How not to get into trouble while traveling abroad?

Woman upset a long journey can occur various troubles, but the worst of them lurking travelers before departure - they can be denied documents.It is worth noting that this regrettable option is only the most common impediment of departure and in fact a list of cases in which the trip can be canceled, much more.Prudent person, knowing this, try to pre-arrange insurance on his own recognizance currently abroad.


  • What is the insurance
  • In which case I will be able to get compensation?
  • If I am denied a visa, will act in the contract?
  • As a hedge against the risks of travel?
  • Conclusion

What is the insurance

This is a popular service, which you can find in the price list of large companies such as VSC and Alfa Insurance.

Such insurance allows you to get a refund in case of cancellation expenses abroad for a number of strictly defined reasons.Usually, it is most often purchased by people who do not believe in the possibility of obtaining permits to travel or fly abroad.

However, tour operat

ors such as Pegasus or Biblio Globus recommend arrange insurance in any case in order not to be left at a loss.

Making insurance Before signing his own recognizance insurance abroad, you should understand all the intricacies of this process - the conditions are no less complex than in other areas of financial services.The absence of any document or other evidence that objectively you can not leave the country, can cause not only delays, but also the lack of all payments.First of all, it is necessary to consider the main reasons not to leave abroad, which can be a cause for a claim payment.

In which case I will be able to get compensation?

As a rule, such insurance is used in a few cases that are related to acts of God.In particular, Ingosstrakh points to the following reasons, in which a person does not go abroad, is entitled to receive compensation:

  • refusal to provide documents required by the consular authorities (this cause his own recognizance worth considering in detail);
  • Money and Insurance Policy death of the tourist or his immediate family;
  • urgent hospitalization or exacerbation of severe disease - despite the fact that some insurance companies sometimes try to avoid the payment of this common reason, insurance companies such as ECC, Rosgosstrakh, RESO, or allows you to get full confidence in the possibility of compensation;
  • summons from the recruiting office is also a compelling reason for compensation if it is impossible to travel abroad, as the passage of the provision of service leave and delays their destination is simply impossible;
  • need to appear in court will also be quite respectful occasion.However, it is worth noting that the insurance is valid only if you received the summons after the conclusion of the contract;
  • and, finally, valid reason for the insurance office is damage to your property - insurance on his own recognizance provides for payments in the event that your apartment has been damaged as a result of pipeline rupture, fire, burglary or natural disasters.

In other cases - such as when a mild illness, the loss of a cat, or the inability to obtain leave from work insurance does not give you the right to demand payment.At the same time to pay the full cost of unused tickets will incur you as compelling circumstances that caused his own recognizance, was not.

In addition, in any case you will need any certificate confirming the occurrence of the event.That document can be certified by the agenda of the call, sick leave, a police report, a certificate from the court or a death certificate.

In addition, when you make a payment through Rosgosstrakh and Ingosstrakh you may need details for bank payment.Private companies, like RCS or RESO does not require that the passage of the set of bureaucratic procedures, but may also request additional documents.

If I am denied a visa, will act in the contract?

Refusal of a visa As mentioned above, the cancellation expenses insurance is often issued at the possibility of denial of permits.However, this particular case is the most controversial - for example, FAC and Ingosstrakh approximately 20-30% of cases of refusal to provide for payments, the rationale for which is executed in the absence of the term of the visa.The reason is simple - most of the consular authorities do not explain the reasons for his negative decision.

Without mentioning these reasons, no company will be able to determine whether or not you acted insurmountable circumstances and insurance is not valid in this case.There is only one option - you will need to contact the embassy and make an official request for an indication of the circumstances that caused your own recognizance.It is worth noting that the major tour operators such as Biblio Globus or Pegasus, can apply for this treatment alone, although mostly it concerns the expensive tours abroad, which are very important for these companies.

Upset girl main thing in this case - does not give up, even if you were given the denial of all instances.According to international norms and rules of the response representative of another country should be granted within a month.This is confirmed by experts of the company Ingosstrakh, as well as tour operator Biblio Globus.According to them, any consulate will sooner or later give an answer, however, to comply with all the formalities may take a very long time.

As a hedge against the risks of travel?

Woman signs documents In general, the procedure is very simple - with the permit must be available to apply to the office of one of the largest insurance companies - for example, SSC or Alfastrakhovanie.Specific conditions can be obtained from an employee of the insurer - for example, Ingosstrakh, RESO and practice tariff increases if the tourist has previously had problems with obtaining permits for travel abroad.In addition, the cost of which has insurance can vary depending on the tariffs for tours - usually when they increase the rate of insurance can be significantly reduced.

Learning agreement But in any case it is necessary to clarify what pay for the tour are included in the amount of insurance - conditions may be quite different.FAC Experts recommend carefully grasp the meaning of a contract - it's possible that it does not include payments such as services on registration of the visa, meals and other expenses.And then you lose the amount significantly exceeding the franchise - unpaid portion that is always included in the insurance.

Buying trips In addition, the insurance can be issued with the purchase of the tour.The leaders of the Russian market - the company Pegasus and others offer their customers very quickly to conclude a contract for the provision of financial services through a partnership program with the FAC, RESO and Ingosstrakh.In addition it also offered to purchase insurance against loss of baggage or flight delay - the cost will be much lower, but the resulting benefits - is very high.


Travel insurance insurance, which will allow you to get rid of the risks of non-departure abroad is certainly a much-needed financial services.Thanks to him, you can prevent the expenditure of large sums of money in situations that do not depend on your will and actions.However is always carefully consider the reason for which you decide to buy insurance - if it does not apply to acts of God, the good of it will not.The negative consequences of such an acquisition would not be, but also lay great hopes on it in connection with your plans are not worth it.

In addition, the choice of the insurer is to give preference to proven companies - RESO, FAC or undisputed market leader Ingosstrakh.If you do not want to waste your time searching for relevant companies and consideration of their services can be trusted tour operators - such proposals make their clients Biblio Globus and many others.

And finally, I want to remind that the extra safety net has never stopped anyone, and in such an important matter as long journeys - even more so.