Acute sinusitis - what is fair?

sinusitis disease - a type of sinusitis.This disease provokes the process of inflammation of maxillary sinuses (maxillary sinuses).Sinusitis is called common inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.There are different forms of the disease.For example, there is chronic sinusitis, acute sinusitis, unilateral or bilateral sinusitis.

inpatient treatment often occurs elimination of inflammation in the frontal or maxillary sinuses.In addition, the cure and the simultaneous defeat of their infection.The disease is sinusitis is very common, so the diagnosis is known to almost all people.

Acute sinusitis: symptoms and treatment

In the formation of acute sinusitis symptoms are the following: there are, and gradually increase the unpleasant and painful sensations in the paranasal area.Such pain often occur in the morning to a lesser extent, and in the evening they are amplified.Pain can lead to migraine in humans.

also appears baffling process of nasal breathing and nasal congestion.This provokes a change in a p

atient voice, and it becomes nasal.Begins to form a runny nose with purulent discharge.And this symptom may not occur in the case of strong nasal congestion, because hampered by the outflow of mucus from the sinuses.

In addition, acute sinusitis can be a symptom of the inflated body temperature and general malaise man.This is manifested in frequent and rapid fatigue of the body, general weakness, abstinence from food and common sleep disorders.Patients often expressed toothache, which increases when chewing food.Also noticeable swelling of the cheeks, and less of the lower eyelid.It may appear watery, understated sense of smell and photophobia.

disease is diagnosed based on common patient complaints and timely examination by a doctor of the nasal cavity.For example, if the pus, which are on average during the after wiping the nose and tilt your head forward again appear, this may indicate inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.But to confirm the diagnosis should be established to carry out even more research.Initially held transillumination (candling sinuses), then - radiology and puncture test.

After diagnosing the disease need to choose the right medical treatment.In acute sinusitis treatment should include the elimination of edema of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages.You should also ensure a good outflow of mucus from the sinuses.But medical practice marks is the wrong approach to the patient's medical treatment process as a whole.Therefore, it is important to visit your doctor beforehand.

isolated and non-surgical treatment of the disease.The basic principle applies his process of recovery ventilation and drainage function of the passage that connects the maxillary sinus to the nasal passages.Also, doctors prescribe the use of antihistamines, antibiotics and symptomatic treatment drugs.In addition, non-operative treatment includes removal of sinus purulent discharge and commissioning these medicines.

In acute sinusitis treatment can be directed at increasing the immune resistance of the organism, as well as to create favorable and comfortable conditions for the elimination of the causes of diseases and the development of its complications.It is necessary to eliminate all pockets of infection that can trigger inflammation of the sinuses.

believed that if a patient expressed acute form of sinusitis, the medical therapy should be timely and immediate.Also have to consider the overall picture of the causes of the disease and possible relapse of inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity.In addition, it should be remembered, and that the disease can be either viral or bacterial cause of.And it often occurs in people who have weak immune function.

Acute sinusitis is characterized by the treatment process to reduce inflammation.For this anti-inflammatory and decongestant taken drugs in the form of sprays.If the sinusitis has arisen on the basis of allergic reactions, you should take antihistamines.

In other forms of manifestations of the disease such drugs are prohibited.They contribute to dryness of mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, and thickening of the mucous secretions.This complicates the process of release of secretion from the maxillary sinuses.

Eliminating disease folk remedies

In acute sinusitis treatment of folk remedies include drinking plenty of fluids, perform inhalations based decoctions or infusions of herbs.A large effect has based propolis tincture.

To do this, boil the water and add the half a teaspoon of alcohol tinctures of propolis (30%).Thus infusion carry out the process of inhalation at home.

In acute sinusitis, and effective processes of burying the nose.Drops can be prepared independently.To do this you need to mix the same amount of juice of the aloe plant, celandine herbs and honey.The resultant solution thrice need instilled into each nostril at a dosage of five to ten drops.It is also well to rosehip oil or sea buckthorn, which is dug into the nasal cavity six to eight times a day.

Acute sinusitis treatment help eliminate headaches juice plant cyclamen.Burying the wire in the nose a dosage of two drops in each nostril.At the same time the patient must lie on his back.A few minutes later begins to show reaction to the sap.That is, the patient sneezes and coughs, sweats and feels intense heat.After a day of nasal starts pus, which has a yellow-green color.It was his stagnation and serves the cause of headaches.

After this process the release of sinus patient is sleeping more quietly, his dream is long and without the presence of pain.In other words, acute sinusitis symptoms start to fade.

Acute sinusitis sided

Chronic sinusitis is often a two-way leads to the fact that the patient begins to break down the process of smell.This symptom is especially pronounced in the polypoid form of the disease.

Acute bilateral gaymoritevoznikaet swelling of the eyelids and shows soft tissue swelling in the affected sinuses.A double-sided chronic sinusitis expressed more diffuse symptoms.It is formed as a result of recurrent relapses and exacerbations acute form of the disease.

also contributes to its appearance down immune function, chronic disease, the presence of polyps and dogleg nasal partition (that is, their pathological changes).

Acute bilateral sinusitis can last for several weeks.A treatment duration of therapy depends on the disease.Usually, the cause of infection of the disease appears.

It includes the presence of pathogens and various viral organisms.They enter the body through the blood and respiratory system.And they are the main reasons for the formation of the disease.

should be very serious about these kinds of diseases, especially acute sinusitis bilateral.Often, their untimely and improper treatment can lead to serious consequences.