Raising money in the house Safety Simoron

Cash At all times, the financial stability has been excellent and natural desire.However, not everyone knows how to open the cash flow and allow it to enter into your life.Help in this situation can only Simoron money. Most importantly, it is not only easy to say, but also to do so.

  • Contents Foreword
  • Easy money
  • Catching money!
  • money out of nowhere
  • pot, boil!
  • Bathing money
  • receipt for a money
  • Reproduction money
  • Cash tea
  • Peas happiness
  • Boomerang


Dollars in the hands of Before you start to perform these rituals help to bring inyour life cash flows, it is necessary to learn the truth of the two mandatory:

  • universe is abundant and generous, and it will never be against giving you the required amount of money.
  • In this world, only allowed that are ready to afford to yourself, and all restrictions exist only in the human mind, which can be removed by using simoronskih rituals.

offer you only the workers rituals that are really able to give you a financial equilibrium.

Easy money

Balloons For this ritual need to purchase as many colored balls inflated with helium.For each such ball neatly tied banknote and then release balloons to float freely around the room.From this time around you will always be circling easy money.At this time you need to happily jump and catch every ball of cash.

Catching money!

to spend money Simoron called «Catching money!» , need to make improvised some bait.
on the opposite end of the handle tie coin.Then, casting a fishing rod out of the window with the words: «Catching money, so much on a coin, but a small» .Another embodiment of the present

Simoron considering conventional vyglyadyvaniya the window with a loud shouting: «Money is !!!Home !!! ».

money out of nowhere

Money from the sky to improve the financial condition, Simoron money offers to take any "out of nowhere", a role which can be a saucepan, a pot, a box or vase.

Then, to print on a color printer "favorite" money bill, but on the capacity chosen for the ritual stick inscription "nowhere."In the end, it will put color printout.To complete the ritual described, you will need only your "nowhere" to get the desired amount.

pot, boil!

Money in a pot Simoron This money will require the participation of the capacity created from natural materials.It is held exclusively on the growing moon.Capacity produced his own clay, stone, a material that have been associated with wealth and home.

This capacity can decorate, but not necessarily.As the decorations should be used only natural materials such as rope, jute, hemp, linen, various elements of the plant, twigs, stones, and others.

allowed to use paint or the absolute purity of the container.After all, in any case should be prosecuted rich and beautiful decoration of the container.

When registration is complete, you can start filling the tank.For this operation will need:

  • cereal grain or ordinary rice;
  • pinch of sugar;
  • maximum denomination of money;
  • semi-precious stones.
After the filling of the pot, the capacity is taken up and over her blurt the words: «pot, boil!» .
At this time, you must imagine how the cooking process is born, its internal filling increases, cap and starts to make a noise on the floor spilling wealth, scattering in different directions.

once a week from the pot you must withdraw some money and be sure to spend it, but you need to take the sum of returning to double the size.Every time "borrowing" his coin, need to impose «pot, boil!» .

Bathing money

Swimming in the money Simoron This money will require exactly bumazhechki sliced ​​green and the same color pen.On each piece of paper is necessary to draw banknotes: the currency and the denomination.Then you need to fill a bath, prepare it with your favorite ingredients, such as foam, oil, salt.

Ideally, all for the bath additives Simoron should also be green.

very useful for the ritual is the addition of orange oil, and wine or champagne.However, other components are also added and the green paper, but only in the last turn.These papers should be as much.

While bathing should always sound like toast and read the corresponding affirmations.The ritual is held exclusively on the growing moon.

receipt for a money

Filling Held Simoron money during the birth of the new moon.It is necessary to precisely meet during her appearance up to hours and minutes.At this time, write a check for a certain amount of money, namely:

  1. be completed by the date.
  2. Fits full name.
  3. indicated the amount of money (the only one that people can actually get, fabulous sums do not work).
  4. Below stamped receipt number, and the date and signature.
  5. Receipt hiding in a secret place, where nobody can find, first placing in a red envelope.
  6. wish to happen after seven days.
  7. Monetary rewards can be in the form of compensation, certain financial assistance, some good news in terms of money, a good purchase.
  8. than the actual amount will be, the faster fulfilled desire.

Reproduction money

Wedding box Conducting this Simoron reduced to two denominations in nominal value of 100 US dollars.However, it is possible and other currencies.One bill is necessary to dress the boy and stick to it a butterfly, and the other is recommended to attach the veil.From this marriage monetary money to be born.

However, you must first create a certificate of marriage registration and get signatures brakosochetayuschihsya.Also, due to take place and the wedding with the obligatory presence of champagne.

first wedding night the newlyweds will require the Executive prepare marriage bed.As this attribute can approach any box beautifully decorated with precious fabrics.
boxes placed inside the couple, and she rose to the young do not hesitate.

Romantic mood you can create with a lit candle next to her left, and a variety of aphrodisiacs that will contribute to reinforce the forces of money pair.You also can not forget about the two glasses of champagne.

Cash tea

Cup of tea The proposed simoronskom ritual attended by a simple pencil and a cup of tea, leaf paper.It all starts with the fact that preparing an ordinary tea.Sugar is not necessary to put, as it all depends on the tastes of the artist.Under

finished cup of tea you need to put the sheet of paper, and you need to stir the tea itself, observing the movement clockwise.During the mixing of tea you need to imagine what your pockets already full of banknotes.

After the agitation of tea with the same pencil to write a sheet of paper on a certain phrase: «Money is already in my» .Then he put in a purse and always in an empty section.

Peas happiness

ritual requires a jar with a plastic lid, which throws exactly thirty peas.Each pea peas falls into the container with the words: «By pea pea and me only good things» .Zakidyvanie finished them in a jar, it is a tight lid on which are drawn two characters to choose from: the euro or the dollar.The next day, throw coins into it with the magic phrase, and to complete the filling of the container.


Jar with coins Act boomerang is known to everyone.This weapon is always returned to its owner.This Simoron money is built on the same principle, but with the difference that money expended in the store will be a kind of boomerang.

Before you get out of the entrance or at home, you take with the amount to be spent before the penny.Then, on the street you are doing a gesture, as if they are about to launch into the air like a boomerang specific, and during this movement say the indicated phrase: «I declare your money boomerang» .