How and when properly given to infants Linex?

Packing Linex Everyone is faced with problems of digestion.Pain and cramps in the abdomen, frequent stools and depression in this regard, can disturb not only adults but also children.Goiter caused by bad bacteria capable of adversely affect not only the general condition of the child, but also adversely affect his immunity.Therefore, many experts recommend when the first symptoms of the disorder of the digestive tract to give Linex for newborns. This modern drug helps by signs of disorder and perfectly proved himself as a preventive measure.And so today we will talk about in more detail how to give Linex newborns to facilitate the child's well-being, to return to him a peaceful sleep, while avoiding the adverse effects of dysbiosis.


  • General information about the preparation
  • When the drug is prescribed?
  • pharmacological form and dose
  • medicine as a preventive measure
  • Limitations drugs

General information about the preparation

Capsules Problems associated with the digestive tract and bowel relate

infants particularly acute.Linex also need to get rid of the suffering not only of the newborn, but also parents, facilitating the flow of a difficult period of formation of a small body.

Linex is not only effective medication from the problems associated with eating disorders.This facility is considered safe for children does not affect the immune system.Giving Linex newborns can be at the first manifestations of the disease, to improve the absorption of nutrients, to overcome the consequences of dysbiosis.Moreover, this modern drug has major advantages - act quickly enough and does not cause allergic reactions.

In general, the preparation of dysbiosis Linex for newborns is eubiotic, a part of which are live bacteria:

  • bifidus;
  • lacto;
  • entero.

Newborn Thanks to the strains of these bacteria, which belong to the microflora of a healthy person, the drug quickly enough can normalize bowel function.He acts as follows: dried bacteria when ingested children come to life and start their action.To be precise, the enterococci, lactobacilli and bifidobacteria promote fermentation of lactose (a component of milk).This in turn leads to the establishment of the acidic environment in the intestine, whose "task" includes the suppression of pathogenic bacteria found in the baby's stomach along with a staple.

If you find information that contains instructions for use of this modern means, it is possible to conclude that the Linex for the newborn - is a powerful drug with a balanced composition of biologically active substances that contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora and improve the digestion of protein.

When the drug is prescribed?

Linex for children eubiotics Linex for babies can be given from the first day of the birth.It should be given by a doctor, and in cases that describes the instructions for use.Typically, doctors prescribe the drug for children:

  • when bloating and flatulence;
  • when a colic and rezey;
  • in cases of diarrhea, dysbiosis;
  • at slow weight gain;
  • if background bad digestibility enzymes occur malabsorption syndrome.
Linex for a newborn may be appointed as from the second day of his life.
The reason for this may be one of the above features.Under the supervision of a physician eubiotics can be given three times a day, dividing 1 capsule on three receptions.

pharmacological form and dose

Linex for newborns Despite the fact that the form of the drug - capsules, inconvenience so as to give Linex for a newborn, no.The fact that the sheath capsule enclosing powdered bacterial strains can be dissolved not only in the intestine.It can be opened hands to extract medication.

to be easier to apply Linex for the newborn, it is recommended to raise the breast milk, or add the required amount of drug in the drinking water for the baby.Guide to the use of drugs also includes information about what is desirable reception eubiotics exercise after feeding children.The same applies to older children, which is still difficult to swallow the capsule alone.

The capsule in hand 1-2 capsules can be used by a physician in cases where an expert has identified a serious illness or acute form of its course.In such situations, the pediatrician may prescribe taking the drug for 1-4 weeks.

also 1-2 capsules parents can give children from 3 to 12 years, dividing them into 3 doses.Usually, the reason for this is a severe manifestation of dysbiosis.

as a preventive drug for disorders of the intestines, Linex for a newborn baby can be used if specific health problems and digestion is not revealed.
for infants toddlers and older children welcome eubiotics possible in parallel with a course of antibiotics.

medicine as a preventive measure

Grudnichok the appointment of a doctor eubiotics many parents asked about the duration of a course of preventive treatment.As a means of warning the disorder in the intestinal microflora in infants and older children, Linex is recommended to take one capsule daily after meals.It is advisable to drink plenty of water.

course of treatment can be administered by the attending physician taking into account the test results and a tendency to disorders in the digestive process.Individually also determined while taking the drug based on the characteristics of the patient.

Limitations drugs

Linex as a recommendation of pediatricians regarding the eubiotics and instructions for use of the drug, contain a number of contraindications.First of all experts say that children suffering from lactose intolerance, you should use other means.

At the first suspicion of intolerance to milk sugar or accurate test results confirming fears, Linex for a newborn is better not to acquire.Including this category contraindications are kids for whom feeding after birth appoint adapted formulas.As a rule, these products are based on soy milk.

In most cases, even the smallest patients Linex tolerated very well.
However, when taking the medicine began to rise the body temperature of the child, as well as changed stool consistency (with mucus and blood), immediately should visit the hospital.

Kid Allergic reactions that may occur after taking the drug, constitute isolated cases.If you are hypersensitive eubiotics Linex (or certain of its components) are observed only a rash or pain in the abdomen.

For young children before taking the drug is recommended to plant with water at room temperature.Hot water to wash down the capsule Linex prohibited, as there is a risk of inactivation of bacterial strains that make up the drug.

Currently, there are a lot of debate as to whether to give eubiotics infants, and whether the benefits of the drug Linex for a newborn.However, based on studies, experts found that the symptoms of dysbiosis is much easier to remove than to fight the disease itself and its consequences.Therefore, many new parents prefer to give this eubiotics, seeking to ease the children of well-being.