As ever turn away from the husband's mistress?

The girl thinks how to get a husband with his mistress There are various situations in which you may need the lapel of her rival - but we need to understand that in most cases the effects of such a measure will be very heavy.Make yourself easy like the rite - but will have to deal with lots of problems that come upon you and your husband or elect.

Experts in the field say the magic that the flap can be used when razluchnitsa seeks to pick a favorite, and he intends to get away from you.Also, you can use magic, and for defensive purposes, but to carry out a strong ritual is not recommended, as it can lead to significant problems with your husband or boyfriend.The latter case - when you're in a competitor being equal, you do not destroy the marriage and do not harm children.


  • Plots in photographs
    • Rite at a joint photo
    • Using two photos
  • Rites on food and drink
    • first stage - the supply of food
    • second stage - a drink
  • Magic withHair

Plots in photographs

Rite at a joint photo

As in other areas of magic, is recommended a

n accurate portrayal of people targeted by the rituals - this is the photo that allows the fullest transfer all the features of appearance.A strong opponent of the lapel with a photo can have several varieties, each of which has its own features and performance in a variety of cases.Remember that the photograph should not be the image of other people or pets - otherwise the consequences would be simply unpredictable.

The girl is going to burn photos easiest, but least powerful way implies the existence of a particular image, which should be done only by you and nobody else.In it you have to capture your favorite and rival - and their parties necessarily need to be located so close to each other as possible.At midnight, take this picture and held it to the candle - you must act as carefully as possible.

lapel couple is possible, if the flame does not light a photo and make a hole in the center, right between the parties.To save her husband or boyfriend, you can, if you divide the image of fire in half, and you will have two separate cards with fragments of persons.

photo depicting rival burn completely, and the second piece put into the white envelope and keep forever.

Using two photos

Photos of her husband and his mistress in the hands of In addition, you yourself can hold another effective ritual that may have more serious consequences, lead to deterioration in the health of a loved one.Make such a flap can rival by taking two separate photographs in which she depicted a man, became a bone of contention.

to loosen razluchnitsa, at midnight, light the card from the church candles, which must be pre-sanctified, and say:

«Gori love unhappy
Gori snake filthy
Gori, feeling shameful
Gori seed black
Forever and ever Lord of gloryAnd I
her husband's faithfulness!Amen! »

Rites on food and drink

first stage - the supply of food

Man and woman eating Efficient lapel always work if you use the objects that fall into the human body - that is, food or drink.Make a similar ritual can only at home - otherwise your energy will be dissipated by foreign forces, which completely destroyed the useful effect of the divination.

food for a husband or boyfriend should be prepared independently, and poured his own drink - or, for obvious reasons to turn away another woman will fail.

to do the following simple, but the biggest difficulty lies in the fact that the man ate a fully serve food - some people can not tolerate the use of too much spice.When cooking you need to add all the prescription and then throw on an extra pinch:

  • salt;
  • black pepper;
  • red pepper;
  • oregano;
  • fennel;
  • tarragon.

Serve the dish is in the home, and certainly not hot, that people felt an unusual taste.Without waiting for the reaction of a loved one, go into another room and say a word, looking at the ceiling:

«Like salt your throat corrodes
So word to her tender will sores given
as pepper your lips burn
And her kisses fire on the face give
as herbs you taste clog
And hear her oprotiveet
I all the sweeter,
But I'll save you the taste of bitter
on taste acute
on taste terrible »

second stage - a drink

Glass of red and white wines Back in the room,make sure that all the man had finished and handed him a cup of water.Furthermore, on the competitor flap can be made to drink.To do this, prepare wormwood tincture on alcohol - it is not necessary to create a lot because it is a fairly strong poison.If you want to otvorozhit woman forever, take the red wine, and if you are not sure about the need for a lifetime with their favorite - white.

Lapel your opponent will act, if you pour for her husband a glass of wine, drip into it a drop of tincture and said slowly conspiracy, not drawl:

«Drop one
bitter it
Drink to the bottom
Pain is my strong
Feel it fully! »

In no case do not drink a drink yourself - otherwise lapel work against you, not a rival, and you will have to contact the magician who will shoot involuntarily imposed damage.

In addition, make sure that my husband did not have any discomfort in the form of dizziness, severe pain and dizziness.If all goes well, give him a potion once a month throughout the year.

using Magic Hair

You can make a good opponent on the lapel of your own, if you use her hair as a magic talisman.Collect them in any ways that do not involve violence - if a woman feels fear, lapel favorite will not be able work.It is also desirable that they were long and black - it has a positive impact on the effectiveness of magic ritual.

Lapel is as follows - it is necessary to take the hair and braid it a little pigtail.Then drag it to see if it will tear you like the creation of your hands on it.Independently take a braid of hair rivals and set fire to it, without ceasing to impose:

«Gori, hair
Gori bright
Black ear
Will you hot
You razluchnitsa
Alien doted
Will you bored
To century one lived out!»

Cutting hair with scissorsSuch a flap of her rival should be read as many times - because your hair and have to be long.If they have it very short, you can save a favorite alternative way - it is worth taking a few hairs opponent and hold them together with blood from his finger.It must be done secretly, silently and put his pillow - he should sleep on their side of the bed.

If after some time your partner forgets an opponent, you should get this enchanted item from the bed and burn it in the flame of a candle.If you inform the favorite of the rituals, nothing will work.On the contrary, all the black magic that you used against the mistress will turn into hatred directed against you.