How to make nigiri sushi at home

Sushi at home Want to Japanese restaurant has come to visit you?If the answer is yes, then the need to learn how to make sushi at home.We will not distract you long talk and get to cooking immediately. We want to warn you that the first time home your dish does not turn out perfect in appearance, however, from this it does not lose its flavor.Therefore, always cook with pleasure.


  • Ingredients
  • Cooking sushi rice
    • Rinsing rice
    • Cooking rice
  • Rice filling
  • compound rice dressing
  • Nigiri
    • Forming nigiri


Ingredients for sushi To prepare sushi, you need to purchase the following ingredients:

  • short, rounded, specially rice for sushi;
  • sauce rice;
  • salmon;
  • pickled ginger;
  • wasabi: dry or paste;
  • Masago or flying fish roe.

Also described need Makis or mat of bamboo, as well as a sharp knife.

Su rice vinegar or

recommended to use exclusively a Japanese rice vinegar.He is sweet and spicy.Application of Chinese brands, more powerful and acid can kill the delicate flavor of sushi.The mos

t successful chefs say vinegar rice Ā«MitsukanĀ», which can be purchased in many Asian stores.


Wasabi It is a Japanese horseradish.There are two types of this product Seiyo and Sava.

first very expensive, and almost never used outside the country of the rising sun.Last you can always easily obtained.Giving preference to the best wasabi sold in powder form.In this case, the preparation of sushi with him at home is more like the restaurant version of this dish.

relatively wasabi paste, then it may present a high percentage of completely unnecessary preservatives, which strongly alter the taste characteristics of the product.To prepare the paste wasabi powder can dissolve in water, and, after ten minutes, using the ingredients and ready to eat.

Pickled Ginger or Gary

It is used to neutralize the taste between the reception of various types of sushi.

Masago or flying fish roe

In most cases, the land is used as a culinary decoration.

Cooking sushi rice

Figure in a beaker You can not make sushi, if you do not know what the main ingredient of this dish speaks not a fish, and, in fact, Fig.It is from its proper preparation will depend on the taste of the entire overseas snacks.Therefore, rice is needed in the Japanese style, namely, short rounded grains.Longer than usual for such a case is not suitable due to the fact that holds a lot of water.Among the recommended varieties are present:

  • Kokuho;
  • Nishiki;
  • Minori;
  • Maruyu;
  • Kahomai.

Rinsing rice

Rinse rice to prepare sushi, or better to say, do need one cup of rice (two servings).However, you should always rely on the fact that in the process of eating comes the appetite and eat a lot more.Therefore, you should try this dish to cook is always more.

If you want to do everything right and according to the recipe, then you need to fill up the rice in a wide container and fill it with cold water to the level when the fluid is completely close the contents.Then need to massage it gently.

All movements have to be careful and accurate.As a result of your actions, the water will become milky, becoming cloudy.

Ignoring this step, it's over so that your sticky rice covered with starch and is not suitable for the preparation of this dish.

Ultimately, almost all the water must be drained.Then you have to stir the rice again, and forcefully pressing him for ten minutes, but in such a way that it does not break.Further, it is required to fill in fresh, cold water, drain and then squeeze again and drain the remaining moisture.This procedure must be repeated two or three times until the water is almost transparent.If you do everything right, then so be it eventually.

Cooking rice

Cooking rice Thoroughly researched rice is placed in a large saucepan.Before you cook it at home, you must make sure that each cup of cereal added exactly 250 ml of cold water.In the described embodiment - 500 ml.Such steps do you need to not break the technology of cooking.

Now you close the container lid, set the maximum possible heat and quickly bring the rice to a boil.This process should not take more than 5-7 minutes.Wanting to do everything in the home, but strictly according to instructions, after boiling expose the heating to a minimum and leave to prepare rice for another 12 minutes.

During this time, the preparation will occur to the desired consistency.When will the 12 minutes, the water should have evaporated completely, and in the rice, on its surface, begin to appear small ventilation holes.

Since we decided to do everything in restaurant technology, then turn off the gas, remove the pan from heat, cover with itself but it does not remove, and offer an opportunity rice then again for 15 minutes.

Rice filling

While our fig insisted not to lose precious time, we will prepare for him a special dressing.On two bowls need:

  • rice vinegar - 50 ml;
  • sugar - 30 gr .;
  • salt - 10 grams.
Its quite easy to do, not only at home, but even in the field.To this must be dissolved in a first, slightly heated, the two last ingredient.

compound rice dressing

Adding rice filling Another hot rice spread an even layer in a container and pour the dressing on it that we had prepared in advance, but must trickle, and immediately begin to mix everything.In this case, you must also know how to do it right.For this purpose, using a wooden spatula, it moves from bottom to top and then from right to left.

As a result, "Saracen corn" is going on the free half of the container, and then slowly, in small portions, cutting horizontal movements, already without stirring, over a wooden spatula is moved to its original location.Compliance with all conditions at home allow each grain impregnated dressing.Especially well-cooked cereal can be considered in the video.

At the final stage of rice is evenly distributed over the container and cover with a damp paper towel to cool.


Cutting fish Reviewing the video, try at home to cut fish for sushi "angle."To do this, nothing much needs to be done.It is enough to be home to cook a very sharp knife.Cutting should take place in one motion to him in an arc.It is impossible to cut fillets.

Experienced cooks recommend taking a rectangular blank, make it easier to prepare sushi.In many video captured at home or in the studio, there is such forms of at least 10 cm wide and 2.5 in height.

from the left edge of the need to step back from 0.5 to 1.5 cm. Everything will depend on the density of your workpiece.Then you will place the knife at an angle of precisely 45 degrees relative to the work surface and make a quick but smooth incision in one fell swoop.For more information on the data master class can be found by looking home video.

Wanting to prepare the land properly, keep cutting the fillets in the same tone, creating all subsequent cuts parallel to the first.

Forming nigiri

Connection of rice with fish This process will not be so wordy, but described in detail step by step.To make sushi at home, as you saw in the video, you must:

  1. Moisten hands.
  2. right hand to scoop and a half tablespoons of rice and squeeze a lump in the palm of your hand to the oval.
  3. left hand place the fish fingers across the workpiece.
  4. not releasing rice harvesting, the index finger on his right hand to scoop a small amount of wasabi on top and fluff rice, leaving imperceptible dent.
  5. Remove hands now, and pressure over much, but over the entire surface of the rice lump index and middle fingers of his right hand.
  6. Turn carefully Nigeria, so that it turned out to be at your fingertips, "fish" up.
  7. remains only move at the same time boosting the ends of his fingers to the base and press firmly to the rice a fish fillet.