Therapies gaymoriat and sinusitis, their differences

In autumn and spring is very often the defeat of the human body a variety of inflammatory processes.Such processes are usually accompanied by the presence of a cold.It can be short or prolonged.In the case of a long period of having a cold should think about sinusitis or sinusitis.

long not passing cold can hide a multitude of dangers.The development of sinusitis can cause a variety of complications to human health.Do not get used to the presence and the presence of the common cold.It must start to treat at the first sign of manifestation.This will help in the future to avoid many of its consequences.

known that the effect of the common cold may be diseases such as sinusitis or sinusitis.Sinusitis is a distinct and localized inflammation.It is located in one or both of the maxillary sinus.And from its location is convenient to define unilateral or bilateral sinusitis.The causes of the disease are the multiple factors, among which are considered to be a pathological condition of the oral cavity and naso

pharynx.Also causes of sinusitis are such infectious diseases as measles, influenza, scarlet fever, and diseases of the upper teeth.

Sinusitis - it is also an inflammatory process of the paranasal sinuses.But he has a different place locations.For example, there is a development in the maxillary sinus and frontal sinus, ethmoid labyrinth and sphenoid sinus.There are acute and chronic forms of the disease.Therefore, the term "sinusitis" called common diseases sinuses, ie sinus.

What distinguishes sinusitis and sinusitis?

So the difference between sinusitis and sinusitis?Often, the first man formed from inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, ie sinusitis develops the disease.After a period of evident inflammation of the frontal sinus or sinusitis.Then, localized inflammation of the ethmoidal labyrinth.It is called etmoidita.And last inflammation of the sphenoid sinus, ie sphenoiditis.

All these cavities are sinuses.They are linked, and inflammation tends to spread from one sinus to another.Inflammation, as noted above, may be unilateral or bilateral.But the cases are isolated and simultaneous destruction of several types of sinus infections.Such inflammation is called pansinusita.

Asked the difference between sinusitis and sinusitis, it should be noted the reasons for their development.Sinusitis often provoke viruses and bacteria.They enter the body (in the maxillary sinus) through the body of the nose.Also, their penetration contributes to the process of absorption of microorganisms through the blood.These bacteria and viruses cause onset of inflammation.

The causes of sinusitis are also disease-causing microbes and viruses.However, sinusitis is considered to be all inflammation of the sinuses and sinusitis - inflammation of the sinuses only.That is, in other words, sinusitis may be localized simultaneously in several sinuses, sinusitis and only one.Furthermore, sinusitis is the result of sinusitis.

Methods of eliminating the disease

treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis initially based on conservative therapy.It is necessary to ensure the correct outflow of the fluid accumulated in the affected sinuses.And this process is most important to achieve the desired effect.Especially it is important the presence of sinusitis, when the cavities have rigid walls and a honeycomb structure.

It should be remembered that the inflammatory process is a hotbed of infection.And in this regard can be provoked by chronic pathology, and in other organs.Therefore it is very important not to start the inflammatory process and not to let him go into the chronic form of the disease.

Usually, chronic manifestations of the disease occur during the use of antibiotics for sinusitis or sinusitis.Such treatment leads to progressive development vicariation effect.Furthermore, the use of antibacterial therapeutic agents may cause various side processes in humans.

curative therapy, which aims to eliminate chronic sinusitis, is complex.It uses and antihomotoxic homeopathic remedies.During their use must be present abundant drinking regime.For this purpose ordinary pure water is used at a dosage of at least one to two liters per day.

the treatment of sinusitis, or sinusitis is to drink plenty of emollient effect during exacerbations.Because in chronic diseases have a high probability of short-term setbacks and relapses.Also effective washing procedure sinuses various solutions.They can be performed at home, and prepare their own solutions.They are decoctions or infusions of herbs.Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties have herbs such as marsh rosemary, calendula officinalis, Salvia officinalis, blue cornflower, chamomile, St. John's wort and other herbs.

Treatment of sinusitis sinusitis Of these herbal teas or infusions prepared, after which they insist and filter.Allow to cool slightly and begin to carry out washing of the nose at home.It has a great effect on the use of aqueous-based or sea salt with the addition of baking soda.But it is necessary to monitor its concentration.Because of its excessive level may cause burns and irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.

the treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis positive feedback received application of iodine solution.To make it, you need to take one glass of warm boiled water and add a few drops of iodine.It is also important concentration of the solution for the painless process of washing the nose.You can also prepare a decoction of calendula, which added a little salt.This solution helps reduce inflammation and eliminate the first signs of disease.

Many medical experts recommend the use of inhalation.They can be carried out in health facilities and at home.And for the solution can be used decoctions of herbs, which have been listed above.Very often used during surgical removal of the disease.This process is a sinus puncture suction stagnant purulent discharge.By this method is resorted to only in advanced forms of the disease.

Treatment with antibiotics in the sinus and sinusitis is used only in acute and chronic manifestations of the disease.Assign them can and should only doctor.Drug treatment usually lasts ten to fourteen days.

mild disease involves the use of antibiotics and cephalosporins macrolide.And with severe forms of sinusitis used penicillins second and third generation.

Antibiotics for sinusitis and sinusitis can trigger side effects.They can also have a negative impact on the human immune function, which then lead to an exacerbation and relapse of the disease.