How to make a beautiful cover for your cell phone?

Case of felt Armed with a fairly modest set of tailoring, which will consist of thread, scissors and needles, can make a great case for your phone with your hands, which will be superior to any factory not only aesthetically, but also in quality.

Create a Case of felt

Felt To make the plans have little to expand the set of tools required to:

  • Colored felt.
  • scissors.
  • Rulers.
  • thread.
  • needles.

Phone and take a mobile phone as a "dummy".You also need to select a few patches of colored felt, the thickness of which must be from 1 to 1.5 mm.

to the future Case for the mobile phone, which is created from felt with their hands, perfectly came up to him in size, do the following: take your measurements from the device and write down everything on a separate piece of paper, which you will use later.

Cut hearts the next step, you will need to decide on the future applique.Choosing to do better for the benefit of felt, which is good because it is not showered in processing and allows a prodelyvat over any manipulations, like pa

per: cutting scissors, paste, embodying the realities of any pattern.

Newcomers better to start with a simple applications, such hearts.
will need to cut exactly three felt patchwork of bright colors.Pre-pattern needs to be done on paper, and then move it to the working material.

Hearts made of felt As a result, using sharp scissors, you will receive the following items created from felt composition.

Further, the red rag of felt cut out two equal rectangles, which by its size will be equal to the mobile phone with the additional 0.5 cm on each side to create seams.Note the height of the machine and which will also assume part of the fabric.

Do not take on too much fabric seams, or your cell phone simply will not stay in their own hands made a case for the phone.

We sew heart now ready to suturing hearts using contrasting threads that saktsentiruyut great attention to seams and made sure to point out manual work.In this case, we recommend using the orange thread.

then the biggest heart in the heart of one of the rectangular patches and sew it to fabric.In the same way, and fasten all the other hearts, superimposing them at each other.

Seam final step that will make a long-awaited cover for your cell phone will be linking the two halves of fabric scraps so that's overlooking the seam, as in the photo.

to cover for mobile phone, created by the hands, to get the most durable, needle and thread walk around its perimeter, which also will give your product completion.

Case crocheted

Knitted Case Before you receive cover for phone crocheted, which will be made with your own hands, you need to give this lesson a few hours of work and acquire patience, perseverance and some optional tools and materials:

  • hook number 1and 2;
  • Buttons for fasteners;
  • Knitting;
  • needle and thread;
  • scissors.

Hook If everything is already prepared, get to work.So crocheted case begins with a set of a certain number of stitches, the chain of which will be equal to the width of your mobile phone.Calculate the required number of columns without nakida.Continue to knit them round without any increases of ubavok or until you reach the desired length.

Further, crocheted cheholchik require you to beautiful buckles.This will require the middle cover 12 loops and tie one strip consisting of columns formed without nakida to desired length.

Binding cover Then, your crocheted bag will need to create a special loop that fit follows:

  • one lifting loop;
  • three columns without nakida;
  • six loops of air;
  • the same number of loops to pass;
  • three columns without nakida.

Cape The next row crocheted Case require provyazyvaniya twelve columns without nakida.Next made on both sides ubavki, namely loop is passed at the beginning of the series, and in the end - one loop dovyazyvaetsya.When the remaining six loops - you need to break the thread and fasten.

top of the case can be clad, if not conventional columns without nakida, the "rachim step."In this case, crocheted cover is very nice to look at.
give it more aesthetic, you can use the simple knitted flowers with his own hands.

Tying flower to make them need to dial six air loops and close them in the ring, and under it an additional eighteen knit columns without nakida.

Next provyazyvayutsya three air loop.

Then do nakida, enter hook in the loop, stretch the thread, do nakida again and enter the hook in next st, stretch the thread again.

Flower hook Using the hook pulls the thread through the four loops that are on it.

provyazyvaem As a result, three air loops and one connecting bar, then subsequently vyvyazyvayut remaining six petals and terminates the thread.

As a result, to get a great case for your phone is just sew the buttons of his arms and related flowers.

Flowers on the cover Today we tried together to find an answer to the question of how to make a case for the phone with your hands.It can be created not only with a cloth or by knitting, but also from the skin and any other materials.In the latter case looks very nice leather case-book, which is under the power to make yourself.

not necessary to shop and look for a case for your cell phone.At home, you can make a great case for your phone with your hands, at a cost of implementation of the idea for a few hours.The main thing - to own nuances.