What odontogenic sinusitis?

Odontogenic sinusitis - is an inflammatory process that occurs in the lining of the sinus of the upper jaw.He provoked a hotbed of infection, which is in the mouth.Pockets of infection form bacterial microorganisms.Normally they are in the oral cavity.

This type of sinusitis may develop on the background of pathological processes that occur in the teeth of the upper jaw (first molars, second molars, second premolars).The main causes of the disease include acute periodontitis second premolar and first and second molars.In addition, chronic form of periodontitis in the acute stage of the disease can also trigger sinusitis.

Odontogenic sinusitis can be formed on the background of osteomyelitis of the upper jaw, with festering radicular cyst and inflammation around the impacted tooth.There progression of the disease and on the background of the wrong tooth extraction.

Odontogenic sinusitis: symptoms and treatment

There are different forms of the disease.For each of them characterized by its symptoms and

causes contamination.For example, the acute form of the disease is frequently caused serous form.Initial signs of acute forms of pain in favor of one or more teeth.She goes into the temporal, frontal and infraorbital region.

In the acute form of odontogenic sinusitis symptoms can appear and watery discharge from the nose.It is also noted down the function of smell.After some time there is an increase of edema sinuses.This leads to the almost complete filling of mucus and its further increase.

Typically, the person starts breathing violated.And the outflow of mucus from the sinuses is stopped or hampered.If in such cases not to timely medical treatment, the acute form of the disease go into purulent.

purulent form of odontogenic sinusitis symptoms are: fatigue, malaise, chills, and inflated body temperature (up to 39-40 degrees).It is also noted swelling of the cheeks, or an increase from the defeat, visible redness and swelling in the suborbital region.

addition, the patient feels severe pain in the nasal sinuses and inflammation in affected teeth.This pus and mucus from the nasal passages.And she has a sinus mucosa is swollen and reddened appearance.Painful sensations are very strong.Because of this disturbed night's sleep right.Can form photophobia.

Diagnostics blood in the presence of an acute form of odontogenic sinusitis as a symptom can show leukocytosis and excessive regulations erythrocyte sedimentation rate.But X-rays of the sinuses can show their blackout.In some cases, it is possible to install a horizontal border pus accumulated in the sinuses.

usually in the presence of such a disease medical therapy begins with a drainage or removal of foci of infection in the upper jaw.To do this, create the most favorable conditions for the proper drainage of pus from the sinus.It is possible to delete the patient's tooth.

When odontogenic sinusitis treatment can include an autopsy purulent foci, which are admaxillary tissues.Such cases occur in acute purulent periostitis.

Odontogenic sinusitis treatment After opening procedure is performed puncture of the maxillary sinus.If available pus, it is aspirated by a special medical syringe.After that, sinuses disinfectant solution of antibiotics and antiseptics.

Odontogenic sinusitis treatment can include putting plastic catheter in maxillary pazuhu.Pri using it conducted further drainage and washing procedure.

With surgical methods of medical treatment the patient is discharged and hyposensitizing antibacterial drugs.There may also be administered vasoconstrictor remedies.

After elimination of purulent formations in the odontogenic sinusitis treatments physiotherapy treatment continues.The chronic form of the disease treatment is also aimed at eliminating foci of infection, and then appointed by the conservative methods of dealing with the disease.

If not revealed positive results, further medical therapy involves surgery.It is called the maxillary sinusotomy.This revision must be conducted with the formation of the maxillary sinus fistula between the maxillary sinus and inferior nasal passages.

outcome of the acute form of the disease

Chronic odontogenic sinusitis is the transition of the acute form of the disease into a chronic process.Main for this type of disease (in the absence of perforation in the bottom of the sinuses) is similar to chronic sinusitis rhinogenous.It waves.A worsening of the disease often occurs during hypothermia after acute respiratory viral infections.It may also coincide with the process of exacerbation of chronic periodontitis.

During the exacerbation of the disease, patients may experience a feeling of heaviness, fullness and pain in the upper jaw.It can spread to the eyes, temples, forehead and upper teeth.Standing symptom of the chronic form of the disease - a purulent discharge.They may be separated in different amounts.

In chronic odontogenic sinusitis patients also complain of a feeling of a unilateral headache.Also characteristic of the feeling of heaviness in the head.Infraorbital region and the lower eyelid, in this case look swollen.And the process of palpation of the front wall of the upper jaw has a strong pain.There may be an increased sensitivity of the skin in the infraorbital nerve.

In addition, there is a difficult nasal breathing by the defeat, and patients often complain of an unpleasant smell.During the procedure rinoskopii average nasal passage revealed the accumulation of pus.Also, there is swelling in the front ends of the lower and middle turbinate.On examination of the oral cavity in the upper jaw detected carious teeth.Also available can be deep or deeper periodontal inflammation around the implant intraosseous.

In chronic odontogenic sinusitis may be a fever.And the diagnosis of blood leukocytosis and set standards too high erythrocyte sedimentation rate.Puncture reveals the presence of accumulated pus.

When this type of remission of the disease is characterized by blurred signs.Periodically, the severity may be manifested in the sinuses.And on the morning of the nasal passages pus.It can also be shown and inflated fatigue entire human body.

Chronic odontogenic sinus x-ray shows a darkening of the maxillary sinus, particularly the lower parts.And with long-term course of the disease can form cancer mucosa of the sinuses.