How to sew curtains for the kitchen with his hands

The girl at the window to the kitchen was nice to cook, you need to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.Help in addressing this issue curtains for the kitchen with his hands. This simple procedure under the force of each hostess who knows how to make a sewing machine some good lines.However, before proceeding to implement the idea, you need to familiarize yourself with some nuances.


  • Choice tissue
  • calculates the number of tissue
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Importance style
    • In support of elected
  • Curtains step by step
    • Curtains Venetian-style
    • Curtains on the grommet

Choice tissue

Trade network offers a sufficient number of curtains for the kitchen, which are made of organza and tulle, and other materials.
Naturally, they are a practical solution as easily erased, and after drying it does not require ironing.Nevertheless, it is better to sew curtains for the kitchen with his hands, and only natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.

calculates the number of tissue

Girl with measuring tape If you dare to sew cu

rtains for the kitchen with his hands, then the need to properly perform preliminary measurements:

  • measure the distance from the eaves to the bottom of the expected length of future products;
  • length curtains can be up to the window sill, or such that it covers the radiator, located under the window;
  • obtained by adding the length necessary for podvorot bottom, and this additional 6 cm. And 3 cm. From the top, to be used to hem curtains on.This will be the total length of the curtains, which required for their manufacture;
  • measure the length of the cornice, multiply it by the value of 1.5 and the figures add another 4 cm, will be required to hem the fabric on the sides.

By making a few simple measurements, we obtain the desired width of fabric for curtains future standard drapery.Wanting to make the drape more expressive, resulting length of the cornice should be multiplied by 2.


Pattern for curtains Pattern under the curtains in its simplest form is one or two rectangular pieces of cloth.If you plan to work with cotton or mixed fabrics, then immediately before cutting them and moisten lightly ironed to prevent the likelihood of shrinkage of the finished product.

for smooth cutting out parts you do not need the footage in the video workshop.
enough on one side, on the edge, to measure the desired value, which will be the width of the future product with gaps, and the width of a piece of material to pull one or two lines to serve as reference points on the cut line.Using the same sewing chalk it can distort.Thus, it is necessary to create a line for tuck.In the end, we receive the item with a perfect layout.


She sews to sew their own hands the ideal curtains need a sewing machine to put a long line in the range of 4 to 6 mm.The work will begin with the processing of the top edge.To do this, bend allowance above and primetyvaniem stitched Curtains ribbon.

then need to tuck the handle and side edges of the future product.During this process, the inside seam will need to remove the edge of the curtain tape and ensure that the ends of the cords remain accessible.In the end, pulling these cords is gathered will be blind to the desired width.

next step will consist of a bottom hem curtains.Will only accurately fix all the threads, hide their tips and ironed ready-made curtains.

Ready curtains not only very easy to sew, but also just hang.To do this, you must use hooks or any other fixings.

Importance style

Kitchen abhors whimsical and sophisticated designs, however, no one said that the final version is to be cheap and poor.It is necessary to draw up such facilities, observing their style and maintaining its pattern or shade cloth, and make yourself a pattern in the form of ordinary rectangles.

In support of elected

The curtains in the Japanese style No less important issue accompanying sewing curtains will be the observance of a certain style.If your kitchen is designed in the style of country music, then, of course, the future will need to make the product stipulated in the same way.In particular, you can use a cell or tissue with ornaments that resemble or are close to the village grounds.

If the room is sustained in the Japanese style, it is necessary to observe the association with Japanese characters, such as characters.Hi-tech requires only plain curtains that can be beige or white, as well as any bright colors.

Turn on your imagination and create a masterpiece that would be fully consistent with the general plan of the premises and at the same time caused the hostess undisguised delight with a deserved pride.

Curtains step by step

For more experienced housewives who are ready for the kitchen with his hands to sew curtains, offering a master class.Not one, but even two, which deals with the creation of appliances, Venetian-style curtains and eyelets.

