Cartomancy hassle

Girl with cards One of the simplest ways to know their future is a tarot cards.There are various ways of his that give the opportunity to know how soon you will find your love, as well as an answer to the question.

Thus, in order to learn how to read the cards, not necessarily comprehend the sacrament with Taro - You can use conventional deck, which also possess mystical powers.Guessing through them quite easily - not need to learn the properties of various characters and combinations thereof.One need only follow the rules of a particular layout of playing cards and check the value of the responses.


  • General rules
  • Pre-
  • Romance
  • Important events
  • Values ​​cards

General rules

Deck of cards To learn how to guess, do not need a lot of time - usuallytrue results are visible already after the first layout, which is an advantage of playing cards in front of the complex Tarot deck.

However, better comply with certain rules that will help you minimize the uncertainty and the influence of other people on the p


First of all, read the cards better with a new deck - it does not bear the imprint of the vitality of those who touched it before.Because of this you will be able to see much more clearly the future in their cards - it will not be blurry and hazy as using someone else's old deck.

Unfolding cards undesirable that the card you used for the usual games or solitaire - it also can destroy their relationship with the mystical world.Try to keep them clean by preventing the introduction of contaminants - psychics say that read the cards can not be spotted, as it can bring you a strong deterioration that could destroy the future, to destroy love and take the money.

In addition, even if you lay out the cards for another person, make sure that it does not touch them - otherwise all subsequent predictions turn out distorted and misleading.

best to buy a standard card without striking drawings and any decorative elements.In addition, if you are 52 elements, you need to eliminate all the numbers from 2 to 5 inclusive - they can confuse your prediction.The remaining 36 cards in four suits match « Minor Arcana » Tarot, which form the basis of this deck.

Dispose of unnecessary elements is not necessary, since they can pick up the other person, thereby violating the effectiveness of the entire set.


Before you find out what the future holds for you, hold the deck in the hands of about 5-10 minutes, eyes closed.At this time should be established mystical connection with the world beyond, in which the card will be a kind of gateway.The use of funds is the preferred slot for the beginner as Tarot pack may be too strong for the man who has no talent development.Do not open your eyes until, until you are absolutely sure - only in this state, you can read the cards.

Shuffle cards In order to learn how to learn to read the cards, you also need to master the basic principle calculations.At first they shuffled - is active left hand, which makes movement in the direction of the heart.The right to make sure, if you want to guess at love - when shuffling backwards you will see nothing but pain and misery.Then without looking at the card on top, remove 3-4 and put them down.It remains only to choose which layouts you will use this time.


In order to read the cards, to determine in what guise of love will come to you, it is better to choose Friday or thirteenth of any month.Just do not suit Monday or Christian religious holidays - at this time does not work, even Tarot as their relationship with the world of the underworld is much weaker.

In addition, it is undesirable read the cards more frequently than twice a week - in this case, the future becomes muddy and difficult to see and you have to interrupt your practice is not less than a month.

Half circle of cards Lay out a deck shuffled by the rules and lay on the same principle as the Tarot - good push and pull her little finger, is formed on the table in front of a flat semicircle.In the expansion cards should not be severe irregularities - they can give distortions.If you can not expand the well deck the first time, do not worry, just start again.The main thing with this - do not turn the card and do not watch the order in which they are located.

When you tune in a desired fashion and clear your mind of strong emotions, flip all the cards.Look at them from right to left and locate themselves - for every reptile that card is determined individually:

  • girl - lady of diamonds;
  • Woman - Queen of Hearts;
  • man - Jack of diamonds;
  • man - King of Hearts.

Playing cards Remove all the cards that represent the opposite sex - ladies or kings, and put them on the spot where they lay in a semicircle.If all of these lie on your right, then the time to find love has not yet come.It is advisable not to rush again read the cards in this case - it is better to make a break of about a month.Otherwise, remember which side were certain color, and shuffle them.

Put the cards face up, and give each of them the name of a person close to you.Then turn - with those who have been to the right of you may love, and the rest will not do you any good.As in the wrong form, read the cards the next time it is desirable not earlier than in a month.It is desirable not to touch ordinary playing cards of other decks - they can break the mystical connection and make the prediction completely untrue.

Important events

If you want to know all of their future, not only to find his love and romantic relationship, use a slightly different layout.For this you need to know how to read the cards and interpret their meaning.

Guessing the future Lay out a deck of ordinary playing cards, which has 36 members - they need to be shuffled all the rules described above.Guessing is necessary for one of the principle that is used for tarot - it is quite unusual, but effective.

Learn likewise read the cards is simple enough - call aloud card values ​​between six and an ace, and remove the top of the deck.Those cards that have coincided with the name you order, put in a separate pile.Keep guessing until you take off the whole pack.Look at the pile of lazy - if it is empty, your future does not contain any significant events, and you should not speculate on the cards before the end of this week.If it has at least one element, then you just have to know what value is contained in the cards.

Trefil in playing decks there are four basic color, with different interpretations:

  • peaks mean failure;
  • clubs - money.

In red cards signed welfare:

  • hearts symbolize love and romance;
  • diamonds - personal development and travel.

Values ​​cards

In order to know how to learn to read the cards, you also need to understand the meaning of each symbol.

figures indicate the importance of various events - from small to global, affecting the rest of his life.

A pile of cards Jack in playing cards is a meeting with a young guy having the character corresponding to the description of the colors.Lady symbolizes the adult female, and the king - a man.If you decide to read the cards in this way and you get the ace, the importance of the event or meeting is doubled.Furthermore, when a stack of cards selected from four identical symbols are found, this means multiplying the value of ten.

There are many other ways to speculate with a standard deck, which differ in maximum simplicity.For example, you can simply pull out the card and watch the order in which they are located.For this purpose, the interpretation of the values ​​described above.Such a method to learn even a novice who has never contacted the mystical phenomena.