Treatment of chronic sinusitis: where to start?

Chronic sinusitis usually is the result of complications of colds: influenza, sinusitis, acute respiratory infections.It lends itself to treatment as conservative methods, as well as radical.Treatment of chronic sinusitis should be necessarily complex.Even doctors in addition to traditional folk treatment prescribed for the treatment of chronic sinusitis in the home.How to cure chronic sinusitis - about this today and we'll talk.

Sinusitis Chronic sinusitis

is none other than the sinus inflammation.These sinuses going mucus, which then, under the influence of pathogenic microbes, turns into pus and out through the nose.

Bright symptoms of chronic sinusitis:

- pain in the eye sockets, and sinuses, which is enhanced by tilting the head forward;

- headache;

- nasal congestion;

- purulent nasal discharge;

- feeling of pressure in the head and eyes.

If you find yourself in some of the symptoms of chronic sinusitis, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.Not always these symptoms may indicate sinusi

tis, you should put the diagnosis of an experienced physician.ENT necessarily prescribe additional tests.When symptoms of chronic sinusitis experts appointed in most cases, x-rays.This is the best kind of diagnosis of the disease, which allows you to determine what kind of sinusitis in humans.

Subjective symptoms of sinusitis include the following:

- unilateral purulent discharge;

- a constant headache;

- difficulty breathing through the nose;

- deterioration of the sense of smell.

The objective local symptoms of chronic sinusitis include the following features:

- swelling of the eye membranes;

- swelling of the mucous membrane of the lacrimal system;

- palpation pain in the inner corner of the eye.

several types of sinusitis:

1) Sinusitis - inflammation of the mucosa of the maxillary sinus directly.

2) Front - an inflammation of the frontal sinus.

3) Etmondit - inflammation in the ethmoid cells.

4) Ofenondit - an inflammation of the main sinus.

Each particular form of sinusitis treatment varies.That's why you can not trust the advice of others.You may be treated incorrectly.This will only exacerbate the situation and may lead to disastrous consequences.This is especially true of chronic sinusitis in children.

on Form chronic sinusitis are divided into:

- festering, catarrhal and polypous (pathologic basis);

- specific, flu, viral (microbiological feature);

- pansinusitis, poligemisinusit, monosinusit (most common);

- latent, escalating, permanent (in clinical terms);

- not complicated, complicated (the complexity of the disease).

How to treat chronic sinusitis?

How to cure chronic sinusitis - a reasonable question.Most importantly, it does not prevent the development of disease.There need regular preventive measures.Rinsing the nasal saline solution, for example, one of the most simple but effective measures.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis always begins with nasal lavage.The main thing that came good outflow of the contents of the maxillary sinuses.How to treat chronic sinusitis using washes?

1. Brine.

necessary 3-4 times a day to wash the nose with brine.How to do it?Take 1 cup of warm boiled water, then dissolve there is 1 teaspoon (without top) salt.Sol take an ordinary stone, not petty!Nasal wash procedure is that you pulled or salt water was injected into one nostril and the solution is flowed out through the other.When the nose is severely clogged, the solution flows from the mouth.Nothing wrong.In other nostril gets too.Then you need to blow your nose properly.First one nostril, then the other.This procedure is applied several times, first with one nostril, then the other.

2. Dolphin.

drug is available in pharmacies and contains a complex nasal lavage.Dolphin includes the device itself to wash and dry powder, which should be diluted as instructed.Treatment of chronic sinusitis with the preparation Dolphin shown to be effective.

3. Aqua Maris.

agent for nasal lavage Dolphin similar.Only the device for washing different.

4. Saline for nasal lavage.

sale of such a solution in pharmacies in special glass bottles, affordable to everyone.

Chronic sinusitis treatment How to treat chronic sinusitis yet?It is best to abandon the use of vasoconstrictor drops.These occur very quickly addictive.To refuse such a miracle happen drops, oh, how difficult!It is best to bury the nose drops of oil-based.They not only treat chronic sinusitis, but also moisturize the mucosa, restoring its normal functions.Generally, such oil droplets are made on a natural basis.Their doctor prescribes, even during pregnancy, because they are not absorbed into the blood and are completely safe for the body.

not be discounted treatment of sinusitis folk remedies.How to cure chronic sinusitis at home?Only with the help of proven popular recipes.However, consultation with a doctor is required before applying them!

Ghee.For this recipe you need to lie down on the pillow so that the head was thrown back.Then drip into each nostril 5 drops of melted butter and a little lie down.Make ghee is very simple.Take a small amount of butter, put the pan is small in size and do a moderate fire.From time to time to stir the oil, so that it does not stick.It is necessary to heat the oil up to the smell of walnut and transparent state.White flakes that will accumulate at the top, you need to clean up, they are not suitable for treatment.

black radish juice.This folk remedy is effective for pain in the ears, head, nose.We need to drip a few drops of juice in the nose.Or make small balls, soaked in the juice of radish, and insert them in the nose.

willow-herb tea.It is necessary to make 2 tablespoons herb willow-herb to 500 ml.of boiling water.Then bring to a boil and turn the heat off the infusion.We need to take this broth for 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day for 1/3 cup.

This is the most simple folk remedies for chronic sinusitis.Before you they will be used, be sure to consult with your doctor.In some cases, the treatment of sinusitis without antibiotics is complete.If you treat yourself, you miss valuable time.Complications of sinusitis can be disastrous.Therefore, it is always better to consult with an experienced physician.Do not trust a doctor if he will prescribe antibiotics without additional examinations.

There are cases where the doctor prescribes a puncture of the maxillary sinus.This procedure sounds sometimes like a death sentence.It is not necessary to treat this with the perspective.You are always welcome to visit another doctor.If the second doctor would prescribe the procedure, then you have to obey.We hasten to dispel the myth that once having made a puncture, you will need to do it again and again.This legend is untenable.Chronic sinusitis occurs again for another reason, and not because of what you've done something sinus puncture.