Curtains Venetian-style

Mousseline This masterclass is designed to create a curtain at the window size of 1.5 x 1.2 meters.It also requires you following materials:

  • natural muslin, cream or white (or you required) color size of 2.5 to 3 m;
  • wadding satin with floral colorful pattern, a height of 80 cm and a width of 1.5 m;
  • satin pink ribbon length is 20 meters and width of 5 cm.

of printed satin cut out a band of 3 m to 17 cm, and 4 strips of 2.4 m by 13 cm, and the satin ribbon cut into 8 strips2.5 meters each.

From cloth curtains pull out two strands, which will be marked with lines for pritachivaniya strips of printed atlas:

  • first strand pull out directly on the upper edge;
  • second strand - indented from the upper edge of 17 cm.

A string of curtains creating curtains for the kitchen, note the guides for the side vertical stripes.This will require a pull on the edges of the cloth four threads at a distance of 13 cm from each side edge.Then the master class shows how by pulling strands note the location of the vertical satin stripes inside the curtain cloth.We identify the location of the vertical bands of satin cloth curtains inside by pulling strings.

both sides of each of the strips of printed satin folded the exactly 1 cm. Then we put them in half wrong side up and proutyuzhivaem, as in the photo.

Take two vertical strips of printed satin size of 2.4 mx 13 cm. We connect them with the side edges of the blind cloth front side and fastening them with pins.As you can see, with their own hands to create the curtains did not difficult.Now you need to create a design stitch on the sewing machine, and then unscrew the front side and ironed.

To make Venetian blinds, curtains and must be between the two vertical strips of printed satin, after will depart from the top 5 cm, put two satin and covered with vertical strip of printed satin ribbon pink.The whole structure is held together with pins according to benchmarks - elongated filaments.

Proutizhivanie further their own hands the upper edge of the satin ribbons need to sew.1 cm filed strip of printed satin size of 3 meters x 17 cm. And tack, according to the markings also to vertical stripes.As a result, at this stage, otstrachivaetsya horizontal strip at the edges, and then 5 cm indented.Adhering to the "line marking" sew the vertical stripes.Then stitched the bottom edge of the curtains, and then stripped iron.

Kitchen sew curtains with their own hands is not much difficulty.The main thing to keep an eye on your network, a master class, which is well illustrated by photos, which help to understand the process.
So, this step is necessary to pull the satin ribbons wrinkling.The ends of these tapes tying ribbons, and by an upper band consisting of a ramming satin threaded post accurately distributing a curtain along its entire length, keeping the uniform formation of folds.

Actually, so studying the master class can be their own hands, relying on emphasizing a photo, make excellent curtain.

Curtains on the grommet

Curtains on the grommet We knowingly offer this option.Its highlight is the smooth vertical wavy folds in the curtains.In this case, to work Materials needed:

  • fabric for curtains (consumption is calculated as follows: the length of the cornice is multiplied by 2.5);
  • fabric for finishing the cuff;
  • lyuversnaya tape;
  • grommets (only an even number).

by pulling the thread, cut off the excess and treat accordingly the side seams.

determines the width of the finish cuff of 25 cm. In the middle using a sewing chalk line and mark it lyuversnuyu putting a tape.

With iron by proglazhivaniya glue tape.Then, on the glued side of the tape bend lyuversnoy cuff and press out well.

Adhering edge curtains, as shown in the photo, press out on lyuversnuyu tape seam allowance, and the second - on the front side of the finishing collar.

Once you have your hands scribbling ends cuff curtains, turn it to the right side.

Spinning Place the curtain in cuffs and put in the middle of it so that 2 cm to the sized side, on the front part of it was on top, as shown in the photo.Bottom roll must remain 1 mm.Now all you need to sew, or rather, to iron and stitch cuffs.

Chalk Line Stepping 4 cm. From the top of the cuff, and outlines the location of the eyelets and stroke by applying their inner diameter.An example is shown in the photo.

Steaming iron eyelets are installed very simply - by snapping-on pressure.As you can see, in this case, we sew, but to create a masterpiece with his own hands.

Sewing stitch Still needed shade in an accordion, thread the rod curtain rod, and hung back with their hands nicely spread across the width of drapery products.

Cutting fabric To create curtains for the kitchen with his hands, should be able to do the sewing machine a few stitches and pick up a desired master class that describes the whole process thoroughly and illustrate the necessary photo, or use your imagination to its full potential.Inserting ring