The original recipe baked chicken in the oven

Baked chicken Some dishes have won appreciation housewives because of its simplicity in cooking, has for years been the "highlight of the program" at the dinner table.And not just years, as many decades. example of this is love's relentless chicken salt in the oven.Each hostess in its arsenal is the recipe of its preparation.Consider a few options.


  • Where to start
  • Procedure
  • cooking with spices
  • Another method
  • on bottle
  • little nuance
  • Tips nutritionists
  • choice is yours

Where to start


Photo 1. Table salt coarse

most important thing in such an important matter as cooking, is the choice of products (in this case, chicken).It is best if it is chilled, packed in a transparent film.Then you can easily take away the chicken with a clean, white, taut skin.Note that there are no pinholes on its surface, as in this case, there is a high probability that it was pumped water.This baked chicken will not bring pleasure.Once you have selected the bird you want to cook in the oven, proceed to t

he second stage.

you need a kilogram of salt.It's all much easier.Salt is recommended to take non-iodized and preferably coarse (photo 1).

reviewed and picked up all the ingredients, you can go directly to the cooking process.


Chicken carcass

Photo 2. The carcass chicken with tied legs

most common birds on the salt recipe looks like:

  • chicken thoroughly washed, cut off the excess fat, dry (you can get wet towel ornapkins).
  • Paws tie.For this fit the usual string or strips of foil food (photo 2).
  • Next to prepare a meal, take a deep pan and carpeted it with foil, pour salt on the bottom of the pack.
  • Obsushennuyu carefully lay out the entire chicken on a baking paws up, it is ready for baking in the oven.
to cook the meat juicy, you need to correctly set the oven temperature.
oven should be preheated to 180 ° C, and then put the bird and cook it for about 1 hour.
Chicken with vegetables

Photo 3. Chicken with vegetables

If you want to make sure that the whole baked chicken is fully prepared, the recipe suggests a wooden skewer (toothpick) to pierce the skin.Juice flowing out of the hole, should be transparent.So, you have managed to cook a delicious salt chicken.

If the juice flows muddy and bloody - just leave the chicken in the oven.After a while she comes by herself.

bird can be served in full (it looks spectacular - photo 3) with potatoes and vegetables.

As you'll see - the recipe is easy to maximize the performance and the power of each.

cooking with spices

Cpetsii for chicken Some housewives before bake the chicken in the oven, rub it with spices.It can be:

  • Mustard Sour cream Mayonnaise
  • mixture of herbs

Can blend of herbs, cloves and black pepper add to the salt.This recipe gives the meat a distinctive flavor and distinctive taste.You have to decide for themselves which of the following to choose from.

Another method

Chicken on salt

Photo 4. Chicken in spread state

next option offers to cook the chicken in spread (photo 4).To this end, it should be washed, dried, cut along the breastbone and lay out on a baking

In this case, you can bake the chicken without the support salt.Replace it with potatoes, which come baked in natural gravy.Here, however, the salt will have to use it for its intended purpose, ie products prisolit.

This recipe has its ardent fans, because in the oven at the same time preparing the meat and side dish to it.

on bottle

Chicken carcass on the bottle

Photo 5. Chicken carcass on the bottle

most extravagant offers a way to cook the bird in the oven, planted it in the bottle (glass!).Then bake in the salt.If you want to try it, keep in mind that before putting on the whole chicken on the bottle, it is necessary to collect 3/4 of water.
Even when meat is contacted directly with the salt, would not be its salt.Recipe ensures that the dish is not tasteless.Hen will juicy, perfectly baked with a crispy golden crust.

Want to do without salt?Lay a baking potato.Carcase is recommended to coat with spices (photo 5).
you do not spend more time if you decide to make a meal like this.Approximate calculation for the oven - 35 minutes for 1 kg of raw meat.

decided to hit others with their culinary masterpieces?Then you have to cook chicken on the whole bottle, towering over baked potatoes.We assure you - this proven recipe poultry in the oven will make furor.

little nuance

main difference between all the recipes is not exactly how you will place the carcass: on the back, or sprawled on the bottle.Baked chicken on the bottle bottom line is that whether you use salt as a filler or baking potatoes prefer to put it.

In the first instance, to cook meat, it simply bake in the oven.A second need to add spices, but once you have a complete meal with a side dish.Note the subtle difference.

Tips nutritionists

Note first of all that baked chicken and chicken fried - this is not the same thing.It is believed that during frying meat kontseragenov exposed, and it does not benefit health.In addition, a pair of salts prepared by cooking in the oven, can not exceed the safe concentration for the organism.

She carries the baked chicken may obtained at the output of food and diet is not completely, but still more than acceptable in terms of fighters with calories.

choice is yours

Whichever recipe you choose: on the salt in the bottle or with potatoes, always follow the most important rule - the process should be fun.In this case, you can cook the dish really delicious, bringing not only physical pleasure but also aesthetically pleasing.Your loved ones will appreciate it, and certainly will thank you.

And because every woman dreams about making her work respected and appreciated, then consider that you have in the hands of the very "secret weapon", with which you will be able to demonstrate their indispensability.