Dive into the world of the supernatural: how to learn black magic at home (video)

Magic book Quite a lot of people are afraid of black magic at home, trying not to talk about this phenomenon.In their understanding of the "black" is associated with evil, that is, it is understood by the magic that brings death and damnation.

However, some disagree with this definition, introducing an alternative interpretation.In this view magic can be white, that is affecting the nature of, intangible and other images, as well as black - affecting the material side of the world and human emotions - for example, to achieve a love spell, cause love, attract money, or even to punish the worst enemy.


  • How to learn?
  • Love games
    • Privorot phone call
    • Conspiracy at the portrait
  • financial success
    • Raising money
    • poverty to unleash the enemy
  • Payment for disaster

How to learn?

Girl with candles Quite often, people who have such plots, are outcasts in society - in the subconscious memory, they are associated with various disasters and misfortunes that might threaten them and their families.Therefore, p

racticing such things are better at home - so you not only hide their occupation, but also get an opportunity to focus on ritual and fastest way to raise money or take the death of a person.

training is simple - all possible rituals you can read in various sources, or to find a video.

However, the plots may not always be effective, or will affect not at full strength.What, then, is not it?

Magic Ball Do not rush to say that black magic - it is a fiction, and it is impossible to learn.Most likely cause for this was high enough level of your personal power - perhaps you should try to start a more simple ritual to attract money instead of love spell - it will show what you can do.

But do not despair, and if you are not strong enough to create love or to punish the foe - the practice will help you improve your skills and move on to more complex rituals.

Love games

Of course, all the girls are interested in a section of black magic, which is responsible for love and relationships.In it they will find many options for a love spell, as well as ways to make a guy pay attention to them or even punish the enemy - rival who stole the heart of your loved one.Among them there are both simple rituals, which is easy enough to learn, and more complex, which use photographs, personal items and more.

Privorot phone call

The girl speaks on the phone easiest option at home, you can see many videos.To do this for half an hour to take the guy his phone under any pretext, and bring to your home.Sit down at the table, fold phone with the screen to look at each other, and then tightly bandage both devices red woolen thread.Close your eyes and imagine that you are calling a favorite.

the ritual love spell should last 2-3 minutes.After that, the thread must be cut, one piece to put in your phone, and the other - in the personal belongings of Man.

Conspiracy at the portrait

If you wish to call Love Man, but did not dare to tell him her feelings, you can use the plots, acting on the image.For this you need a portrait of the beloved - photographs do not fit, they do not have the necessary energy.

need to draw a portrait of his own, as it often happens in magic.Draw a pencil should be, in any case, without erasing the line, or you can bring to the human illness or even death.

Do not worry if you do not come out very nicely - the result of this will not depend on.

Portrait of a Man long as you draw (you can write with a good portrait photograph), you need to tell us how you like this man, addressing him.There also need to be careful not to lose - or to practice love will turn hostility.

finished drawing, start painting his portrait.In the process of talking aloud, describing what you will be the relationship with your beloved.

Once finished, place the two portraits facing each other, add up to 6 times, and lower the resulting bundle to the bottom of the bottle of red wine.Zakuporte it and wait for the full moon - then you will need to take it to the river and throw as far as possible.

financial success

Also love spell, there is another black magic, learning at home which will interest anyone.With its help, you can attract money using special incantations and rituals.In contrast to the magic of love and death, it is engaged in a period of a new moon, which symbolizes growth and good luck in all your endeavors.

Raising money

easiest way to attract the money - it's a conspiracy on gold distributed on video.Learn how to conduct this ritual is very simple:

  1. We need to take a gold coin, red wine and candles, painted in golden color.
  2. evening to find a nook in the house where you will be able to disturb no one, light a candle.
  3. Girl, money and candles Lay out a coin and close your eyes.Banish from your mind all - love, jealousy, sadness and so on.
  4. Imagine in front of the coin - an image it should be clearly and not vague.Tell coin all your wishes in financial terms.
  5. Toss a coin into the glass of wine and otpeyte three sips of it.
  6. Leave it in a glass at night.
  7. morning remove, Wash and put in a purse to the police where you stored a little money.

Be careful not to lose it!

poverty to unleash the enemy

Red purse If you need to punish the enemy, but you do not want to involve his illness and death, we can hit it with poverty.To do this, you need to find a beggar on the street and buy from him any of the rags, paid three coins from red purse.At night, it is necessary to bring into the house, to dissolve into three strips and braid one pigtail, which should be long enough - about one and a half meters.Thus it is necessary to look at the face of the enemy - for example, photos or video.Training this ritual is very simple.

Like all such conspiracies, to enforce such places it is necessary at night until dawn with his pigtail on the threshold of a man, so that in the morning he was able to transcend it - money Udut.

In no case do not leave the house until the morning rag, otherwise you will not punish the enemy and ourselves.

Payment for disaster

There are also other ways to punish the enemy without incurring his death.

Man and woman arguing For example, a competitor may be at loggerheads with your favorite - it is very easy to learn.To do this, you will need their joint photos - you can even cut a frame from a video and print it (the quality is not important here).Next, put a small mirror, far from it - a black candle, and her photographs (two or three).

When the candle burns out, it is necessary to break the photos and break the mirror - on the video you can see that it is divided in the container so as not to lose a single fragment - is very important.

Woman breaks photo Once you do this at home, you will need to bury the scraps of photos about any road intersection.Shards of mirrors need to be buried on a parallel road that does not intersect with that - or you can bring death.

In the video you can find other simple plots, which allow to punish the enemy.As a rule, before a mirror at midnight to rewind unkind person photo red thread, seal it with wax and burn in the flame of a black candle.

Once you have made the necessary plots at home, you will need to pay the otherworldly forces for their services - for this in the coming days to submit three thirty coins to the poor, whom you will meet.

As already mentioned, the training of black magic is simple enough, but in any case need to be very careful.