Causes, symptoms and treatment of increased tone of the uterus in pregnancy

Pregnant woman in a blue T-shirt Mom can often hear from doctors or specialists ultrasound that increases muscle tone of the uterus.We will share with you information about whether it is dangerous, what its symptoms are, and what should be the treatment in such cases.


  • What hypertonicity of the uterus?
  • Types of uterine hypertonus
  • Symptoms
  • What threatens and when there is hypertonicity?
  • causes of increased tone
    • Stress
    • shortage of progesterone
    • Diseases
    • strong stretching muscles of the uterus
    • Age woman
    • Complications during pregnancy
  • Preventive action
  • How to help the body cope with the problem?
  • Exercises to relax the uterus
  • What usually prescribed?

What hypertonicity of the uterus?

In normal condition the muscles of the uterus in pregnant women are easy tone and start to decline only at the time of delivery of the fetus to the outside world, pushing him.

If the muscles tense up and running in the time before the birth is still very long, hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy - is a
serious problem, threatening spontaneous abortion, missed abortion or early birth of the child.

Pregnant women cramp In fact, not so scary and often ends with a happy birth of a small miracle.Since the uterus is a muscular organ, the hypertonicity - it is nothing like it cramp.In developed countries, if the tone is not accompanied by other symptoms, or serious illnesses, doctors do not offer additional treatment.

Our doctors usually prefer to play safe and prescribe drugs, even in cases when you can do without medical intervention.This does not in any way mean that we should be irresponsible to treat the doctor's orders, just better be examined by several specialists, and not much to worry about it.

Types of uterine hypertonus

uterus - a body composed of smooth muscle.In her distinguished body of the two surfaces, according to their kinds, and called hyper - front and rear walls .

Tone - the natural state of things to that body as the muscles in their normal state are slight tension.Only in rare cases it appears overvoltage and conciseness muscles, threatening the health of mother and child and requires treatment.

The structure of the uterus The most common misdiagnosis is put back the uterine wall, because it is thicker front, there is better blood flow, and the doctor may take it for excessive muscle tone.Muscles can also strain from a long and nervous sitting in the waiting room of the doctor.

Furthermore, when the embryo is attached to the wall, it inevitably causes a disturbance of the surface thereof and is slightly inflamed.This local process is not dangerous and, moreover, it is a very good sign that the attachment was right, this place had improved blood circulation, it began to develop necessary for the successful consolidation of fetal substances.

Signs normal tone:

  • pain irregular;
  • no discharge;
  • no feeling contractions;
  • pain is quite tolerable.

If feeling unbearably painful, but there is no danger, the painkiller prescribed by a doctor.


Attributes hypertonicity of the uterus, which can detect even a layman:

  • nagging pain in the abdomen, lower back, sometimes similar to menstrual;
  • intense, hard and change the shape of the abdomen;
  • any other sensations from the abdomen during early pregnancy;
  • and mucous bleeding (serious breaches).

The structure of women During pregnancy, the uterus is in a completely different state, and reaction to the new foreign body every woman own.Nerve impulses begin to intensively pass through the lumbar spine, and this flow can cause discomfort in the abdomen, such as tingling, not growing and that happens every time a new location.This is a normal symptom.

medical workers hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy is usually determined by ultrasound - changing the shape of the back or front wall.There are specially designed instruments - tonusomery, but they are not widely used as a diagnosis on the testimony of ultrasound and conventional inspection and palpation may be so.There are gipertonus 1st and 2nd degree.

What threatens and when there is hypertonicity?

If this is a serious violation, the possible consequences of his could be so:

  • during the first trimester - spontaneous miscarriage;
  • during the last trimester - earlier generations;
  • fall sharply utero-placental blood flow (and as a consequence, it is possible hypoxia and malnutrition in a child).

gipertonus most often occurs in the following cases:

  • The pregnant girl in a white T-shirt sitting on the couch at first pregnancy - if disrupted hormones women and decreased production prosterogena - the hormone that is responsible for its safe flow;
  • 16-17 weeks - when the uterus is already beginning to grow and put pressure on the cervix, bladder and other organs;
  • during 34-35 weeks is a sign of "false labor."
hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy does not occur by itself, but is a consequence of another malfunction of the body.

causes of increased tone

Stress Stressful situations for the body that affect the central nervous system (CNS) are the causes of failures in the regulation of the nervous system, muscle tone of the uterus.These include: A pregnant woman sitting near the ladder

  • addictions;
  • little time given to sleep;
  • nervous stress;
  • bad environment;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • hard physical labor;
  • infectious diseases.

shortage of progesterone

On gipertonus also affect hormonal disorders such as reduced production prosterogena.Without it, the egg can not stay on the wall of the uterus and the miscarriage occurs.The reasons for the deficit may be:

  • increased production of male hormones (hyperandrogenism);
  • underdeveloped genitals (genital infantilism);
  • inflammation of the ovaries;
  • increased production of prolactin (hyperprolactinemia).

