What Ward and stones-talismans should choose representatives Aries

Aries Among fiery signs of the zodiac Aries takes the first place.His irrepressible energy and ardor in achieving goals is born under the protection of Mars. Aries need to be in constant search of enthusiastic passionate ideas remain in a state of never-ending struggle.It is inconceivable speed rhythms of life need constant energy supply, which is able to provide just the right stone talisman.

Among a variety of selection problem is finding and acquisition of such a talisman that would be managed to stop in time to Swifty, get rid of depression, to direct the creative energy in the required direction to avoid the destruction of the Ram inside.This talk is aimed at searching for answers that arise in this zodiac sign almost daily.


  • stone amulets Aries
  • Choice stone Date of birth
  • danger and protection amulets
  • Talisman for women and men Aries

stone amulets Aries

For Aries, many stones are the most suitable,Nevertheless, Stones-mascots are more single choice.Of course, given the spec

ific vibration "stone" of matter, which are calculated for Aries date of birth, as well as a certain color, you can choose a real talisman.However, those stones are allowed to wear this sign of the zodiac, we present the following for the purpose of information and use in life:

Alexandrite Stone spiritual renewal or Alexandrite
Almaz king of stones -Diamond
Aquamarine Aquamarine - stabilizer composure
Amethyst Stone fidelity or third eye - Amethyst
Hematite Hematite - heals wounds
Garnet lucky stone of friendship andLove - Garnet
Bloodstone Heliotrope - one of the best Christian charms
Moon rock absorber lunar energy or Moonstone
Emerald Emerald - stone composure and wisdom
Dragon Dragon's blood or Emerald

As mentioned effective guardian of Aries must be selected by date of birth.We invite you to familiarize yourself with the method of determining the appropriate pebble.

Choice stone Date of birth

Astrologers recommend Aries choose mascots Stones-by date of birth, but rather based on a decade in which I was born a particular representative of this zodiac sign.
born in the period from 21 to 31 March patron Mars.These people loved-and selfish, stubborn and determined.They need to pay attention to such stones as: Rock-crystal
  • rhinestone;
  • carnelian;
  • agate;
  • amazonite;
  • quartz;
  • hematite;
  • jasper;
  • tiger eye;
  • coil.

Aries sun celebrate their birthdays in April, the first through the eleventh of this month.These people are leaders, ambitious and noble, appreciate and respect related to family values.Strongly tied to the people close to them.While searching the desired Joss Stone, they should opt for:

  • amber;Amber Ring
  • pearls;
  • sardonyx;
  • cat's eye;
  • heliotrope.

choosing stones by date of birth, a man born under the sign of Aries, can be absolutely sure that in his hands is a real amulet, which will eliminate the negative manifestations of life.Precious stones are endowed with their own unique vibration of the earth that can match or, on the contrary, discordant, destroying the integrity of some subtle astral shell and skipping, so the negative vibrations of the invisible world.

In the period from 12 to 20 April, or in the second decade, born passionate and romantic Aries, which protects the planet Venus.For them, a great amount Ward: Capfir

  • diamond;
  • grenades;
  • sapphire;
  • ruby;
  • zircon.

choosing stones talismans for Aries, it is necessary to consider their primary colors, namely red, orange and yellow - enhance the quality of Aries, and such as green, blue and blue - mute the negative manifestation of the character traits of the zodiac sign.

danger and protection amulets

Sardius Choice amulet is the patron saint of light forces, a complex process that requires attention and certain knowledge.As you already know, acting guardian for Aries can be selected by color or date of birth.In this case, consider how it can affect the color of the sign of the zodiac.

main stone for Aries is the ruby.It represents a Mars or Red Planet, which gives energy to the tireless activity, and provides positive emotions.

This gem is able to remove the effects of stress, stimulate brain activity and facilitate the easy awakening after a good night's sleep.

However, not only the ruby ​​can be used as a talisman Aries.The strongest talisman is a stone like a diamond.The hardness of diamond, in this case, will symbolize the strength of character A woman holds a diamond representative of this zodiac sign.However, its price is extremely high.The analog of the impact of a citrine or zircon.Using a diamond as a talisman, it is necessary to carry it in a way that he had regular contact with the skin, but only on the neck or on any finger of the left hand.Abandon it need only unmarried girls, Aries.

young generation that takes a school or a student's desk needed perseverance, attention and patience to collect higher jewels, which are knowledge.That is why they will approach a stone like agate.His propagating wave energy will contribute to the acquisition of skills, help to gather his thoughts.The versatility of agate that its utility power to this sign is not necessarily calculated from the date of birth.

Since Aries out of love for adventure and risky adventures ready to plunge into the "favorite" thing he needs a mascot, which is able to protect against possible danger.

the role of defender copes a stone like a Labrador.
However, it emits, and the danger is to strengthen self-confidence, which is capable of showing at Aries pride.However, for a better harmonization in the family stone-talisman to be found.

Stone Labrador extinguish the flames of aggression and temper, people born under the sign of Aries, will help such a stone-mascot as amethyst.Under the auspices of amethyst fading anger releases all the good and merciful, what is inside a person.It is hard Aries this stone shows the way to establish contacts with the outside world to irritate him and his family.Only Amethyst able to minimize human narcissism and selfishness.

should be noted that not only the date of birth, but also on the basis of the color of color gem, set the appropriate situation amulet that can strengthen, weaken or that aspect of the character for better human adaptation to the conditions are not always favorable to him, of the world.

Talisman for women and men Aries

Let's start with a weak half of humanity - women born under the sign of Aries.Depending on the situation and needs of life astrologers advised: Bracelet red jasper

  • diamond (in green) - those who dream about the children.It will enhance your femininity, will have a positive effect on the reproductive organs, will successfully complete during pregnancy, childbirth easier.Brilliant colorless protect against bad rumors, the evil eye, give strength and energy;
  • red jasper - contribute to the redistribution of internal energy in a way that it was enough to care about themselves and achieve their goals.Jasper is capable of female careerists make an excellent guardian of the family hearth, because it is favorable to married women;
  • zirconium - sets up women in a positive way and helps get rid of depression and apathy, to find the target and mark the path.Stone yellow save a mature woman from headaches, removes fatigue.

The ring on the index finger While some men prefer the stone, any of those recommended by Aries, must be on the index finger.If Aries is in search of love, their mascot should be worn around the neck to the chest.Precious stones need only frame of a simple metal: silver, steel, iron, nickel silver.Gold and platinum are in conflict with the owner of a talisman.

special force have precious stones in which finely engraved image: ram, owls, wolves, Fleece.Unlike women, a prerogative enjoyed only Aries man.

for the stronger sex characteristic of wearing such stones like:

  • grenades - needs while promoting the corporate ladder in order to avoid gossip and intrigue.Stone Green is able to protect from a violent death.However, the grenade will approach, if Aries is bold and self-assured;
  • ruby ​​ - particularly strong in the ring.
    only able to support Ruby Aries during the conquest of the next summit, to enhance his physical condition and to increase mental capacity.
    stumbling generals, conquerors, winners have always been - the ruby.With the help of Aries man will be protected from bouts of depression and melancholy.

In conclusion, it must be said that the Aries, both men and women can use in their lives different gems mascot for Aries however, is one that he needs it today to achieve this goal.