Symptoms and features of the evil eye and spoilage

Warding off evil eye Not everyone believes in the negative symptoms of the evil eye.But the world of fine fabrics, probably, still exists.After all, too much happens to us the things that can not be explained using only one logic of the material world.

Experts say that envious evil eye signs and symptoms induced damage in everyday life do not differ among themselves.However, they have different conditions.Try to understand how it works, and what to do to the victims.


  • What is the difference
  • How does
  • diagnose themselves
  • your actions
  • summarize

What is the difference

Doll in the needles evil eye occurs when the manifestation of emotions (the people it is called"hearts").Well, it happens in life.You and someone had a fight and uh - how willing a person ... And they take it and materialize.Or even envy can play a cruel joke.Someone someone envious, look, and broke the fate of man - everything went wrong (and the money ran out, and love melted).But such a turn with a strong desire can be justified - not out of mali

ce, they say, and in a fit of anger.

Corruption also - is another matter.

it works with cold mind and focused on something specific career, property, money, relationships with loved ones and health.

And get rid of it is much more difficult, but certainly necessary.Otherwise, trouble is inevitable.

How does

Girl in a bad mood signs of damage and the evil eye in men and women found the same:

  • insomnia;
  • depressed mood;
  • chronic fatigue and irritability;
  • irresistible sense of anxiety;
  • loss of interest in life, indifference to others;
  • onset and rapid progression of bad habits;
  • health problems.

And if an adult can still himself somehow control, the child has signs of the evil eye and spoilage are expressed more vividly:

  • Newborn crying whims and categorical unwillingness to obey;
  • cry on any occasion;
  • nightmares;
  • frequent illness.

If you notice yourself or your loved one a small child like symptoms, you should know that it is either envious evil eye, or a manifestation of intentional damage.In any case, you should immediately check their suspicions and try to begin to remove them yourself.And if you want you can turn to the professionals in this matter (psychics, shamans, magicians and so forth.).The most important thing - to act quickly.

diagnose themselves

The droplets of wax in water All sorts of healers strongly advertise their services for the diagnosis of the evil eye and spoilage.But there are some constraints - money, and quite a lot, and guarantee.Each of the professionals black and white magic says that he sees right through your entire aura, but somehow you can not check this.

Based on these reasons, we suggest you use the popular method.He reveals the evil eye signs and symptoms of malicious damage in adults (men and women) and a child (even newborns).Here's how:

  1. Take beeswax and a bowl of cold water.
  2. wax melts, and a few minutes drive over the head of the victim.
  3. thin stream pour the wax into a bowl of water, and wait for the wax hardens.
  4. Now it's time to make the diagnosis.

directional signs of damage or the evil eye appear to wax blot.If it is smooth, it's all right, but only a temporary difficulties "temporary" and will soon pass.But when the wax has a bunch of bumps, growths torn edges - the symptoms of negative energy impact.In this case, wrap the wax used in the white paper and bury it in the ground.Then, as quickly as possible get rid of the evil eye (but not corruption - with it you can not handle on their own).

your actions

Bible and cross on the table Remove whammy himself personally with every adult can process a long time ago well-known in the Christian religion - it is necessary to wash with holy water three times and read « Our Father ... ».It would be superfluous to go to the nearest church, but if for any reason this is not possible, then read the prayer.This certainly believe that it will help you eliminate the symptoms of the evil eye.And then you go back to the love, money, peace and a sense of security.This method is available for men and women, and always helpful.

Signs of the evil eye of the child every mom is able to eliminate itself.You need to wash their little children with holy water (bottom-up) and wipe with her skirts.Do this three times, pronouncing miracle « Our Father ... ».

If the house did not have holy water, then take the left hand seven spoons (silver would be desirable), and pour them clean water, which will flow into the outstretched the capacity.Read « Our Father ... » (3 times).Thus obtained is charged water has all the signs of holy water.

Another way (for the newborn baby) - lick the tip of his tongue baby face, moving clockwise hours.After each round of spit (certainly over the left shoulder).Among women, this practice has the confidence.Probably, because a mother's love - the most powerful talisman for each of us.

emphasize once again that such actions can only be removed whammy.For the damage they are quite effective.Do not try to fight it yourself - contact the specialists.


Candle in a hand Now you clearly understand what is different from the evil eye damage.The first arises spontaneously, with emotional outbursts, and the second is induced consciously (at the relationship, money, wealth).

signs characteristic of them look the same:

  • Adults - mood swings and deterioration of health.
  • The child (especially newborn) - whims, crying, frequent illness.

Check the impact of negative energy you can own.To remove the effects of the evil eye try it yourself, but the impact of corruption can only neutralize a specialist in fine matter.And as a protection against the evil eye, use the old-fashioned way - holy water and « Our Father ... »