How to attract money and luck yourself at home

Pot with coins There are no people who do not want to attract good luck and money in your home.Wealth provides the opportunity to live in the rhythm that most contributes to the fulfillment of children's most secret desires. Today there are many ways to attract well-being, however, the foundation or starting point has always been our attitude towards them.


  • raise money rites
  • «Ladies Purse»
    • Material
    • Painting
    • Dried horseradish
  • Magic money originality
    • money trail
    • Red purse
    • Plate plenty

raise money rites

Candle in a hand Many psychics recommend proven method to attract the house money and luck.To do this, you must wait for midnight and the full moon to light a church candle.Then walk with her around the apartment or house that will clear it of negative energy.Particular attention should be paid to each corner.

Then, you need to collect all the small coins, which are present in the house at that time, and place them in the corners of the stack.The next day they were simply removed.This ritual is

to spend the money only on the new moon, which will facilitate the achievement of the desired result.

However, to attract good luck in the home and the money can be in any other way.To do this, take the red woolen thread length of 20 cm. One end to ignite the flame of a candle.When the material starts to burn, it is necessary to say these words: "How is this thread off, and all sorts of trouble with it burn, but misery."While burns need the time to say a string of data expressive words exactly nine times.The remains of the burnt strings should be thrown out the window and at the same time say the words: « Fly, fly, and so do not toss and turn back.So be ».

«Ladies Purse»

Old empty purse In recent years become a very popular cinema magic, aimed at attracting money and good luck.Each ritual can without any fear to do at home.The most common is the so-called rite « Ladies purse ».

Although the material used to make modern purses, each of them has one task - to keep the money.However, using simple magic of money, he is still able to attract in the house of the owners financial well-being.It's so nice to realize that in the depths of your purse always find another bill for a little pampering or acquisition of completely unnecessary, but such delicious snacks.

Before you try to attract into your life good luck or money, you must consider some of the nuances of the rite.This ritual is built on material, money, energy flows, which would make some purse magnet for well-being.

Shabby purse or torn will not be able to attract money.Therefore, such a product from the urgent need to get rid of.Throw

need and the purse that you had podnadoest or never you do not like.Look for a product, from which you can not tear your eyes, which is nice to take in hand, it is "calming" effect on you through touch.Do not try to buy something cheap.Even by itself it will wear a same cheap energy, which instead return the money will require you to recharge your same means.

However, it is not a super expensive purchase.The main thing that the purchase was decent.It had separate compartments for large and small denominations.Only in this case it can be completely sure that the funds spent on the purchase return with a vengeance, quickly multiply.The following video helpful advice from an expert.


Leather wallet in attracting into your life, yourself and good luck to the house and / or money, you must pay attention to the material from which to make your wallet.Polyethylene is not the right choice because it does not carry any power because of artificiality.Try to give preference to suede or leather.

Remember polyethylene covers all natural energy, and does not allow them to enter the space of the wallet.


Black purse determine the materials, take the time to color the color of your future acquisition.Wealth also has their favorite color.These include the color of the metal and earth colors.To attract good luck into your home, or money to help the purse black and brown colors, the full range of yellow, including orange and without doubt - gold.

Nevertheless, always enough to also classic options that will not spend money on anything original.A good option, but do not aim to follow will be the wallet of soft suede in a golden beige.

However, the attraction of money for themselves and their lives will not start immediately after the successful purchase of the desired attributes of each woman's handbag.This will require in the pocket, which take off fines or other convenient separation, put irredeemable coin denominations of one ruble.This step will create a source that will not allow you to leave the monetary energy and space wallet.

Dried horseradish

The root of horseradish In relation to Purses, there is another powerful tool designed to bring into your home and life in general good luck and, of course, money.For this ancient wisdom advises purse to put a small piece of dried root of horseradish.It will gather the necessary energy in large quantities.

However, the attraction of money requires more than just the dried root and dug its own, in a place remote from the people, and then dried and laid their hands into your new money acquisition.Important ensure that he fell out and was always in the right place.

However, for defrauding money from their secret places can come and heather.This plant is also tested for centuries and works.
for this little sprig of it should always be in your purse.

Now it's time to talk about transparent inserts, which are always present in such products.Almost all put there photos of their loved ones: her husband, children.With this decision the money in his life not attract.The fact is that they overlap monetary energy flows.In addition, the photos in your wallet can drag denominations useful energy for themselves.Therefore it is better when the purse plays a direct role and multiplies the financial benefits.

Magic money originality

Many video you can see a wide variety of daily magic rituals, which is able to attract into your home luck and prosperity.However, there are absolutely amazing in its original way, we share with you.

money trail

The dollar sign This extraordinary ritual should be performed only in the home, not doubt that others in your adequacy.To perform the ritual suit over the cold season, when the heel is possible to hide in the socks.The essence of the ritual is that at each heel nail polish red paint mark, symbolizing the American dollar.Currency will start to go up to you literally on the heels.But only after when both sign on the heels wear out from constant your movements.

Red purse

Red purse Some videos related to home magic, you can see the red part purses.Many white practicing magicians claim that a color like the cash flow of energy, and they are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

However, if you can not buy it in red purse, but the desire to attract money into your life this does not become less, then use a little magic trick: buy any useful element, the same color that will always be with you.This may be a stone, something out of a handkerchief or clothing.

Plate plenty

Loose Figure To attract money into the house, you must take the most beautiful dish and fill it with rice.Top must still room.The contents were then put in the hallway, as close as possible to the front door, but it must remain completely invisible to others.Also, you can not catch it, and overturn the rice on the ground.

then this rice every day to "bury" a coin as large denominations, as well as small ones.Mixing coin with rice at home, during the slander:

  • «To me money drawn like metal to a magnet ';
  • «Money is like me";
  • «Revenues my growing up, but multiplied with each day more and more."

need to fill a platter of plenty for 27 days, and the next day to get all the accumulated amount of the need to give to the needy, and the remaining money to buy some trifle, but necessary.