Treating rhinitis in expectant mothers pinosol

Pinosol in different product forms Very often we hear that expectant mothers do not use any nasal drops, preferring to endure stoically runny nose for the welfare of their child.Indeed, many of vasoconstrictor drugs, traditionally used in the treatment of the common cold, is prohibited for pregnant women, because their components can easily penetrate the placenta and cause irreparable damage to the fetus.However, the application allows the user to use the drug Pinosol during pregnancy, although advises first consult a physician.

What is the difference between these drops, why is appointed them, and how to use such a drug - this we will try to learn as much as possible in detail.


  • Why Pinosol?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • scheme use
  • Alternatives

Why Pinosol?

is first necessary to understand why banned vasoconstrictor drops.As mentioned above, it is easy enough to overcome the placental barrier and freely penetrate into the baby's blood.

However, there are other hazards - they also cause compression of
the walls of the blood vessels in the mother, which often goes into spasm.

As a result, the fetus is no longer receiving enough oxygen.A hypoxia leads to the formation of such deviations as:

  • renal and hepatic failure;
  • heart defects and vascular malformations;
  • mental retardation;
  • congenital mental illness;
  • nervous system disorders.

However, do not use any drops it is also impossible, because no treatment allows the body to be freely distributed on the malware infection.Especially dangerous is the first trimester - it has the infection can lead to miscarriage or substantial deviations in the development of the fetus, resulting in often appointed therapeutic abortion.

In the dark-haired girl rhinitis In other periods of pregnancy infection is also capable of causing significant damage to both mother and baby.By the way, whatever the term, stuffy nose and swollen and may lead to hypoxia, as the needs of pregnant women in oxygen greatly increased.So use some drops still have, and most doctors say that the best drug for use during pregnancy is Pinosol.

His instruction on the application indicates that it is composed exclusively of natural ingredients.Indeed, the main active ingredient is oil of pine (mountain and plain), which has a disinfecting effect, very quickly destroys bacteria.It is supplemented by extracts of eucalyptus, thyme and peppermint, which simultaneously reduces the intensity of the inflammation and eliminate discomfort, as well as a powerful antioxidant - vitamin E.

Due to the absence of synthetic chemical compounds Pinosol during pregnancy does not cause any damage to either the mother or the child .However, no effect of the vasoconstrictor drops do not have so many people complain about the lack of effectiveness.

Indications and contraindications

Drops is most effectively eliminate bacterial infections caused by a variety of pathogens.However Pinosol virtually powerless against viruses and can not have any influence on fungi.That is why before taking recommended to see a doctor, which will determine the type of specific symptoms of the disease.

drug is very good for nasal congestion and prevents the formation of edema, it can be used as a first aid to facilitate the state of a pregnant woman to get advice from a specialist.

recommended to use it also as an aid in the treatment of diseases for which a runny nose is a secondary manifestation, such as influenza, SARS some species, as well as irritation of the mucous membrane as a result of its defeat by toxic substances.Exceptions are traumatic injuries, because the active ingredients can directly penetrate into the blood that lead to metabolic disorders, and serious harm to the fetus.

The woman allergic rhinitis Instructions for use prohibits the use of Pinosol during allergic rhinitis, which often occurs in pregnant women - a drug can only aggravate the condition of the body.In addition, the drug is able to independently cause allergies, especially in cases of prolonged use and the simultaneous use in combination with other drugs.

Pinosol also not recommended if the survey had proved a viral or fungal infection in nature, and there is an increased likelihood of an adverse reaction to treatment.In this case, damage to the development of side effects simply to exceed the resulting benefit.

scheme use

defined the question of whether we can Pinosol during pregnancy used to treat certain diseases, we can go to the recommendations for its use.First of all, I must say that for pregnant women are the best form of the drug drops or nasal sprays, which contain additional components, in contrast to the creams and ointments.If you get sick in the first trimester, then by all other dosage forms of the drug is precisely to give up because they can cause a deterioration of the body.

Girl drips into the nose using a pipette Guide indicates that an adult should use 3-5 drops per day for each nostril.However, it is worth remembering that pregnant Pinosol can cause allergies, so the usual pattern of use is somewhat modified.On the first day in each nostril drip one drop, and in the absence of adverse reactions in the evening, repeat this procedure.

On the second day Pinosol already use two drops at a time.From the third, the drug is used in normal mode - preferably limited to 4 drops to each nostril once daily.

maximum duration of treatment with pinosol is 7 days.Given the peculiar use of the preparatory period, it can be extended for one additional day.However, Pinosol to use more than 10 days is not recommended - as mentioned above, there may be a severe allergic reaction.

In addition, it is also highly addictive form of vasomotor rhinitis.No drops, you can not breathe normally, because during their use vessels located in the nose, deformed and take the normal position only with the introduction pinosol.

The girl with a white towel on his head doing inhalation of a cold addition to traditional treatment regimen can be used as inhalation.In a special device, the evaporator 50 drops of the drug is injected, it can be used three times a day for 4-5 minutes.Inhalation should be especially careful to apply to pregnant women who have a gestation period of manifest abnormal reaction of the body.Fumes pinosol deposited on the skin, can cause their hives, as well as the narrowing of the airways, so to carry out such treatment as is necessary only after consulting your doctor.


Knowing whether Pinosol pregnant, you will always be able to determine when the drug is used.But what to do when its use is prohibited or does not bring the desired effect?Attention should be paid to alternative formulations which are also not contraindicated in pregnancy.

good tool to help alleviate the condition at any diseases, including allergic reactions, is akvamaris.

It is a salt solution identical in composition seawater, but devoid of a variety of pollutants and other toxins.Unlike pinosol, it is not addictive, and could be used in fungal and viral infections as an adjuvant.

akvamaris analogue of a drug Salin, but it also includes some active components to fight bacteria.That is why he, like Pinosol prescribe during pregnancy only in consultation with a doctor.If these funds is not at hand, and requires urgent relief to the state, need to do a weak saline solution and rinse them nose, and at the first opportunity to see a specialist.