The strongest love rituals on the blood

The girl looks at the heart, to draw blood If you want to attract a favorite for a long time, not having received the gradual improvement of relations and a violent passion from the beginning, you should use an effective spell in the blood.This substance has long been considered the strongest among similar attributes participating in the ceremonies. The reason for this is quite simple - the blood contains hemoglobin and not only a basic set of chemical elements necessary for human life, but also its vital essence.So spell uses it to establish the strongest possible bond energy, which usually means sever virtually impossible.

However, it is worth remembering that the negative effects of the ritual can also be very serious.


  • What should definitely know before the ritual?
    • Features of ceremonies
    • Possible side effects
  • to improve relations
  • Black Magic

What should definitely know before the ritual?

Features of ceremonies

Any spell in the blood is carried out using a special "catalyst", which serves the moonlight
- the power of the celestial body helps strengthen the energy that is contained in the substance and not allow it to evaporate completely.

Full Moon Those who make such a ritual at the full moon, note that it works almost flawlessly, but sometimes too much influence on the psyche of the target.Therefore, it is recommended to use a novice sorcerer spell with blood for 2-3 days before the full moon.

Consequences in any event will include both positive and negative effects.To omens in the blood were more inclined to the first group of results, you should choose the time of the rituals at midnight - this time you will be helping the power of the night light which enters the desired position.In addition, the spell will be most successful when the sky will be almost no clouds blocking the light.

interesting feature of blood magic is its short life - even the moon is not able to keep the energy of the vital substance of the very long term.Those who did most common omens in the blood can also tell you that it is better to update them at least once a year.In addition, if the consequences of your relationship include the birth of the child, the spell will most likely go with you on it.Therefore, the ritual with blood necessarily have to repeat, so as not to lose the family fortune.

Possible side effects

The girl is sleeping on the workplace Most often spell on the blood not only has positive effects - they may include exposure to both of the sorcerer and his victim.Most people say that blood magic makes them very sick, which can last for about a week after reading the spells and in this period completely lost their supernatural power.In women, the menstrual cycle is often disturbed with all the consequences - anemia, sleep disorders, pain syndromes.

Privorot blood - especially, held on the full moon can make the target spells lose their will and reason.

consequences of the use of too strong rite include depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, as well as a complete loss of interest in life in all its manifestations.Also, quite often in men who have become the victim of a love spell, there is a lack of sexual desire all but who gave a ritual.

Consequences there are quite unusual - if the target is a young age, it can completely change the sexual orientation on the basis of this disorder.

It should be said about the black rituals whose purpose is the deliberate deprivation of man's awareness of his actions, the destruction of families, as well as the commission of criminal acts.This spell of blood required Payment dark forces, which made an appeal - the consequences can include loss of wealth, health or social role in society.To spell caused minimal damage to you, you can pay off to appease them, but it will only weaken the impact, and not take him to the side.

to improve relations

If you are already a member of a certain respects, however, want to bring them to the next level, it is necessary to use a spell on the blood, suggesting the creation of a love drink.It is desirable that your favorite is not found to hold a similar ritual - or his doubt and disbelief can completely destroy all the achievements.Keep spell a secret from her friends, colleagues and acquaintances - old magical rule is that each dropped word reduces your spellcasting power.

Packing scarifiers makes this spell on blood from a finger - to her fence purchase special medical instrument submitted by a needle or a lancet.To not include the effects of blood poisoning, gangrene and other unpleasant diseases, and take care of a chemical sterilizer.Household liquid hand sanitizer will not work - it is better to use "Bacillol" or professional surgical counterparts.

In addition, spell will require the following components:

  • church candles;
  • bottles of red wine;
  • two transparent glasses on a high leg without pictures or colors in the glass;
  • red canvas.

Closer to midnight lay on the kitchen table all the ingredients and try to relax as much as possible not to think about the bad.

To spell on the Blood was the most successful and did not include negative effects, it is necessary to use different mental practices - prayer and meditation, allowing the fullest clear the mind from negativity.

When you feel within you the readiness, set in front of the candle and pour a glass of wine round.

Privorot blood from a finger suggests that you carefully cut a tip of the middle finger of his right hand and start massaging it, trying to pour some blood alternately in each glass.Suffice to 3 drops per one vessel - it is possible to use and more substance, however, it may greatly damage the taste of the beverage, which will cause suspicion your favorite.If you wish to spell caused the increase in sexual activity purposes, the wine can be added and a tear - but only in a glass designed for a loved one, but not for you.

Then read the following plot:

«Will you drop me a part
And they never be separated!»

Man and woman drinking wine After this will only drink wine together with the purpose of your love spell.This blood magic act almost immediately - you only need to believe in the result, otherwise doubt completely destroy the power of the ritual.Such a spell on blood from a finger is virtually harmless - it can cause serious damage to people only in material breach of the rules of execution of the ceremony.

Black Magic

There is also a blood spell that uses a reference to the dark forces.Its efficiency is very high, but it is necessary to take into account the possible consequences.These may include not only the malaise, typical for omens in this category, but the serious damage that could occur in diseases and poverty.

is worth remembering that, destroying other people's families, you drive an eternal curse on your immortal soul.

Privorot in the blood of the intended use of the alcohol and a black feather birds.He carried out just after midnight - but you can take your time and do everything thoroughly, since its effectiveness remains until the end of the "hour of witches", that is three in the morning.Privorot suggests that you soak in alcohol feather, and it will drop a few drops of his blood on the fiber.It is also necessary to say the words:

«Like a bird of black of the cells do not break never
And thy heart from love does not go away forever!»

Privorot on blood from a finger or other body part assumes that you collect the resulting ashes in a bag and buriedhis home near his goal.If you want to leave farming, thus reducing the cost to the dark forces, pass through the seven intersections and leave for each of the largest coin, having a general circulation in the country.

Such a spell on the blood is carried out not more than once a year, so as not to disrupt your energy balance.