The first signs of the beginning of menopause: how to recognize age-related changes?

Woman smiling Many experts say that the symptoms of menopause in women can be recognized even in a couple of years before the onset of the condition.To this end, it developed several methods that are based on patient self-monitoring of their condition and the special analysis, which allows to determine the hormonal and structural changes.

However, the best way to anticipate the onset of menopause and start her treatment - regular visits to the gynecologist according to existing recommendations.Thus, it can prevent the emergence and early menopause, which may be accompanied by very unpleasant symptoms that force to call it a natural state of the body's disease.


  • Independent monitoring
    • part of the "hot flashes»
    • Hormonal changes
    • problems in sex
  • internal processes
    • premenopausal
    • menstruations
  • Psychological effects


Although there are many medical procedures of high accuracy, about 80% of women recognize their own signs of impending menopause.

part of the "hot flashes»

Heat a woman most noticeable symptoms include the so-called "hot flashes."They include the sudden appearance of the heat in the upper part of the body, accompanied by severe redness.The duration of the attack is rarely more than 5 minutes, the frequency individually.Some women at menopause like features appear only at night - not more than one or two times, while others tolerate such agony to 50 times per day.

enough trouble is sweating during the "tide", which causes the most engaged in personal hygiene, visiting a shower several times a day.

Hormonal changes

desire to visit the bathroom and there is another reason, by means of which currently states approaching menopause.Hormonal changes cause a significant reduction in the size of the bladder, thereby urging become much more frequent.Many women even there such a state of acute cystitis, which is accompanied by a performance out of a few drops of urine during sudden movements.

In order to reduce these unpleasant symptoms of menopause, use of combined hormonal and anti-inflammatory treatment.

These changes include a reduction in the production of hormones that support the health of the vagina and uterus.Menopause - in particular, under the condition of early onset significantly thins their mucous membranes, causing abnormal dryness, burning, itching, discomfort during movement.

problems in sex

Reduced sexual activity Sexual intercourse is often a difficult and painful - symptoms include decreased production of natural lubrication, as well as a decrease in sexual activity.In the present case the unpleasant effects can also give a good fight back by applying the treatment, but take large doses of hormonal preparations for the resumption of sexual activity is not necessary - you can greatly disrupt the natural balance that will lead to the development of serious diseases.

All these signs appear not earlier than one year before the beginning of menopause.At the same time, the first changes in women begin to happen much earlier - doctors say that changes are taking place already for 2.5 years before the full onset of the process.

also not ruled out the possibility of early menopause, which may be accompanied by a very strong negative impact on the body.Therefore, it is necessary to look for the symptoms of menopause in women who have crossed the age of 45 years.

internal processes


Old lady Around the age of 50 in the majority of premenopausal women develop a condition that is often referred to menopause syndrome, attributing this phenomenon to the category of diseases.Age may not correspond to this figure - sometimes hormonal changes begin as early as 45 years, and some women - only 60 years, but the most significant likelihood observed during this period.

noted cases and rapid onset of menopause, when the whole long process is reduced to 1-2 months, during which there is almost no discomfort.

essence of changes in the body is quite simple.The endocrine system is activated biological mechanism that slows down the production of male and female sex hormones, while also stimulating the creation of follicle-stimulating hormone.This causes symptoms in menopause women who have been described above.In this pre-menopausal state can last from one to three years, during which there is a gradual decrease in the formation of estrogen and testosterone.


Woman & Watches about a few months after the first symptoms, the majority of women menstrual cycle is disrupted.Close climax makes itself felt weak and irregular bleeding, which may not appear for 2-3 months.If you experience early menopause and menstruation can not stop, but will gradually decrease their volume and discomfort will disappear.When the monthly final stop, the body goes into a phase of menopause.

most often starts at the age of 53-55 years, when there is a complete rebuild of the body.During the year, a very high probability of occurrence and development of severe diseases that are associated with hormonal and metabolic nature.The reason for this is to minimize the release of female hormones at high levels of testosterone production.During this period, the majority of women gaining about 5-10 kg, from which then very difficult to get rid of.

Menopause can cause the development of diabetes, atherosclerosis and other serious trouble - in response to the first signs of abnormalities should begin immediate treatment, which greatly increases the chances of peace to survive this period without receiving a bouquet of chronic diseases.

About a year later finally reduced testosterone levels, and process returns to normal flow.However, this age is characterized by elevated blood levels of FSH, which has no use, may cause adverse symptoms such as osteoporosis or other problems with brittleness and fragility of the bones.

Experts recommend to abandon hormones, replacing them with a special diet with high content of calcium, magnesium and sodium.Within two years after the termination of the last menstrual period climax completely finished and the body goes into its final stage of development, which is characterized by a strong decline in sexual function and the impossibility of conception.

Psychological effects

Any process that contains hormonal changes can not affect the human psyche.The main symptoms of menopause in women and include such changes that are beginning to emerge long before the physical.

Irritation an age of over 45 years, and you feel at a constant irritability and tearfulness and mood swings, it is very likely menopause.In some women, these effects are quite weak, with the result that they are sometimes mistaken for premenstrual syndrome.However, the symptoms of menopause last much longer, and may cover several months, which is also often accompanied by depression, and that is their main feature.

In addition, insomnia is often biased.This means that a person feels tired, feels the urgent need for a holiday, but can not sleep due to excessive tension or anxiety.

Climax, in particular, subject to early onset, can become the cause of a complete change of character - the former tough business woman abruptly become homebody and feel the need for proximity to his family, and some women, on the contrary, they go in search of adventure, which theyIt lacked in youth.With this treatment has virtually no effect on the psychological symptoms - in order to be successful it is necessary to use a very high dosage of hazardous hormones.

unusual symptoms during menopause women are making themselves felt in the form of severe forgetfulness and absentmindedness.Many blamed it on age, but over time, these negative effects are almost completely.

majority of respondents to the women said that even forget simple words and can remember them a few minutes.Menopause causes severe headaches and migraines seasonal exacerbation, which often suffer from people who spend most of their time in enclosed spaces.

Kotorolak and Ibuprofen In this case, symptomatic treatment is used, which has no relation to the negative manifestations of menopause - used drugs such as:

  • Ketorolac (Ketanov);
  • Ibuprofen;
  • antispasmodics and vasodilators.

Most modern women menopause is completely unfounded panic - they see it as the end of a full life and the onset of this age.In the case of early menopause they begin neurotic reaction, the consequences of which are difficult to predict.Cases of serious irreversible occurrence of mental disorders and suicide attempts, and much more.

Happy woman In such cases, it should be remembered that the climax - it's just one of the processes in the human body that accompanies a certain age, and then it is possible to lead an active, full, rich, vivid impressions of life.If you use an adequate symptomatic treatment, the hormonal changes are many women almost completely, and not have a significant impact on their everyday life.