Step by Step recipes buckwheat "tradesmen" in multivarka

Buckwheat tradesmen Fastest in cooking and at the same time the most useful cereal - buckwheat.A multivarka it will taste even better.Especially if you add to it the chicken. This is a very convenient way to get great meals every day, called as buckwheat "tradesmen".In this article we present the recipes, how to cook buckwheat with chicken in multivarka (Polaris, Redmond et al.).


  • This useful buckwheat
  • Preparation products
  • How to cook a dish
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This useful buckwheat

Buckwheat Buckwheatcroup - a mandatory attribute of the kitchen.A porridge cooked out of it with the addition of a tender chicken meat - one of the favorite dishes of most families.

In addition, both of these products are considered essential for fans of good nutrition, they have a surprising combination.Therefore, you have the ability to create almost a culinary masterpiece and surprise your loved ones.All the more so with the advent of Multivarki the kitchen no longer a problem of burnt bottom of th

e pan, stained sheets and time-consuming.This miracle of technology is able to prepare a true fragrant buckwheat porridge with chicken in the absence of the Russian stove.

Unlike rice, buckwheat has more:

  • magnesium - 9 times;
  • potassium - almost 6 times;
  • iron - 4 times;
  • calcium - 3 times.
In multivarka buckwheat can be prepared with meat, fish, mushrooms, and even milk.Porridge acquire exceptional taste.
A using for cooking buckwheat with chicken "magic" pot, you are guaranteed to save the contents of the substances present in these products, which will allow any multivarka (Redmond, Polaris, or other).

Preparation products

A hen Buckwheat "tradesmen" got its name back in the old days.She was considered a delicacy dish that can be found only on the tables of wealthy landowners and citizens.In principle, croup can add any meat (pork, beef, turkey).But we give recipes for Multivarki with chicken.

As the name implies, the recipe for this dish includes basic ingredients - buckwheat cereal and meat.

meat should be thoroughly washed.Preferably under running water.Next is to remove all layers and veins.
If a piece of meat has shkurochka, it must be cut off.After the performed manipulation is necessary to dry the meat, soaked paper towels.

Regarding buckwheat, any recipe states that it is necessary to rinse well.If the dealer is not very "clean", the pre-loop through it and get rid of unnecessary particles.Then rinse.Water after such procedures must remain clear and without residue.

How to cook a dish

Recipe №1

Onions and carrots in multivarka cereals and meat is taken in equal parts.Water - 1.5 parts.To make buckwheat in multivarka any manufacturer (Redmond, Polaris), it is necessary to use special containers that complement the set of the device.This recipe includes the following ingredients:

  • 2 small carrots;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2-3 Art.tablespoons vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • tomato paste (optional);
  • of spices: black pepper, paprika, basil.

Meat multivarka first stage involves cutting the meat into small pieces and smearing their seasonings.Optionally, you can marinate the chicken in them and put on half an hour in tightly closed containers in a refrigerator.The next step - chopping onion and carrots.For the first ingredient is a - half rings.Carrots also rub on a coarse grater.

begin to prepare a dish with chicken buckwheat in multivarka "tradesmen" with the fact that the capacity of the unit is lubricated the above amount of vegetable oil.Then, in the "Frying" (it is in almost all multivarka, including Redmond) on oil saute the meat with onion for 10 minutes.Then immersed in multiemkost carrots.Stir the components continue to fry them during the same period of time.

Buckwheat tradesmen in multivarka then switched to the "quenching", is necessary to fall asleep in a bowl and pour the grits all water.If you use tomato paste, it is necessary to pre-dissolve the prescription of water.Then all prisalivaem taste.Now you can close the lid and turn the pot wonder.As a rule, exhibiting time is to focus on the model and its power unit.For example, for multivarok Redmond - it is 20 minutes.

On the end of the cooking pot will report specific electronic beep.Now your dish is ready.The original recipe also contains another ingredient - dill.Decorate with a few sprigs of fresh dill is a dish that you can serve.

Recipe №2

Buckwheat with mushrooms Buckwheat with chicken in multivarka having unusual name "tradesmen", can be prepared with mushrooms.This recipe is slightly different from the previous one.To prepare such a dish with mushrooms, you need the following products:

  • 2 tbsp.buckwheat;
  • 300-400 gr.chicken;
  • 200g.mushrooms;
  • 1 medium onion;
  • 1 medium carrot;
  • 3 tbsp.l.vegetable oils;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • ground black pepper;
  • salt to taste.

Mushrooms in multivarka After careful processing, the meat should be cut into small pieces.Carrot Grate, onion cut into half rings, mushrooms - half and slices of medium thickness.Now you are ready to cook.

At the bottom of the container miracle pan, pour vegetable oil and turn on the "Multipovar" or "Hot" (in multivarka Redmond), fry the meat on it for 20-30 minutes at 160 degrees.Then, one by one put the onions and carrots.After changing the color of carrots - mushrooms.In the same mode continue frying until golden brown on the products, after which all the salt and pepper.Buckwheat

the time to be washed, so it can be immediately put on the meat with vegetables.All this mixture is poured carefully with water and add some salt lightly to taste.After such manipulations can close the lid of the kitchen appliance and run it.For cooking meals multivarka "buckwheat tradesmen" with chicken and mushrooms, select the desired mode "Pilaf" (or "Express cooking").It is necessary to install a half-hour.Garlic is added to the buckwheat is recommended for 5 minutes before the end of the regime, finely chopped.

to your culinary masterpiece turned soft and spicy, is 10 minutes by leaving it in the tank, turn on the "Heating" and then stir.

Note housewives

  1. Buckwheat in multivarka recipe to meet the expectations and buckwheat porridge with meat turned out even tastier, try to use water instead of chicken broth.
  2. fried chicken is always first.Until golden brown.Only then can add remaining vegetables.
  3. Do not be afraid to add onions to mush.As a rule, even the children who are caught from soups this product in a dish devours him "for both cheeks."
  4. miracle pan lid open only at the end of cooking, when it beeps.

any prescription of the above will create in multivarka more flavorful dish if his feeding cook finely chopped dill and parsley.Sprinkle herbs buckwheat on the plate, you get a really "merchant" porridge, which will become one of the favorite for your family.