How to grow lisianthus at home or in the garden (photo and video tips on care)

Eustoma on a windowsill Surely you've seen in the photo on the Internet large dark blue flowers growing on tall stems with leaves bluish.It thus has the appearance of a South American eustoma flower, which originates from the Caribbean countries. Despite the exotic origin eustomy, growing from the seeds of this plant is not a problem even in our latitudes.


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plant at home

Different types eustomy Thanks to its unusual appearance, it has quickly gained popularity among flower growersand professionals.Applying proper care, you can get a very beautiful flower that will become a real decoration of your flower beds or shelves in the apartment.

In addition, an unusual shade of foliage eustomy will also decorate your home yourself, even in the absence of color that appear a long time after planting, using seeds.

In practice, there are about 10 species of plants:

  • grandiflora - the most popular for home cultivation ;
  • eustoma Russell
  • eustoma small ;
  • gentian.

As mentioned above, the inflorescences are usually blue color and have smooth edges, but in the process of selection have been artificially produced pink and white eustoma and Terry kind of fringed edges with flowers.

sometimes also called lisianthus flower, but this name is much rarer.

initial stage

Seeds eustomy If you are going to plant the seeds to begin to pick up the material for planting.The problem is that the seeds have a very small size - in one gram contains up to ten thousand pieces.

The home has the highest productivity of planting seeds in a special capsule, composed of fertilizer and nutrient material - except for the initial feeding, it also allows you to accurately determine the location and number of established plants.

It is also important to choose an appropriate primer in which cultivation would have a maximum efficiency.It is best to use a lighter soil types on the basis of peat, with a small amount of sand.For seeds also need more dressing, which at home more often created from a mixture of crushed charcoal and steamed moss.

Land for senpolii However, if you do not want or do not have the ability to create their own ground, you can buy ready-made substrate - you are well suited to the mixture senpolii, but in this case it is desirable to make the cultivation of peat pellets.

At the end of the preparatory phase you need to determine - whether you are planting this beautiful flower in a pot and grow it at home, or produce planting seeds in open ground.

second option is rarely used in our country, except for the southern regions, where the cultivation of lisianthus is often performed right in the street flowerbeds.Depending on the option selected eustomy planting, growing from seed will have certain characteristics.

Home Edition

Most gardeners choose this technique because of the possibility of obtaining a beautiful perennials that will be a long time to please the eye with their unusual colors.

Pot of land and drainage Starting the process is carried out in mid-February.To do this, choose a medium-sized ceramic pot that fills the substrate 1-2 cm below the upper edge.Under the layer of soil is placed a large amount of drainage that will effectively remove the excess fluid volume.

on instructional videos you can also see that drainage from the expanded clay is placed on the surface of a plant, but such a solution is more decorative in nature, as this material should not restrict access of the root system to the air at all times.

When the earth will be fully prepared, it is placed three to four capsules with seeds at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other, and then the pot is covered with glass or transparent film.For seeds need special care - the temperature during germination should fluctuate between 20-25 degrees.

First shoots eustomy 10-12 days growing bear its first fruits - from the seeds will sprout.If their number is less than anticipated, it does not worry - sometimes eustoma may be delayed in development for a few days because of unfavorable conditions.Watering is carried out 1-2 times a day - the land should not be overdried, but we should not over-moisturize.

A few days later, when the shoots get stronger little care you will need to change a little.During the day, the glass should be removed, or the film, allowing the soil to fill with oxygen and plants adapt to environmental conditions.

Young plant in peat pots In the photo you can see that the young shoots eustomy for a long time will have a small size, but when they reach the age of two months when the length of sprouts exceeds 3 cm, they should dive in peat pots.

If you used capsule with seeds, the singling made individually, but when the cultivation was carried out using uncoated fine seed procedure will be performed with a group of germs to be placed in separate pots.

Further care is quite simple - at home pots should be placed in a cool shade place with the temperature not higher than 18 degrees.When the plants reach 10 cm in height, they should be transplanted into individual pots with a diameter of 15 cm.

Looking specialized video, you can note that the more commonly used method of handling, where the soil containing the plant is fully shifted to anothercapacity.This is due to the fact that eustomy very gentle rhizome, which can be easily damaged.

Thereafter, the pots in a well ventilated warm place, avoiding a flower of direct sunlight.If you provide good care eustomy, the first blossoms bloom in late July - early August.

Garden use

If you want to eustoma growing in your flower bed or garden, free mini greenhouses can not do.

Growing in the greenhouse eustomy planting seeds in the ground in such a case is carried out in the beginning of April, using all precautions.It is best to put on the beds preheated to 22-24 degrees substrate, the thickness of which should be at least 2 cm. The landing is done in a place with an average degree of illumination - the leaves should be getting enough sunlight, but do not expose them to direct strong rays.

Some photos can be seen in the growth of greenhouse organizes special windows that open during the day - it is necessary to adapt, as is the case with the removal of the glass house.

addition, Bedding can be made in mid-May in the form of plants from pots, but in this case it is necessary to comply with very great care to preserve the integrity of the root system.Aftercare is fully consistent with the cultivation of the house except for the need for transplanting.

Eustoma on a bed obtained from the seeds of the plant opened in early June, after which the care is limited to watering and fertilizing mineral in the case of withering leaves.

first blossoms appear in late summer and early autumn, and will delight you with extraordinary beauty, in full conformity with their photos in their natural habitat.

However, unfortunately, even in the southern regions of our country eustoma in the open field grown only as annual flower - it dies when the temperature drops below 12-14 degrees.