Cooking delicious dumplings yourself

Dumplings cooking dumplings in some regions is a real art - their foundation is tender and tasty dough, meets all the canons.According to the requirements of people, thanks to which we are preparing homemade ravioli, this material should be thin, easily impregnated with broth in which cooked this dish, as well as the completely white raw. Recently, however, the recipe for ravioli dough supplemented with several alternatives, each of which has its own characteristics, and may appeal to many people.

In addition, there is an option of cooking in the bread machine, which saves a lot of time and energy.Due to the consideration of the main types of tests you can figure out which recipe is best suited for you.


  • undying classics
  • automated process
  • Original recipe
  • easy option
  • Further action

undying classics

If we consider the standard recipe dumpling dough, has been around for hundreds of years,we understand that the basic ingredient of all three:

  • flour;
  • eggs;
  • water.

Of course, you can also cook the dumplings out of the water and milk, making them more generous and soft, but the original recipe was still deprived of such excesses.

is very important to maintain the right balance of ingredients - for ravioli best to take two cups of flour to every medium or large enough egg.

similar test is used when preparing homemade dumplings, but in this case can be reduced to 1.5 proportion of eggs to a similar amount of flour.

Dough In a small saucepan pour the water - it is better to take about 1.5-2 cups, not to a lack of experience in it.For the ravioli recipe involves the use of a standard 1-2 pinches of salt, and you can also add a couple of tablespoons of milk for the sake of giving a specific taste or a small amount of spices to your liking.

poured flour on the table - it is best to do this on a large board or in advance to clean work surface on which there should be nothing but the ravioli.In the center of the flour slide is deepening, in which eggs are driven depending on their number.If dumplings are on the water, the future is also added to the dough prepared water, which also flows into the groove.

kneaded dough, which is used for cooking dumplings - it will take you about 10-15 minutes.If necessary, you can add flour or heated water - ultimately resulting material should slightly stick to the surface immediately otkleivayas from it if necessary.To obtain maximum dumplings gentle, and at the same time, well were modeled by adding to the dough teaspoon of vegetable oil during its preparation.Once again well knead the dough, and see whether it complies with all of the above requirements.

ravioli recipe suggests that you put the resulting mass into a deep bowl and Coverings such as blankets it with a towel, waiting for ripening.When preparing dumplings in the water, you will need to wait 40-50 minutes, and in the application of the milk is reduced to a period of 20-30 minutes.

After aging test remove it from the bowl, once again carefully inspect and only then proceed to rolling out a large sheet.For the preparation of large amounts of material, you can use the entire surface of the table, carrying out their work without auxiliary litter or board - this will help speed up the process.

When all the recommendations listed above will be made, homemade ravioli are almost ready, and you just have to cut them, to provide filling, seal and begin cooking.

automated process

If you want to save your time and effort, you should prepare the dough in a special bread machine, which allows to speed up the preparation of dumplings, from the earliest stages of the process.

Experienced cooks say the gentle dough using automatic equipment to prepare it does not, so it is best to focus on the recipe, involves working with a fairly steep material containing a large amount of flour.These dumplings are obtained is very dense, but not solid and do not contain raw flour - of course, if you follow exactly these recommendations.

The dough in the bread machine first placed into the bread maker ingredients with which the dough is formed on the water, and select a special mode, when one exists.If it is missing, you should choose a simple kneading of the material medium density - maximum performance is approximately 10-15 minutes.

Next recipe "cool" ravioli suggests that you stop the process in the bread machine and manually intervene into another 2 tablespoons of flour.The process can be difficult due to the high density of the material, so you should make every effort to prevent the formation of lumps in the dough.

Dough on a plate to homemade ravioli turned out extremely tasty and of good quality, it is worth letting the dough stand for about 40 minutes in an enclosed space - if you leave it in the bread machine, it will acquire the necessary characteristics.

These dumplings are obtained fairly tight and will make you work hard for their high-quality cooking.The biggest problem when cooking dumplings for you will slip material in hand, as well as its fragility, which will require considerable skill to preserve the traditional appearance of the food.

recipe offers a significant simplification of the process through the use of additional water tank - it is set on the table and used to wet the ravioli.Water is applied to the edge of the cake dough prepared in the bread machine and to the "sausage" you tied immediately after kneading and maturing.

If you are going to cook the dumplings in a bread machine, you are also likely to be interested in the ability to automatically test for cutting circles or squares using paste machines, has a relatively low cost.

Original recipe

To get extremely gentle dough recipe custard should use material that has numerous advantages:

  • kneaded it quite easily, allowing leave dumplings completely without lumps and other shortcomings;
  • these tests is absolutely universal, since it not only is suitable for ravioli, but also for dumplings and dumplings and other similar dishes filled.

