How to sew a butterfly-tie fabric yourself (step by step instructions)

Butterfly Many believe that the bow tie is an element of exclusively male wardrobe.Today, we debunk the myth generally accepted and confirmed that the bow tie made with their own hands and looks great on female neck. unusual, stylish and fresh.

Heroic tie

Before you start assemble the workplace everything you need, namely:

  • scissors;
  • different set of sliders or runners;
  • desired size pieces of cloth;
  • iron;
  • thread the desired color;
  • needle (sewing machine);
  • chalk.

Step by Step

Step 1 Before you sit down at the sewing machine, especially when the subject turns to beginners, let's take a look at the process schematic, and then move on to the real master class.Comprehending the science of light - butterfly sew their own hands, in the end, you can create amazing things here are shown in the photo.

Step 2 prepared the templates, as well as other necessary tools, start to work.The samples were pinned to the fabric.If the material is a two-way, then you need to fix them to the wrong side.Then circle along the cont

our, leaving an allowance of five or seven millimeters.

Step 3 cut to the lines held two parts: long and short.In duplicate.As the liner is better to use interlining, which is sold in any shop.Cut from her desired item mold that was used for the base fabric, but without allowance for seams abductor.Then he Step 4 glued to the underside of the Step 4 using a heated iron.It is much more convenient this operation prodelyvat even before samples are cut out of the fabric.

As you can see, with their own hands to make a nice tie in the shape of a butterfly is not so difficult.Therefore, we continue to work.Step 5 These patterns must be added to each other and sew right sides so as to leave the seams of 0.5 cm. In the middle of our products do not have to leave the small stitched section through which the inversion will be made "inside out."All Realized manipulation also apply to the other two parts.

Once you manage to neatly stitch pattern all need to cut Step 6 stay sharp corners and allowances for the seams, and only then to turn out every detail inside out, using a brush or pencil.At this stage, the final step is - ironing.

Now you need to connect the two halves of our treated tissue using plastic sliders.

Step 7 This operation is necessary to start with a long half product.The thin end is inserted through both openings of one of the sliders so that it moves freely and has the ability to adjust.Then - the second one hole.

Further, the free end of the ribbon is inserted through both openings of the first slider.Step 8 They need to sew as shown in the figure.

Left pin mate products.The narrow end is threaded through the free hole in the slider.Loop gain will again have to sew.All - the work is completed.

In search of originality

Instruments Do not the words of a table of contents to look for something magical.Any bow tie, which was created by the hands, will be the pinnacle of originality is not important from a fabric created its elements or patterns which have taken part in this process.The main thing - to do everything yourself.

Pieces of cloth The photo shows all the materials and tools that will make a real masterpiece of his hands.However, the final result will depend on the combination of materials and your imagination.

Sborochka Cutting off two pieces of tape, you must comply with certain conditions: one of the scraps of fabric should be no longer than four fingers.

Take the first (long) tape and some collect it.Then the middle of the passage with a needle and thread.

United two butterflies Next thread tightens and swing the few times so that the bow appeared.Since the second ribbon We perform the same operations.So we got the workpiece, each of which is reminiscent of a bow tie.

Attached rhinestones Now glue the two bows and fasten pieces of fabric treated in such a way that the thread is passed through the entire structure.This option is good because it does not require the ability to own a sewing machine and it also does not need a pattern, because all you can do without them, and do with his hands.

Ribbon Despite the fact that for the manufacture of such a tie pattern does not need to be required "precious" stones.They need to stick to a number of vertically.First, internal, and then - the outside.After that, each of them must be covered with varnish and allow time to dry.

Butterfly proceed to "mount".By the thin satin ribbon fastened special hooks.Dressing up the first slider is fixed in it the end of the tape so as to be able to change its length.On the opposite side of the hook itself is fixed.

The result is one small thing: to connect the tape to the base of the tie (back) and sew together.

end result will be that's so elegant bow tie.