When such violations prosterogena production is significantly reduced.


reasons hyper uterus during pregnancy may be in the disease, changing the very womb, the structure of the front and rear wall:

  • fibroids - are in the myometrium (muscle layer) benign tumors;
  • mucositis;
  • pathology in the development of the uterus;
  • if the uterine lining grows into uncharacteristic for a normal pregnancy site (endometriosis);
  • transferred earlier inflammation of the uterus and its appendages.After that decreases the ability of membranes to stretch.

strong stretching muscles of the uterus

His reason:

  • multiple pregnancy;
  • child is too big;
  • polyhydramnios.

Age woman

Pregnant woman sitting in a wicker chair in women after age 35 increased tone is much more common because of past diseases and abortions.Reasons hyper during pregnancy sometimes are in a strong gas formation and altered bowel motility.

Complications during pregnancy

These may include placenta previa, Rhesus-conflict and strong toxicosis.Therefore hypertonicity of pregnancy itself does not eliminate, but are looking for the cause and the local center of the problem, followed by their treatment.

Preventive action

If you successfully read the article before it got positive test results, you can prevent possible gipertonus or begin treatment early.

Consultation with gynecologist What can be done so you do not suffer from hyper?To begin with - to go to the doctor for an examination and to determine the possible risks.Rather, he advises:

  • check for infections in the pelvic organs, and if there is to begin to treat them;
  • give direction to the gynecologist, endocrinologist;
  • begin to engage in their diet, health habits, the rhythm of life;
  • may need psychological counseling (under stressful conditions).
During pregnancy, you need to reduce the number of psychological and physical stress.

How to help the body cope with the problem?

Successful treatment will largely depend on you.The doctor will give you the right advice and prescribe treatment, but you are the person who is responsible for your health and the baby.

What you can do:

  1. Less nervous.If you caught the spasm, try deep breathe and think about the most neutral and good things.
  2. no exercise.Even fewer will have to walk.
  3. Need more fresh air - on a sunny day to sit on the bench, go to the balcony, in cloudy - aired.
  4. can not remain long on the legs, ride on public transport.
  5. Less to take a bath and a shower handle.
  6. sexual life too, will have to wait until the baby is born.
  7. No housework.

to unload the spine and distribute the weight, doctors prescribe prenatal wearing a bandage.

Exercises to relax the uterus

can try to do a few things yourself.Sit in a comfortable position for you.Slightly tilt your head, relax your neck and face.Breathe deeply and calmly as possible.There

effective exercise "Kitty" - bending the spine in position on all fours.Get down on all fours and cave in a little while, at the same time lifting the head up.Now bend the back hump, and tilt your head.Take a few approaches, and then take the prone position on the couch and relax for about an hour.

What usually prescribed?

If doctors already identify hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy and the situation is serious, it is likely to appoint you to bed.He rarely allowed to spend at home, it is usually provided in a hospital.

A pregnant woman lies on a bed If possible, then abandon it not worth it.No matter how well the house, but you can pull equip life or start a clean and in a hospital will take care of you and keep nurses.Will treat you with the control of heart rate, blood sugar and pressure.

also commonly prescribed:

  1. Sedations - motherwort or valerian tincture.They do not bring harm to the body of the future mother.This is necessary because even the presence of the disease is a stressful situation and aggravates muscle tension.
  2. antispasmodics such Nospanum (tablets or intramuscularly), papaverine.
  3. If gipertonus appeared during the first weeks of pregnancy because of hormonal problems and a shortage of progesterone, they should be treated appropriately - drugs and Utrozhestan Duphaston (do not be afraid of hormonal drugs, the harm of modern drugs are much less than before).
  4. magnesium sulphate solution is introduced via a dropper.
  5. Only in the second half of pregnancy may appoint Partusisten, Brikanil or ginipral.But them big enough list of side effects.