How to cook rolls at home alone?

Rolls on a plate dishes you can taste the world's peoples, not only in the national restaurant.So today we decided to share the knowledge that make it possible to prepare rolls at home. creation process rolls is hardly a simple cooking.However, if you know how to cook a potato at least scrambled eggs and fry, then you can succeed.The proposed recipe slightly adapted to the true Slavs, and it can be called rolls at home in Russian.


  • time to prepare
  • Getting cooking
    • curl rolls
    • Raskaladyvaem stuffing
  • displace rolls
    • Cutting twisted rolls

time to prepare

Ingredients for rolls Look, please, pictured above.We immediately see that the excellent recipe.That is why the cook of our meal it will not be too much trouble.

Ingredients rolls

  • srednezerny White rice - 350-380 gr.
  • Rice vinegar.
  • Dried seaweed nori per 1 roll 1 sheet.
  • bamboo mat.

Ingredients for the filling

  • 200g.cheese - and you can «Hochland».
  • 3 fresh cucumber.
  • Fresh green onions.
  • 200g.salted salmon.
  • Tutu mayonnaise.
  • Crab sticks.

Getting cooking

Rice first need to cook rice.The same conditions are put forward and the dish Philadelphia.We must see to it that it does not seethe, but also can not be used undercooked.After all, in any case, you get a nasty mess.

required quantity of rice washed in cold water and pour into the prepared container and then fill it with 0.5 liters of water and put on a strong fire.Seeing that the rice boil, reduce the intensity of the flame to a reasonable minimum and leave it cook a little longer still for 12-15 minutes.

To prepare the rolls in the home, the important point is required readiness rice.
Therefore, turning off the gas, we do not open the lid, and give the opportunity to walk through the rice steam, after standing for about 15-20 minutes in the pan.

During this time, the host cooking vinegar solution.To cook it you need:

  • rice vinegar - 50 ml;
  • sugar - 30 gr .;
  • salt - 10 grams.

All ingredients are placed in a small volume capacity and start to heat in the microwave at full power no more than 1.5 minutes.

Rice vinegar During this time the figure had podostyt.It needs to shift into a ceramic or glass container.If this is not done, and use metal capacity, then it just starts to stick to its walls, rolls and cook at home is already more difficult.After all, no one likes, when most of the most important component in the process of cooking simply stick to the pan.

now boiled rice and arrangements can pour the prepared solution, and all thoroughly.As a result, container with rice flavored vinegar mixture must cover plate or lid, leaving it to cool further at room temperature for another 15-20 minutes.

toilless After these steps, which must be done according to the description, it's time to start preparing the ingredients for the filling rolls.To do it right, they need to cut as follows.The length of the cucumber slices and cheese Fish sliced should reflect actual crab sticks, or be a little shorter.As a result of these slices on the entire width of the sheet of nori seaweed fit in the amount of three pieces that will effortlessly rolls cook at home, as it will facilitate the arrangement immediately before twisting.

Now it's time to cut the fish and cut it into slices, as shown in the photo.

Targeting rolls cook, even if you have provided an excellent recipe to make all non-waste fail.Much remains unused ingredients, with which you can do different composition or use them for other purposes.

curl rolls

Bamboo mat starting to cook, or rather rolls do at home, you must remember that to avoid problems arising in the process of creating a "sausage" will be possible only in the case when the rice was cooked correctly.

If you're trying to cook this dish for the first time, the first roll is your lumpy.So try to observe all the rules of cooking.

third secret lies in the preparation of the minimum amount of filling.The less it is, the easier it will be to roll first roll.The ingredients must be present cheese, fish, mayonnaise, onion pen.For the first step, they are sufficient.

We would like to mention that the famous rolls called Philadelphia to cook is not so difficult.If you watch the video, you'll notice that the difference between these rolls toward others is just what is required for rolls Philadelphia eponymous cheese stuffing.

now start at home to prepare our rolls.This will require a mat, which is shown in the photo.This recipe without it can not.When the mat spread out, then you need to do the following - spray it with water, but in a way that the liquid fell on his tiny droplets.

recipe now requires of us to seaweed sheet was laid on the mat so that the bottom edge of the elevator coincided with the same edge of the mat.

Raskaladyvaem stuffing

We put stuffing seaweed order to cook at home rolls, it is necessary to spread out a thin layer of rice on the nori sheet.The first steps should be done from the bottom.This recipe is silent, but to tell the many photos and videos.If you cook a dish called Philadelphia, all the steps are identical.

process of preparation of the rolls in rice leaf filling should end when Coverings such as blankets an area 2/3.If the rice sticks to your hands before you begin calculations moisten your fingers with water.Continuing to make the dish, squeeze the entire leaf mayonnaise, and on either side of him lay the onion, fish and cucumber.

order that would all delicious cook at home, we offer a look at the photos, which will tell you how to do it right every step.After a prescription is not taught to cook, and it is impossible to capture on video the moment.The same applies to food Philadelphia, preparation of which is identical.

displace rolls

Curl rolls Overseas rolls cook at home is not so difficult.The main thing to do everything correctly.The same applies to Philadelphia rolls because their preparation is identical.The scheme will collapse following:

  • grasp the bottom edge of the mat;
  • do turn away from you;
  • unscrew the back pad;
  • poluskruchenny roll again drag on the bottom edge;
  • now need to have to do a few turns until the end.
lecturing rolls without inflection, not to tear the elevator.
To do this, prepare a large bowl.For greater plasticity they should lie down minutes 20.

Cutting twisted rolls

Twisted rolls Proper preparation and the right recipe must always end with a professional cutting.In this case, you need a sharp knife, which process does not allow the dish to sag.Before cutting must be sure to moisten the knife in the water.

You know what to cook any dish - it's not a success.It comes when it is served correctly.In this case, the same rule applies to Rolla Philadelphia.The thickness of the disc depends solely on your desires.However, try to adhere to the "standard" of 1.5 or 2 cm.

If during cooking you did not have any difficulties, here are the nuances can be seen during slicing, when the two sides sticking rolls mustache.They may have to, but it is better not to offer guests.If your roll Philadelphia, it would like to see on the plate so they look the same as on our first photos and video provided by the recipe.