Treatment of sinusitis at home

common cold in most cases goes completely.And in some cases begin to show its various complications.As a rule, suffer maxillary sinuses.That is beginning to spread inflammation of the surrounding nasal sinuses.And often, many patients underwent medical treatment of the disease at home.

When inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity edema.This leads to blockage of the nasal passage and accumulation of mucus content in the maxillary sinus.Originally formed the catarrh, and then purulent its shape.Before sinusitis treated at home, be sure to make sure that the nasal cavity is not in the presence of purulent stagnation.Otherwise, self-treatment can only be harmful to their health.

possible to cure sinusitis at home?

Very often the main cause of the disease appears respiratory infection.Therefore, in the autumn and winter period, the number of patients with this diagnosis is increasing.You can also select a number of chronic diseases, which can trigger the development of sinusitis.These incl

ude dental caries, long an allergic reaction, which is accompanied by rhinitis.Also include pharyngitis, tonsillitis, adenoids and abnormal curvature of the nasal septum.

cure sinusitis at home can be.But only if treatment is initiated in a timely manner and at the first onset of symptoms.Among the first manifestations of the disease include the presence of chills, fever, appearance of pain in the facial area, and nasal congestion.

chronic form of the disease manifests itself prolonged rhinitis.He is not cured by standard therapies.Often accompanied by pain in the head and eye sockets.May develop conjunctivitis.

To cure sinusitis at home, there are many recipes.And the statistics of a positive medical treatment at home is very high.Mainly used folk remedies to relieve symptoms of the disease.

basic condition for any treatment at home washing process serves sinus with a solution of sodium chlorite.Or you can use a solution based on the table or sea salt.Such manipulation is performed before each instillation of nasal passages.

to cure sinusitis at home, do not use the means that may develop allergies.It is important to remember that if the procedure of medical treatment does not have a proper recovery, you should seek immediate medical advice.

good home remedy to eliminate the disease is based on inhalation of propolis.To do this, you need to prepare their own solution for manipulation.In two liters of boiled water should add 2 teaspoons of alcohol tincture of propolis.It is available in any pharmacy and is available without prescription.

the treatment of sinusitis in the home based on the inhalation of propolis is not recommended to use them in cases of allergic reactions to bee products.It is also forbidden to carry out such inhalation young children.

the treatment of diseases in the home used a drop of honey.For their preparation should be well grind four grams of herb celandine, mix with honey and the juice of the aloe plant.The mixed solution was instilled into each nostril at a dosage of five drops three times per day.

treat sinusitis at home can and rosehip oil or sea buckthorn.They have a soothing and healing effect.It is used for acute and chronic sinusitis.It does not use these oils for children under two years.

also effective use of herbal teas, both inside and inhalation.But before using them it is necessary to make sure that there are no allergic reactions to any component of herbal teas.

To treat sinusitis home herbal, you can prepare infusion or decoction.To do this, take two tablespoons of chamomile, sage, lavender, St. John's wort, eucalyptus and a spoonful succession and yarrow.Mix well and pour three tablespoons herb mixture with two liters of boiled water.

This infusion should stand for half an hour at room temperature.Followed by infusion of strain and take one hundred grams every 3 hours.This decoction can also be used for the process of inhalation at home.It is best done before bedtime.

To treat sinusitis in the home, you can also use an ointment based on honey.For its preparation you need to grate one tablespoon baby soap.Take one tablespoon of vegetable oil, milk and honey.The following mix all ingredients and heat in the water (steam) bath.The heating process should last as long as the soap is completely dissolved.

After dissolving soap is necessary to pour a tablespoon of alcohol to the mix, and immediately remove from heat.Cooked cream should be poured into a glass bowl and let cool.Apply it should be with the help of cotton swabs to moisten ointments and left in the nasal cavity for fifteen minutes.This medical therapy should be continued for three weeks.Here the ointment can be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Eliminating headaches for diseases

To cure sinusitis home treatment of sinusitis often at home accompanied by a strongly expressed headaches.To eliminate them, use the juice plant cyclamen.He has to dig into both nostrils for a few drops.And in this case the patient should be in supine position.

After some time, the patient will begin the process of a person sneezing.At the same time, along with a runny nose will begin to stand out the pus sinus.It may also occur fever, fever and sweating.But after a few hours the patient significantly improved health.And if necessary, this procedure can be repeated.

To eliminate headaches in the treatment of sinusitis at home effective compression of clay.To this should be diluted fifty grams of clay into hot water.The consistency of the solution should take the form of clay.

Then take 2 pieces of gauze soaked in warm vegetable oil and place them on both sides of the body of the nose (in the maxillary sinuses).On the gauze should be placed warm clay wrap and hold for about an hour.Such action not only help reduce headaches, but also to remove other pain.

to eliminate pain in the treatment of sinusitis in the home, you can use the packs based on bay leaf.To do this, take a sprig of laurel leaves and fill it with water.Bring to a boil and allow to cool slightly.Then you need to wet the cloth in the solution and put on the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses.To compress is not so much cooled, you can cover the face of the ordinary towel.For a good effect to keep a compress for about an hour.