The principles of proper feeding baby

correct lure a child contributes to the development of children chewing apparatus, stimulation of enzyme systems of the digestive system.He prepares the baby to weaning.You can hear a lot of advice and recommendations on how to conduct proper lure children.Of course, deciding to introduce complementary feeding baby, mother should consult a pediatrician.But in addition, you can use the useful information from the experts in complementary feeding and experienced mothers.

correct lure baby

There are some principles of proper administration of feeding a child.

1.Prikorm breastfed babies recommend starting after the age of six months.The child who is bottle-fed, introduce solid foods a little earlier, usually after 4-5 months.

2.Prikorm need to give the baby to the breast-feeding when he increased appetite.Only juices and fruit purees recommend giving after feeding.

3.Novuyu food should be given in the morning.This will enable to track the status of the child during the day.Sometimes the baby may experi

ence adverse reactions to the new product, and the need to promptly relieve his condition.

4.Blyuda first foods should have a liquid consistency and not cause the baby swallowing difficulties.The gradual transition to a more dense, and then - to the more dense food.

5.Nachalny volume of foods is a quarter or half a teaspoon.During the week is gradually adjusted to the desired amount of food for the children.It is not necessary to increase the amount of feeding more than the recommended amount.

6.Odin the same type of foods do not give the child more than once a day.

7.Prikorm sure to give the child a spoon, and the child should sit.

8.Osnovnoy principle of proper feeding of the child - of gradual and orderly introduction of the new food.A new kind of food is introduced only after the previous absolute addiction.

9.Nelzya start complementary feeding baby when he is sick, received preventive inoculations.Experts do not recommend starting to introduce complementary feeding in hot weather.

10.Dlya first feeding should choose the least allergenic foods.Another new product is introduced not earlier than 5-7 days.During familiarization with the new baby food, you need to follow his chair and the skin condition for the appearance of the rash.If the chair of the baby became liquid, or frequent skin rash, complementary feeding should stop and consult your pediatrician.In the normal state of the baby the next day increase the amount of new food.

11.Do not need to try too early to diversify the menu of the baby.Progressively one week is administered no more than 2-3 new products.Parents become more familiar with the schema definition of complementary feeding in a child's diet.

12.Ovoschi and fruit before cooking be sure to wash with a special brush.After that, it is better to pour over boiling water.

13.Dlya preparing proper feeding of the child, otvarivaya vegetables, meat and fish, put them in boiling water.This will keep the products in more nutrients.

14.Spetsialisty recommend to prepare food for the baby in a double boiler or a pressure cooker.

15.Gotovy product using the blender, sieve or grinder tolkushkoy turn into a puree.

16.Gotovuyu complementary foods can be stored in a closed glass container at 2-6ºS no more than 48 hours.

right product for feeding

to weaning there is a certain set of products.

first lure is the first stage of transition from completely liquid food (breast milk or artificial mixtures) to a thick and dense.Most often pediatricians recommend for the first foods to choose vegetable puree.It is best to use for pureeing vegetables that grow in the area where the child lives.Preference is given to vegetables in white or green - cauliflower, broccoli, squash, zucchini.Later, you can enter a pumpkin carrots and then potatoes.

After 8-9 months you can start to introduce green peas, beets.Children up to years old is not recommended to be administered in the diet of tomatoes and cucumbers.Once the child has mastered a kind of mashed vegetables, you can try to give him a mixture of several kinds of vegetables.

Lure breastfed babies before use diluted with breast milk.The lure children who are bottle-fed, add an artificial mixture.Just do not need to plant food to completely liquid state.The child must learn to eat more dense than milk, food.

Another lure is usually porridge.It is administered in the diet of a baby in a month after the first feeding.Kashi is administered with one teaspoon and gradually increase the amount of servings.

According to the principles of correct feeding of the child, the first cook porridge without sugar and salt.For children kashek suitable rice, buckwheat, corn grits later.First, cook porridge on the water, and only towards the year of the child moving to cereal to cow's milk.

Cook first clover in two ways.According to a first method, first ground cereal (it is possible in a coffee grinder) and then cooked cereal therefrom.The second method cereals cook until completely for stomach condition, then knead.

should be noted that pediatricians recommend not always administered as the first feeding vegetable puree, and then - porridge.If the child is weakened, suffering diarrhea, poorly gaining weight, the first lure for him choosing porridge.Only after cereals introduced vegetable puree.

third baby solid foods introduced after 7-8 months.This is usually fermented milk products.It is best to take dairy products for a child in a baby kitchen or specialized departments stores.Kefir, yogurt and cottage cheese are introduced gradually kid.On the day these products provide no more than once.

After 7.5-8 months in a child's diet injected meat.For the first meat baby foods take turkey meat, chicken, rabbit.You can then enter a steam veal, lean beef and pork.Boiled meat and rub.The first time the child is given no more than half a spoon of meat.If during the day it did not appear undesirable symptoms on the second day, the volume is increased, leading to 50-60 g.Each type of meat administered 5-7 days, and then transferred to another type.

correct lure baby: Tips

Terms feeding baby In the early months of complementary feeding breastfed babies are not necessarily their dopaivat waters.But children who are bottle-fed, dopaivat Vodicka necessary.This will help them prevent constipation.

With extreme caution should be introduced baby foods that can cause allergic reactions.Primarily, this fruit and vegetables and red orange, exotic fruit.It is also a strong allergen and fish.Therefore, it is recommended to introduce kids until 10-12 months.

whole cow's milk in its pure form, pediatricians advise Come on baby only after 12 months.Before this age it can be used for cooking kashek and puree.