Preparation choux pastry recipe begins with the fact that in a large pot poured about 0.5 liters of milk, or a similar amount of its mixture with water, if you want to get rid of excess fat.Initially, the homemade ravioli are hammered one egg, put a couple of pinches of salt, and then kneaded the dough future until smooth.

This recipe dumplings test also assumes that you put in a pot and a half tablespoons of flour and then begin to really mix the finished material.The recipe is quite unusual - so do not worry if the dough out very liquid, and do not rush to start all over again in this case.

Put your future dumplings on low heat on the stove and stir as cooking - try not to get the wooden spoon from the pan, because the dough can be a little burn on to the bottom, and your whole idea is doomed to failure.Again, do not worry, because the recipe involves education at this stage of a small amount of lumps, which subsequently dissolved without hassle, and you will not create interference.

When the material for a few dumplings thickens and loses the last lumps, it should pass on a large board and mix with additional flour.To determine when to finish preparation, the consistency of the dough can be described in the first section - that is, when it is only slightly tacky, but stops falling apart, adhered to the table.

Ends recipe is quite traditional - need to cover a large lump of dough in the bowl and wait for about 40-50 minutes, until it is ripe and will not be quite soft.Despite the large amount of flour, in this case the dumplings do not turn hard and do not get a specific taste bad.

This choux pastry melts in the mouth directly, causing a very pleasant feeling.However, fans of the classic recipe is not necessary to try them - too different main features of the results of the preparation.

easy option

If you want to get a very delicious dumplings, but you have absolutely no time to cook, you should use the following recipe, which is typical for the southern latitudes.Except the ravioli, it can also be used for dumplings, and even for khachapuri, as well as other kinds of oriental pastries.

Dough recipe ka yogurt Among the advantages of the recipe can be called extremely high strength and elasticity of the dough, which almost never breaks.Of course, we must not forget about the minimum cooking time and cost required for this effort.

In a small saucepan poured into 200 ml of yogurt, fat content not exceeding 1.5% - this requirement must be met in order to make the dough turned out not too heavy.Homemade dumplings, which are currently in the form of blanks for the test suggest adding one cup of flour, which is mixed to a pinch of salt.

kneaded dough with a fork as long as it will not have a uniform consistency.Preparation of high quality material for ravioli takes about 10 minutes, then 1-2 tablespoons need to pour another half cup.

Now the dough is kneaded his hands already, which allows for ultimate ease of preparation.The final step, again, is standard - it is necessary to test ripen about 40 minutes, after which you can start adding the filling.

The only drawback, which have a similar homemade ravioli - short term storage.If you keep them in the freezer longer than 10-14 days, the taste will gradually get worse and fresh, although eating a dish can be a very long time.

Further action

After the dough made of any prescription given above, will be ready, you will finish cooking ravioli by performing simple operations, known to every experienced cooks.

Remove the large plaque resulting com and again well knead with his hands - the dough should not stick to hands strong, and be torn into many pieces when you try to lift it over the table.If all is well, put the material on the board and try to make it a long and thick "sausage".Again, make sure there are no gaps, as well as other problems like the emerging on the surface of air bubbles.

Rolling out dough with a rolling pin Roll "sausage" with a rolling pin to a state wide sheet, consisting of a very thin layer of dough, slightly exceeding its characteristics layered material.Make sure there are no hills and valleys, and in that the dough is distributed evenly over the entire surface.

Now take a special form or any glass with a sufficiently narrow walls.Cut out the dough sheet prepared for ravioli, as circles with a smooth perimeter as you can, and put them aside.Now collect all the remains of the test, which were not used in the initial preparation, and repeat the procedure from the first step in this section.

Cut out circles of dough There is an alternative recipe for cooking dumplings, which involves rolling a large "sausages" in a smaller, has a much more modest thickness.Doing this is not desirable on the board and on the pre-prepared and scrubbing the table surface, so that you have enough space to perform all operations without any errors.

then cut off from the test, intended to form the dumplings, small pieces of approximately 2-3 cm, and roll them with a rolling pin to small sheets.Do not be afraid, if the received bases will likely square than round - by your actions is not expected to have any impact.

Then the finished sheet, place about a teaspoon of minced, prepared in advance, and dip your fingers in a clean heated water to the dumplings from slipping off.

Modeling dumplings It remains only to connect the edge of the dumplings, to get the kind of crescent - these usually make dumplings.But dumplings prefer zaschipyvat somewhat differently to distinguish them from the rest of these dishes.The ends of the crescent are interconnected, resulting in a dumpling round shape somewhat similar to the human ear.

Fold the finished products in a special long and wide container or on a long board that fits you in the freezer.After cooking, the shelf life of up to half a year if stored in a deep freeze.When you add the dumplings, in any case, do not let them stick together with each other, or when they are sharing the integrity test will be broken and your products do not turn out so tasty as you would like.