Catarrhal sinusitis: symptoms, treatment

Everybody knows that sinusitis - an inflammation of the sinuses.They are located just above the nostrils.Inside the maxillary sinuses are lined with mucous membranes.When it becomes inflamed, it begins to produce mucus.It begins runny nose (sinusitis).If you do not treat a runny nose or get complications, then under the influence of microbial mucus turns into pus and stagnates in the sinuses.

By the nature of the inflammatory process following types:

- catarrhal sinusitis;

- purulent sinusitis;

- allergic sinusitis;

- adontogenny sinusitis;

- mixed type.

The article focuses on the treatment of catarrhal sinusitis and catarrhal sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis

Common symptoms of sinusitis are manifested in the form of the following signs:

- headache (pain may be aggravated by tilting the head forward);

- pain in the forehead and eye sockets;

- difficulty breathing through the nose;

- purulent nasal discharge.

When catarrhal sinusitis can be expressed symptoms of intoxication of the organi

sm.However, they are not clearly manifested.This weakness, general fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, decreased performance, increased body temperature.

How does catarrhal sinusitis?When undertreated diseases nasopharynx appears excessive accumulation of mucus.This creates favorable conditions for the bacteria that lead to swelling of the mucous membrane.In the case of hypothermia occurs the same.

catarrhal sinusitis - a deeper inflammatory process than the usual sinusitis.This type of sinusitis is dangerous because the inflammation can spread to organs such as the eyes and the brain, as are located very close to the sinus.As a result, there are complications: abscess, abscess of the orbit, meningitis, blindness.All

sinuses, which are located near the nose, have a lead-out holes which connect the region of the nose and sinus.If there is swelling of the mucous these openings are closed.Pus can not go out in this case.It activates the inflammatory process due to the mucus that accumulates in the maxillary sinus.

to fight inflammation, the body begins to work effectively.What is he doing?He starts a big production of white blood cells, they help to fight infection and stand guard over our immunity.If white blood cells are not very many, and the originator of the disease (bacteria) is aggressive, then it flows into the purulent inflammation of the form.In this case, not only it ends sinusitis edema and inflammation of the sinuses.With this turn of events, the doctor makes a diagnosis - acute catarrhal sinusitis.

interesting fact is that children under 6 years of acute catarrhal sinusitis is diagnosed very rarely.This is due to the fact that the maxillary sinus is not yet completely developed.While in children older than 6 years of acute catarrhal sinusitis manifested frequently.Samu this disease to classify as an acute stage.

When catarrhal inflamed sinus mucosa of the maxillary sinus, as we have already mentioned above.This inflammation can sometimes cover the periosteum and bone (acute catarrhal sinusitis).Therefore, if your runny nose persists for a long time, or there are any symptoms of sinusitis, sign up immediately to the doctor.

Treatment of catarrhal sinusitis

Catarrhal sinusitis treatment catarrhal sinusitis treatment can be conservative or surgical.It depends on the nature of inflammation.He is treated quite successfully.The main thing in time to see a doctor.Otherwise, the disease becomes chronic, which is not so easy to cure.When to see a doctor when the first symptoms of sinusitis cured 90% of patients.Incorrect treatment or advanced forms of the disease leads to the death of the bone.In this case, the patient gets on the surgical table.

When conservative treatment of catarrhal sinusitis doctor prescribes, primarily vasoconstrictor drops.Most Popular drops in this segment -Naftizin.Application drops relieves swelling of the mucous membranes of the sinuses.The side effects of these drugs - addictive.The patient begins to use them more often and soon can not do without them.People with diseases of the cardiovascular system is worth remembering that the vasoconstrictor drops can cause a rise in blood pressure.

addition to drops the doctor prescribes antihistamines.They are designed to remove the swelling.Among them are the most common drugs such as diphenhydramine, suprastin, tavegil.Applied antimicrobials which have a broad spectrum of action.The integrated approach used:

1) Desensebiliziruyuschaya therapy.

2) Probiotic products (Linex, Bion 3 Normoflorin).

3) To mitigate the nasal mucosa (Komozitum, Pinosol).

4) Restoration of nasal mucosa (Sinupret).

5) Antiseptic Therapy (Miramistin, Oktenisept).

6) Physical therapy (sessions of laser therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, ultrasound irrigation of the nasal cavity).

With little effectiveness of medical treatment prescribed catarrhal sinusitis sinus puncture.This surgical procedure is carried out in a specialized branch office otolaryngologist.The purpose of the surgery - to remove the pus from the sinus.

At its nose washing efficiency is paramount in the treatment of sinusitis.Before this procedure, you should consult with your doctor.Nasal lavage at home, usually performed using a saline solution.Also in drugstores special preparations and devices for rinsing.The most popular of them - Aqua Maris and Dolphin.

The use of folk remedies speed up the healing process.But before you use them, check with your ENT doctor.

Bilateral catarrhal sinusitis

Bilateral catarrhal sinusitis is diagnosed when the sinuses are inflamed on both sides.In acute sinusitis damage (inflammation process) may affect as one or both of the maxillary sinus.If the inflammation goes on the one hand, the violation of nasal breathing, too, will be on one side.At bilateral catarrhal sinusitis process is symmetric.In addition to nasal congestion and discharge from both nostrils, possible pain with pressure on the orbital region and the region of maxillary sinuses.In these areas there is swelling, redness.At bilateral catarrhal sinusitis patient can often bother tearing at inclinations of the head in different directions.

Sinusitis does not pass by itself.Therefore, an important measure for the success of getting rid of it is timely appointments to see a doctor.Among the diagnostic methods ENT applies not only to external examination, but other types of diagnostics.One such method is the X-ray.It will show the presence of abnormalities in the maxillary sinus, which will allow the doctor to diagnose more precisely and to begin timely treatment.

As a precaution catarrhal sinusitis are actions aimed at improving the immunity of the organism as a whole.This hardening, the use of folk remedies, honey, vitamin complexes.Now there is a huge amount of vitamins and natural preparations for the lifting of immunity.Take them with your family and be healthy!