 ... + 13 + 9 ... + 11
March +14 +16
April +14 +18
May + 18 ... + 21 +25
June +23 +25
July +25 +29
August +25 +29
September +22 +26
October +18 + 20 ... + 22
November +17 +17
December +16 + 12 ... + 14

High season

People on the beach High Season in Mallorca - the peak of the tourist rush.It occupies the period from June to August.During these months, you can not just nakupatsya enough, but get the hang of driving on surfboards, delve into the mysteries of the underwater world, or a ride on a magnificent yacht.

Weather in Mallorca by month:

In June, the air temperature warms to 25 degrees, and the water - to 23. In practice, there is no rain, there may be a short-term torrential rains.At this time, there is no fear of burns and overheating in the sun.

July - the hottest month, the average temperature during the day reaches a high of 29 degrees, and the water - not less than 25. Only the sea breeze can save from the exhausting heat.

In August, hot weather persists.The average temperature is 29 degrees during the day, at night reaches 20 degrees.

People on a rocky seashore Velvet season

Since the middle of September to mid-October day temperature decreases.The water is still warm and is suitable for prolonged bathing.Velvet season differs a clear sky, the sun high, moderate air temperatures and enough warm water.The beaches are more spacious, as most of the rest have returned home.Weather conditions for months:

September is best suited for a holiday with the kids.The temperature ranges from 26 degrees, the water temperature is stable - 22 degrees, but the wind practically absent.Prolonged exposure at the beach will bring neither burns or hypothermia.

October - a holiday for lovers of solitude.The air temperature is reduced to 20 to 22 degrees, significantly reduced and the water temperature - up to 18. This month opens the rainy season, so Beach lovers rarely choose it for travel.

Low season

Castle at Palma de Mallorca Low season at Palma de Mallorca begins in November and ends at the end of March.This season is not suitable for swimming, but he has other advantages.At this time, dominated by low prices for accommodation, cheap airfare tickets and the weather is warm enough.The off-season for familiarization with local flavor villages, the island of native and exotic nature in all its pristine beauty.

weather Palma de Mallorca by month:

November is not as rainy, but the temperature is slightly decreased.During the day it figures do not rise above the level of 17 degrees, the same performance and water.When planning a vacation this month are advised to bring warm clothing and an umbrella.

December - is one of the "wet" months, most of it is raining.The air temperature is 12-14 degrees during the day, water - 16.

January rainfall is often in the mountains.The temperature does not rise more than 9-11 degrees, the water - above the level of 11-13.

February - the coldest month.It recalls the January weather, although the wind growing stronger sense gives winter in Mallorca.

In March, the beginning of spring is characterized by significant warming.The temperature on the island of Mallorca in March reached 16 degrees during the day, water - 14 degrees.The number of rainy days is reduced, so you can increase the number of trips to Palma de Mallorca.

April can give the skin a beautiful tan all, however, it is not yet suitable for swimming.The temperature rises to 18 degrees, and the water - to 14.

White beaches of Majorca swimming season

Mid-May - a long-awaited start of the bathing season in Mallorca.The island abounds with beautiful beaches with pristine white sand that mark on advertising « Bounty ».It is the beginning of this month the influx of tourists who dream of a dip in the warm sea.The weather in May is characterized by an increase in temperature to 25 degrees and the water temperature - from 18 to 21.

Seasoned travelers advise people with delicate skin that often burns in the sun, used to rest months such as May and October.It was at this time the sun will be especially affectionate to their skin, and warm water complement the nice feeling.

holiday season in Mallorca

«The biggest" in a literal translation in Spanish the island to celebrate the holiday every week.The list can make a solid, as each village has its own traditions, which is true.In addition, Spain has 40 officially sanctioned public celebrations.Tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Majorca, will never be disappointed.If the weather let you down, you can become a member of one of the events that are held on a monthly basis:

  1. April - this time starting regatta Princess Sofia Trophy.This grand spectacle that is impossible to miss.
  2. in June celebrated Catholic feast day of the Holy Eucharist, corporate Dance Orlov is remembered as the most colorful spectacle.
  3. In August, the small town of Cala d'Or praise the patron of the sea depths.
  4. The end of September marks the end of harvest.The same day timed watermelon festival Festa del Melo.
  5. Despite the fact that the weather in Majorca in October is unpredictable, the National Day of Spain, October 12 - the most respected people in the holiday.This day is marked by a military parade, where you can see the royal family.
  6. winter, 19 and 20 January marks the Day of Saint Sebastian, who is the patron of Majorca.These days expected by ceremonial parades, theatrical performances and processions.

Tourists who chose to rest most popular island of Spain, will get a lot of emotions in every season.Romantic, exotic, excellent service and fine hotels - this is Mallorca in all its glory.