Sinusitis in Adults - signs and symptoms

Sinusitis - quite a common disease among people of all ages.To protect themselves, the right to carry out preventive procedures, you must know the basic symptoms of sinusitis and its causes.In this article we will talk about the main symptoms of sinusitis in adults, its methods of treatment and methods of prevention of the disease.

Sinusitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the sinus as a result of infections of viral, bacterial or fungal origin.Inflammation begins to develop, if formed in the axils of stagnant mucus or broken free outflow of mucus from the sinuses.The inflammatory process may be involved both sinuses or one of them - unilateral or bilateral sinusitis.

For the treatment of sinusitis in adults used drugs with antibacterial effect, antihistamines and antibiotics in combination with physical therapy.

Symptoms of sinusitis in adults

sinusitis symptoms are quite varied and do not indicate a clear inflammation in the maxillary sinus, the reason for their accurate diagnosis is of

ten not enough.The fact that the symptoms of sinusitis in adults are similar to the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and other diseases of upper respiratory tract.

Here are the main symptoms of sinusitis in adults:

- unpleasant sensations in the nose, accompanied by an increase in pain;

- headache as a result of painful sensations in the nose;

- difficulty in nasal breathing, nasal congestion, runny nose;

- increase in body temperature up to 380 C or higher;

- malaise, weakness, fatigue, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite.

to diagnose sinusitis is difficult.Even if all of these symptoms of sinusitis in adults is available, it does not mean necessarily that the diagnosis is confirmed.

If symptoms develop gaymoritanuzhno immediately consult an audiologist, a doctor appointed to timely treatment.

For the diagnosis the doctor considers the results rinoskopii (inspection), taking into account the above mentioned symptoms of sinusitis in the adult, as well as the results of the tests, and then assigns additional research.

Doctors have identified a number of the most characteristic symptoms of sinusitis in adults during the inspection:

- moderate pain with pressure on the location of the sinuses;

- redness and swelling of the mucous membranes;

- from inflamed sinuses middle meatus drains purulent discharge;

- the presence of inflammation in the body according to laboratory tests.

The diagnosis is confirmed by a procedure radiography or CT scan of the sinuses.In some cases, when symptoms of sinusitis in an adult is not very clearly expressed or no symptoms, a doctor may prescribe a detailed study for the diagnosis procedures using MRI or ultrasound sinuses.

Causes of sinusitis

main cause of sinusitis is infection through blood sinuses or nasal cavity during periods of weak immunity.

predisposition to sinusitis cause the following factors:

- violation of nasal breathing: vasomotor rhinitis, or hypertrophic, allergies;

- the weakening of immunity as a result of other diseases;

- were treated with no colds or infections caused by complications of sinusitis;

- the presence of Staphylococcus in human nasal mucosa (bacteriocarrier).It is found only in laboratory smear.

increases the risk of gaymoritai deformation of the nasal septum.Smoking and scuba diving too often the factors causing a predisposition to sinusitis.

treatment of sinusitis in adults

As a result of a complex diagnosis is assigned to the treatment of sinusitis in adults.Primarily to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa are always assigned vasoconstrictor drugs.

Regardless of the form of sinusitis doctor will prescribe a program of activities and the range of medications to relieve swelling of the sinuses, removing mucus and reduce pain sensations that accompany sinusitis.

Acute sinusitis in adults treated with antibiotics, vasoconstrictor agents in combination with physical therapy methods - electrophoresis, UHF, inhalation, etc.However appointed expectorants and decongestants, analgesics for pain relief.

widely used in outpatient treatment of sinusitis in adults vacuum sinus catheterization.With YAMIK catheter creates a controlled pressure in the sinuses and the outflow of mucus.

Symptoms of sinusitis in adults If the disease does not pass in a few weeks, then he was transferred to the category of chronic.Treatment of chronic sinusitis - a more complicated process.In chronic sinusitis appointed complex therapy drugs and antibiotics.

If purulent inflammation develops a strong and conservative treatment gaymoritane leads to success, then the doctor prescribes a surgical puncture (puncture of the maxillary sinuses) under general anesthesia.

Preventing sinusitis in adults

It is known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.Development or exacerbation of the symptoms of sinusitis can be avoided by using methods of prevention of sinusitis.Here are the main preventive measures against sinusitis:

- Early treatment of infectious diseases.

- overall strengthening of immunity.

- humidification.Dry indoor air causes drying of the nasal mucosa, which contributes to more rapid and deep penetration of infections and pathogens through the nose.To humidify the air enough to hang on the battery wet towel in the bedroom, or to place in the apartment open water containers.You can use special devices for humidifying air in the room.

- Inhalation of herbs and fees.

- Nasal lavage with saline.

- Massage sinuses.An excellent measure to prevent sinusitis.The massage increases blood flow, warms the area sinuses, resulting in naturally eliminating stagnant mucus.

- Frequent blowing the nose in combination with self-massage promotes the release of mucus and avoid its stagnation.

- Exercises for drawing air frees the sinuses from stale air and clean moves.Actively retracts into the air for two to three seconds.If breathing is difficult, you can use before exercise vasoconstrictor drops.

- Ebony Drive - a device for physiotherapy treatments at home.To prevent sinusitis should be done stroking movements in a clockwise direction the grinding of the disk on the forehead and cheeks with a speed of about one revolution per second.

preventive measures and timely treatment to the otolaryngologist will allow you to prevent sinusitis or get rid of it in a short time, avoiding the protracted course of the disease and its relapse.