How to decorate a picturesque cottage carpet Nemesia (photo and video)

Flowers Nemesia on African highland meadows flowers grow amazing beauty - Nemesia.Perennial plants have adapted to the spartan conditions: a long root is able to extract moisture and nourishment from the stony soil, but resist the harsh Russian winters green bush can not.

AGRONEWS claim that Nemesio grown from seed at home can be several years, and outdoor flowers live only one season.Especially for growing outdoors breeders brought a one-year view - called zobovidnaya Nemesia.

Where to planting

Nemesia withered seeds If you want to have on your cottage or apartment in this beautiful flower, you need to decide which way to get the planting material.

Note that the cultivation of rooted processes has its disadvantages.In Nemesio long root, which is easily damaged during transplantation, this trouble can be avoided by raising it from seed.

Get planting easy. You can choose to collect seeds of withered plants or buy them at the store.Look carefully at the dates: good germination is maintained for two years, then it may be that no seed

has not sprouted .

Mantle King

Types Nemesio so diverse that everyone is sure to find a variety that will have his taste:

  • king gown strikes the eye noble combination of celestial and white colors;Mantle Cardinal
  • mantle Cardinal resembles a blood-red robe priest;
  • Carnival justifies its name: bright rich variety of colors create an atmosphere of celebration and fun;Carnival
  • zobovidnaya Nemesia allocated large, if inflated, inflorescences original form.

Look at photos and videos of different sorts, and you will see that you can pick up a plant for the design of any land or premises.Nemesia zobovidnaya

planting and caring for plants 'nursery' age

If the plants are not designed for growing indoor and for decoration of flower beds and lawns, you need to decide what method of planting: to grow seedlings in the home or sowing seeds in open ground.General advice can not be given, when people live in different climates, warm weather comes at them at different times.

For most areas of our country's cold better option is growing seedling method.

Planting seeds on the snow In early April, prepare cups with fertile ground for sowing seeds.Good training for them will be a thin layer of snow covering the ground.In this case, the landing is not necessary to sprinkle the ground, because the melt water carry away the grain to the desired depth.For sowing small seeds, you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Sprinkle the seeds on the snow.On the white grains are clearly visible, they can be spread evenly over the entire surface.
  2. Mix grain with sand or dried tea brewing, and were scattered on the snow surface or ground.
  3. Wet the tip of a pencil or toothpick, dip in the grains to some pieces stuck to the rod, and transfer them to the right place.

Nemesia Growing from seed To speed up the cultivation, the vessel can be closed by glass or transparent film.Then a week later you will see a friendly green shoots.You can sow the seeds and immediately on a bed, but do not do so before mid-May.Sprouts will appear only after two weeks, and the first to be able to admire the colors closer to the middle of the summer, before the bright landscape can only look at the video.Growing through seedlings greatly accelerates this process.

Care for flower beds

Nemesio have very delicate roots.In order not to injure them, immediately after the second leaf plants are transplanted to a bed.Germs taken out of the cup, along with a clod of soil, so as not to injure them underground part.

In Nemesia fence yraschivanie adult plants will not give much trouble.For weeding, watering and fertilizing several summer they will thank you magnificent flowering.To prolong the colorful period, you need time to remove the dried flowers.

course, care beds with annuals require more effort than perennials.One is tempted to choose a less troublesome option.

Before choose an easy way, consider this: you do not get tired of each summer to look at the same scene?Take your time, let the bright annual zobovidnaya Nemesia settle in the area, and every year, like a kaleidoscope, in front of your eyes will have a new floral and flower beds Photo revive gloomy room winter evenings.