How long cooked beef tongue (instruction video)?

Beef tongue in his hand Beef tongue is one of the most delicious delicacies on a festive table.Feast on delicious byproduct does not always work - the cost of it on the market rolls over, and one head of cattle is obtained about 1 kilogram. Due to the fact that the delicacy is a rare guest at the family table, many housewives do not know how to cook it.How to cook beef tongue, what dishes can be prepared from it, how to clean - questions that meet the experienced masters of cooking art.


  • Special taste of beef tongue
  • Cooking time
  • How to cook beef tongue
  • dishes language

Special taste of beef tongue

language consists of muscle fibers, which do not havenot a bit of excess fat, bad cholesterol, so it is used as food for children as dietetic treat.

Special taste will have to place as a cold appetizer, aspic, as an ingredient in meat salad, broth can be used as a base for soup or puree.
properly cooked delicacy will crown the dish buffet table.

Cooking time

Jellied tongue Beef tongue is composed of dense mu

scle mass, which is hard to boil.There are many opinions as you need time to cook a byproduct.Some people believe that you need at least 4 hours to bring the meat until done.Other dish cook for 30-40 minutes.How much time to cook beef tongue, really?

In reality, the byproduct can be different depending on how old the animal was.From old cows language denser, it boils bad and insufficient cooking is tough.Languages ​​calves quickly cooked, soft, gentle, easy to clean.The most delicious and suitable for cooking - offal with yearling calves.

If the board hostess appeared beef tongue, the first thing to do - to defrost and rinse well.Nerazmorozhenny product cook is not desirable - it boil unevenly inside will remain tough.

optimal time for cooking - 2-2.5 hours.During this time, even the toughest meat thoroughly boil.

How to cook beef tongue

procedure for the preparation of the next byproduct: Washing with beef tongue

  1. Rinse meat under cold running water.
  2. put on the fire a pot with water, add salt (about 1 teaspoon to 1.5 liters).
  3. language should immediately drop into the water.It can be cut, but the meat itself takes the form of pots and does not need to reduce lumps.
  4. Cook should be at an average temperature, covered with a lid.Beef tongue in a pan
  5. resulting foam is removed during cooking.
  6. After an hour of cooking add Goroshkova pepper, if desired Lavrushka.Several seed cloves give delicious flavor the broth.
  7. How to cook a dish?Fresh products from the yearling calves enough 1:00 cooking, the meat from old cows even better cook 1-2 Purification of the language of the skin hours.Cooked meat is slightly changes the shape becomes smaller in length and more volume in width.
  8. Readiness can be checked as follows: remove the tongue from the pan and cut crosswise in half, consider the cut.The homogeneous surface color indicates readiness.The presence of blood, ichor, pink streaks in the middle of the section indicates insufficient Sliced ​​beef tongue cooking.You can pierce the meat with a knife through and see the juice flowing.Clear broth says ready if ichor - not ready.

Boiled beef tongue should be removed from the broth, cool under cold running water for several seconds and clear the skin covering the top.In the food it is not necessary, because it is very tough with small hard nodules.The skin is removed easily enough to snick it and pick up the knife.Pull the edge, carefully remove all the peel.

dishes language

Beef tongue sliced prepared language can be used for cutting, the filler, as a basis for meat salads.From broth can be cooked fragrant soup, soup, mash.How many delicious dishes can be prepared in the language, and what are the benefits of a great by-product of the human body?

First of all, it is a dietary meal, because it does not contain fat and cholesterol means.Byproduct contains a lot of iron, is a pure protein that quickly restores power, efficiency, affects memory, thinking.

It is useful to use for people with physical prostration, postoperative patients, growing child's body, women after childbirth.

most simple dishes that adorn the festive meal, a filler.Thus, the recipe:

  1. While cooked meat is poured into a container of cold water (100 ml), poured gelatin.Jellied tongue Leave for 1-2 hours.
  2. Gelatin must swell and increase in volume.
  3. in hot broth add swollen gelatin and stir well.Gelatin must disappear without a trace.
  4. Language cut crosswise into thin slices.
  5. Spread plate to form around the bottom.Decorate with flowers of fresh carrots, cut into small onion or green (good).
  6. strained broth with gelatin through a fine sieve.
  7. Fill in the form so that the liquid covers the meat for 1.5-2 cm.
  8. Put in the fridge for 6-8 hours.

How to cook beef delicacy, experienced housewives feel heart.Under the rules of the art of cooking the minimum cooking time language is 1.5-2 hours.