Magic runes: how to catch good luck and wealth by the tail?

Runes Old Norse word «run», from which the concept of "rune" stands for a secret or mystery. Runes - a set of characters, the purpose of which is to impart information and carrying out magical rituals. Ever since the first centuries AD the Slavic peoples and the inhabitants of northern Europe used when fixing their information.But over time, this form of writing no longer used, but the runes to attract money, luck, love, and now very popular in the metaphysical practice.


  • Where to get the runes?
  • Home Fleece wealth
    • Fehu
    • How to use
  • principal cash runes
    • Hyères
    • Otal
    • Dagaz
  • How do the magic formula?
    • Fehu-Fehu Fehu-
    • Otal-Yer-Fehu Berkana
    • -Otal-Fehu
    • magic ritual
  • Secrets access the runic symbols

Where to get the runes?

Amulet Rune Fehu Runic charms you can buy or make to order a professional magician.But the most powerful and effective amulets and talismans - made their own hands.They are filled with a special energy, which leads them into action.For the manufacture of amulets and tal

ismans, you can use a variety of materials, it is important that they are natural.Applied on the basis of a single rune or whole formula.Usually signs:

  • cut;
  • etch;
  • applied by means of essential oils;
  • draw.

runes can be seen on the body in the form of tattoos, like the inscription on clothing, banknotes and credit cards.Quite often magical symbols applied to the wallet.

Home Fleece wealth

Rune Fehu Fehu

Fehu - fleece, which is often used to attract money and financial stability.With its help multiply property and vitality.It can work as a standalone symbol or part of the runic formulas.The photo shows the main rune attract money and prosperity.Wealth is the main value of the runes, which is filled with individual abilities and energy of individuals who use it in metaphysical practice.Fehu - the symbol of the implicit manifestations, creating the visible world with the use of fine fabrics.

When her forces are using individuals, it is filled with certain desires, intentions, dreams, intentions, that person is ready to implement.
The most dramatic effect of the runes to attract money and prosperity to notice those people who are not just dream, but also make every effort to achieve the heights.The essence of magic symbols is to attract, concentration and transformation of energy flows in wealth.

How to use

Money in your wallet easiest and most widely used way to attract money and success in business - drawing symbols on the dollar bill.This can easily be done by hand.You must have an essential oil (cash flavors considered cinnamon, patchouli, orange) and a large bill.At the same time you need to draw runes and visualize their plans and dreams, make it worth emotionally, wanting to really, to see real results.In the process it is important to visualize the money rain that covers and fills all the space around.

Magic attracting money abhors a skeptical and mocking attitude, as well as the depressed state of energy and apathy.Charmed coin purse should be sent to, at the right time the formula works.

principal cash runes Rune Hyères


Fleece, called Hyères , symbolizes harvest remuneration.Without a doubt, all our plans come to pass, but it requires some effort.Optimism, determination and belief in a better contribute to achieving the most efficient and profitable results.

Otal Rune Otal

Magic symbol Otal contributes to material property, which can be purchased for cash.When needed the support and patronage of influential people, ask for help to the mark.


Rune Dagaz symbol of wealth and prosperity, positive and full of light, approximating to an important cause, through the darkness to the favorable outcome of events.The sign is represented by a photo.

How do the magic formula?

Action marks effectively, if properly combined with each other.

magic formula - a combination of certain characters that reinforce each other's action.
With their help attract wealth in life.Runogrammy are individual and universal.The formula consists of three characters:
  • shall mean the first goal;
  • second - the means and resources used in the process;
  • third - the desired result.

money deposited on the skin or formula can be sent in a purse.

Fehu-Fehu Fehu-

A girl and a lot of money Runogramma financial prosperity is a universal formula, not only conducive to the improvement of the material conditions, but also the transition to a new level of life.It is recommended to paint in red.


This formula helps to get and increase material gain or property.Improve the status, you can use the formula -Otal Fehu Berkana-soul-.Where symbols indicates:

  • wealth - Fehu;
  • profit - Otal;
  • materialization conceived - Berkana;
  • willpower and win - Saul.
Write a formula can be on the bank card and put in a purse, imagining what will be the real income.


With this runic inscription businessmen can draw useful for enterprise customers to increase profits.The formula allows you to achieve a stable material wealth, all set plans come to life, the monetary benefits of becoming more.

magic ritual

A green candle and dollars Especially popular in metaphysical practice magic rites are attracting money and good luck.To perform one of the ceremonies at the call of the stability of the material, you must have:

  • money aromatic oils;
  • green wax candle;
  • metal bowl.

drawn on a blank sheet of fleece, the corresponding request.It is applied from above one of the selected cash oils.By visualizing the dream, it is necessary to lay down a sheet, and then light a candle and bring it to paper, burning leaf to throw in a bowl.From the paper with the inscription should remain only ashes.To the magic worked, is a repeated session.

Secrets access the runic symbols

With runic symbols and the power of the mind can create a program specific events.Everything happens in computer programs, only the formula is sent out into the universe, to the higher powers.

magic begins from the moment when man first genuinely believe in themselves and in the best possible result.He must really represent their dream and move rapidly to the goal, overcoming life's obstacles.At the right time, all our plans come to pass.