The most simple ways to bring success and wealth

Four-leaf clover In many situations, we can only hope for good luck, as the person is able to influence is not at all the processes of life.An example is the complex employment, buying a lottery ticket, the conclusion of important transactions in business, an unexpected test of knowledge of students.

Most people prefer to confide in case that is not always possible.However, you can try to change the situation in their favor, using his strong influence on the success of the conspiracy that will help you achieve success and overcome any difficulties.

With it, you can get:

  • monetary profit;
  • happiness in his personal life;
  • public recognition;
  • raise at work.


If you have used any other plot, you should know how important the preparatory process.To refuse the meeting can not - rather than to attract good luck, you risk to achieve quite different results, sometimes even the opposite.

Money and magnet Regardless of whether you want to quickly get the money, or plan to soon make a deal, do not tell about their intent

ions to strangers.Seemingly little things like jealousy or another's unspoken doubts can become insurmountable obstacle.Accordingly, you should read the plot on their own, not trusting anyone to attend.

main condition for a successful outcome is a good spirit - otherwise you may accidentally hurt yourself or your loved ones.You must truly believe in good luck, thinking of the most successful approach soon.The best way to represent a particular final effect, which you plan to achieve - whether it be money or another form of action the result of magic.

Waxing Crescent most powerful conspiracy should be read only in growing moon, which will be a symbol of your luck.

strictly forbidden to perform the process in the waning moon - your current position will deteriorate rapidly, unless you resort to the help of a qualified professional, able to neutralize the effect of wrongly imposed spell.

final condition serves the exclusive use of new clean items in magic lesson - do not apply the old things, bearing the imprint of a person's energy, to use them.

Reading plots

most powerful conspiracy luck read the day before the full moon.To do this you need to dial a plate full of milk, and bring to the balcony, terrace or a window sill, leaving in the moonlight.Closer to midnight go outside, stand in front of the face plate of the moon, his eyes closed.

Imagine moonlight poured in, try to feel your own luck, that will be the currently most active.Lightly moisten the milk right hand, cleanse the face well, leaving a few drops to drain.After completing this, drink milk before bed, bow in the direction of the moon.

This conspiracy is the most powerful way to attract good luck - it can not be used often, as quickly drained of their power, cause many chronic diseases.

Circle of candles Strong enough is a method that uses a candle - it should also be used with great caution, and only to the most important events in life.Set on the floor 12 bright candles in a circle, and put under the bottom of each small coin, pen and subtle rose petal.Be in the center, close your eyes and visualize how the light gets in you the flame, adding luck.Best of all, if you feel the lightness and think like climb up - this is a very good sign.

This plot allows to attract money, so it is good to use before you buy a lottery ticket or a meeting with the most important business partner.

Coins If you want to make money not to leave your home, to spend my life in abundance, put under the threshold of one gold, silver, copper coins.It is necessary to say a conspiracy: ¬ęGold will be added to gold, silver for silver, the money will be money in the house, for this threshold." best to repeat this procedure about once every three months - coins need to get and give to the poor, and to put under the threshold of the new.

to bring good luck, you can read the usual prayers.It should stand up before dawn, when the street comes the twilight, wash, pouring on his head three scoop of cold water.Wear a simple white robe, remove from the pockets of money and other items, without making exceptions.Go outside, walk slowly, peering into the darkness, and muttering prayers in a whisper, yet on the horizon appears the sun.

This is a very powerful way to get a good luck, but it should be repeated on a daily basis to get the most confidence in achieving a positive result.