How to make your own hands rose owl and tree from paper napkins

Roses on the table on the table cloth is a necessary and customary attribute, but not everyone knows that it can be used in a completely different way, for example, tinkering various crafts from ordinary wipes his hands. This will require to master several techniques and show a little patience and perseverance.


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rose Let's make

Probably not noble flower than Rose.So today we will try to make her own hands from ordinary paper napkins.The proposed workshop is illustrated step by step to the maximum available transfer fabrication technique flower.

Napkins first step will be to take the cloth from which you will create a rose and cut it into four parts.

green cloth is used for the production of leaves.This will require it to cut into small long strips up to 1.5 cm long. You will also need to cut is not very large rectangles measuring 6 by 4 cm. Then you need to start spinning one end of a piece of cloth so as to give it the shape of th

e petals.

However, it is important to ensure that the corners curled freely, without applying any extra effort.
Now look at the picture, which shows the process more clearly.

Folded Napkin Now, for our crafts are already fully prepared petals.At this point, need to take some of the tissues, it will be for the very bud, and cut it into four parts.

One received the ball rolled into the square and mounted on the prepared wire.

Next, on the ball, "screwed" one of the remaining squares, in such a way as to obtain a kind of doll.

order that it does not spill, you need using droplets of glue to fix the tip of the napkins.It is important to see to it that this cloth is not soaked by the adhesive.

Green rim on the wire The next step is the establishment of our crafts will be to create a green stalk of the plant.To do this you need to take the green stripes, and secure it to the wire-stem, as shown in the photo.

When stem roses will be ready around the core (white ball) create the first tab.The second wound in the same way, all fixed by small droplets of glue, as before.As a result, it needs to consolidate all three petals.

Perhaps, for children, this step will be difficult, so it is best to help them and do for them with their own hands.

After completion of the rosebud, our workshop will talk about how to make it to the spikes of the same paper napkins.To do this you need to take pre-cooked rectangles, and twist them into thin tubes like the photo shows.

Rose from napkins Then, twisting the ends of the pieces of our napkins, do the leaves on the stem, and then fasten them using an ordinary adhesive.Also, carefully fixed and pre-cooked four spikes.In the end, you should have such a flower.

offer you a master class on creating a rose is not the most complex and provides an opportunity to learn the most basic skills that will help in the future with their own hands to create a more sophisticated handicrafts made of paper napkins.

Despite the fact that the beautiful roses are always highly valued, having mastered the technique proposed creation, you can create a beautiful bouquet of perennial flowers and give them to a loved one.

roses on festive table

Cloth napkin not uncommon for visitors to come at any minute, and the table is not yet decorated.In this case, adequately out of the situation will help the following master class that teaches how to make napkin rag of excellent roses.

Now let's step through the process of creating such a wonderful and useful crafts.For its creation, we need:

  • nice glass;
  • green cloth;
  • red or pink cloth rag.

Folded napkin prepare the necessary material, proceed to the creation of a masterpiece.To do this, add up the napkin pink triangle.

Then fold it in such a way as shown in the accompanying photo.

Now you need to twist the napkin with any of the two sides.It is imperative in the process of twisting to make a small pupchik shown in the photo.

Stranded cloth When created rose bud is almost completed (twisted) need it most (tail) lowered onto the underside of the crafts and a little tuck (lock).

Now it's time to do a green cloth, folded it as follows.

Ultimately, it is inserted into the glass, and it is done in such a way as to create a kind of green leaves.

Napkin in a glass At the final stage into a glass and a green napkin invested our previously created a bud, which simply looks luxurious among the green "leaves".

This master class is good because it created such a masterpiece with his own hands for a few minutes.On this service, you can even ask the children who do everything correctly and with great pleasure.

Ms. Sovunya

Owl of palms tissue napkins are made of roses for kids are not interested, it is better to do with their hands out of the ordinary sovushku napkins, this is an occupation for them.So, we offer you another master-class.

In order to get as a live owl, you'll need the following materials:

  • plain white cloth;
  • common yellow cloth;
  • red cloth;
  • pencil;
  • PVA glue with a brush;
  • scissors;
  • white cardboard.

for owls foundation will serve two circles cut from white cardboard and glued together a small area of ​​overlap, but the basis for the wings will be a circle that is cut in half.

the birds turned a lush necessary "to spare no hands" and cut as much as possible circled palms of white napkins.Each palm will be a tail and wings of an owl.All of them are glued to a cardboard base prepared in advance.

Children sovushki creating their own hands will be a great pastime.So were drawn and carved palm pasted at each other with a small offset to create the illusion of the presence of the set of feathers.After the completion of the main parts cut two yellow palms and make the foot.At least we create bird eyebrows, beak and eyes, but to get the most beautiful owl.

Hello, tree!

Tree of napkins Today many exclusive masterpieces are born from ordinary tissue.Of these, you can create an amazing tree, but not just a tree, and the tree of prosperity and happiness.

All the main work will be the selection of the desired color napkins.No less important is the quality, which affects the aesthetics of the finished product.We recommend using a multi-layered cloth that can give your tree splendor.

prepare the necessary material and call the children to join:

  • leaf - green cloth;
  • for buds - the desired color;
  • glue stick (for convenience);
  • rope-tow;
  • scissors.

The green bars along the length of the green cloth cut into strips 5 cm wide. After every 3 cm. On the sides of the incision, which is then required to twist according to the attached photo.

From napkins pink strip torn off his hands for flowers in width from 7 to 8 cm. Then curl up and form a tube.

To achieve the desired splendor created bud, curl several layers of strips.So the tree is beautiful.

Edges obtained twist gently to turn out (reveal) and form the petals of a flower.Rose on a wire Base bud must constantly hold and eventually fix the twist.

Ready grease leaves at the base with glue, and casts to the ground bud.They decorate our tree later.

From rope-tow cut off 30 cm. And fasten at the bottom edge of one flower, and the other - wrapped with green napkin.

Number of flowers made out of necessity.Everything will depend on crafts splendor, its size or desire children.The result should be a beautiful tree.