Bilateral sinusitis in children and adults

Bilateral sinusitis - acute inflammation of the mucosa of the maxillary sinuses.This form is in contrast to the unilateral sinusitis takes longer, harder, and may be accompanied by severe consequences and different manifestations.

Reasons bilateral sinusitis are various kinds of infections and viruses of the oral and nasal cavities which, falling into the maxillary sinuses, causing inflammation.In other words, two-sided sinusitis can be caused by a bacterial infection that develops as a complication of viral-based, it goes viral infection (sinusitis is often preceded by acute respiratory disease, SARS, adenovirus, etc.), allergies, injuries.The peculiarity of the anatomical structure, such as a deviated septum, can also play a role in the causes of the disease.It is very important that the associated factors of bilateral sinusitis may include stress, fatigue, and as a consequence of reduced immune response that triggers the development of various diseases.

Bilateral sinusitis in a child

Bilateral sinusitis in a child, as well as many other diseases, because of a weak immune system carries much more difficult than in adults.That is why parents should avoid exacerbation of the disease: timely access to specialists that can prevent the transition from acute sinusitis in a two-way.It is a very insidious disease, it is often mistaken for a common cold.Symptoms bilateral sinusitis in children are similar to the symptoms of acute viral infection: fever, headache, shortness of breath.So, if after a few days of home treatment your child is not getting better, or once the temperature rises sharply - do not self-medicate, you should immediately consult a specialist.

Against the background of subfebrile temperature (37-37,2), the first symptoms of sinusitis are abundant bilateral nasal discharge, intoxication, fatigue in the evening and headaches - usually in the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses.Complicated breathing, conversation "on the nose" - all this is a sign of nasal congestion and a consequence of the development of bilateral sinusitis in children.

main symptom, which is necessary to draw the attention of parents - arching and pressing unpleasant sensations in the nose, cheeks, forehead, teeth.This is accompanied by severe headache, which is enhanced by lowering the head while standing, but it becomes weaker if the lie.As with adults, in some cases, double-sided sinusitis child accompanied by a toothache in the upper jaw.When compression of the jaw when chewing food or pain increases.The nasal passages going too much mucus, which causes difficulty breathing nose and purulent discharge becomes thick and, as a consequence, the sense of smell is in part disappears.Poor appetite, sensitivity to light - all associated symptoms of sinusitis.Characteristically for the strengthening of bilateral and sinusitis symptoms.So if for about two weeks, signs of a cold or rhinitis persist, especially if they are aggravated, it is likely that this is an acute sinusitis, which can be double-sided and sinusitis.In this case, you should immediately be examined by a specialist otolaryngologist.

Generally, for the diagnosis and further treatment of bilateral sinusitis in a child specialist ENT appoints X-rays of the sinuses, and then based on the data about the image diagnoses.When the diagnosis of "double-sided sinusitis" treatment prescribed with antibiotics.In order to identify the causative agent of an infectious process audiologist can give a direction to the smear from the maxillary sinus.After identifying the causative agent specialist assigns the appropriate antibiotic.

Chronic sinusitis sided

untimely appeal to the specialist, prolonged or improper treatment of bilateral sinusitis may lead to bilateral chronic maxillary sinusitis.Chronic sinusitis occurs when a two-way repeated acute inflammation and prolonged inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.Most often they are in the period of the flu epidemic.If the disease is delayed, you should seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible to begin treatment.

Unfortunately, patients often do not seek medical attention promptly with acute moderate or severe, which inevitably leads to the aggravation of the disease and becomes chronic.In advanced stages, or in chronic bilateral sinus sinuses are filled with thick pus.Sometimes even a special washing does not allow to get rid of.If time does not take urgent measures, it is necessary to make a puncture of the maxillary sinuses.Puncture resort in complex cases when, for example, conservative treatment has not produced the expected results - the antibiotic was not sufficiently effective in the treatment of bilateral sinusitis.In this case, the puncture can be optimal and effective solution.Treatment of bilateral sinusitis will be more productive, and treatment will be most effective and will not last for a few weeks.

For optimal opportunities for appropriate treatment of the patient with chronic sinusitis bilateral effectively admitted to hospital, while generally not only because of the possibility of obtaining the necessary treatment, but also to ensure that the patient is kept under observation.Very often it happens that the patient takes the medicine for 2-3 days, the main symptoms disappear, it becomes easier, and he "forgets" about the disease to the next exacerbation.

necessary to determine the cause of the inflammatory process and eliminate it in order to avoid re-infection.

Bilateral sinusitis - Treatment of folk remedies

Bilateral sinusitis treatment What else can include therapy for bilateral sinus, other than antibiotics?

very important to know that these people "means" as inhalation of potatoes attachment heated salt, sand, boiled eggs, sinus infections, acute sinusitis bilateral development is absolutely contraindicated in children, and in some cases downright dangerous!When the acute process is cured in such a warming is no longer any need, just on the contrary - can cause a deterioration of health and the worsening of the disease.

Why not just bury poor children in the nose, in the hope of instantaneous healing!Probably, all fluid and oil that is in the world.But we must not forget that the nose has special cilia that perform their specific function.And burying his nose in everything that arm horrible, they can injure and disturb their work, because of what is happening in the nose a kind of "stagnation."

Prerequisite treatment should be full and vitamin-rich food, you need to drink plenty.Very useful fresh juices from beets, spinach and cucumber.It is also recommended to enter into the diet of garlic and onions - they have powerful antibacterial properties.If the disease has overtaken you in the winter, you need to drink a vitamin course.After all, this is a very serious disease, and it undermines the body's defenses, to the same treatment of chronic bilateral sinusitis may be delayed.

Irrigate the nose with children need special care.In principle, washing doctors are positive, but with the proviso that it must be done very carefully and appropriately.If the nose there is the content, which should not be there and that may gradually lead to very undesirable consequences, it is necessary to sound the alarm.So it is quite permissible to wash the nose warm, 35-36 degrees, brine, gently, as needed: one to three times a day.The purpose of such a procedure - to get rid of mucus, restore nasal breathing.

You can do this by using a spray bottle, syringe or draw the liquid out of the cup or the palm of one nostril.The procedure must be carried out very carefully to avoid getting water in the ear canals, to prevent discomfort.

Bilateral sinusitis - a very difficult and insidious disease.Treat it very seriously and do not lead to chronic forms.Any disease including reversible sinusitis in adults, children and easily prevented.Do not supercool and dress accordingly weather.Do not overload yourself and do not expose the stress.Eat more vegetables and fruits.More often on walks, play sports.Take care of yourself and your loved ones!