The harm of smoking while breastfeeding

Probably not a man who would not know about the dangers of smoking.At the same time, many people can not get rid of this bad habit.It is one thing if a person disposes of their health.It's quite another when a woman smoking endangers their child.Many women trying to quit smoking before or during pregnancy, at least, during breast-feeding a baby.But some can not.Just how dangerous smoking while breastfeeding?And how can we minimize the harm from smoking for the baby?

Smoking and lactation

Smoking adversely affects the baby in two ways.The first - a direct effect of cigarette smoke during smoking in his mother's presence.And the second way - with maternal smoking harmful substances get into her blood, and then the mother's milk.As a result, drinking milk crumb which has been poisoned by nicotine, and many other harmful chemicals.In addition, experts note that smoking while breastfeeding significantly reduces the production of breast milk.This is due to the fact that nicotine inhibits the production of p

rolactin, a hormone responsible for lactation.Particularly negative impact smoking in milk production when breast feeding and smoking combined at night.The time interval from nine in the evening until nine in the morning - the most active of prolactin.

Nicotine also reduces milk flow reflex.This may necessitate early weaning.

Studies indicate that smoking women's milk are less nutritious and contains a lower concentration of vitamins.Nicotine has the ability to destroy some vitamins, such as vitamin C, the lack of which is bad for the state of immunity.

negative impact of smoking on children

The negative effect of smoking on children The children of smoking mothers who are breastfeeding are at increased risk of severe disease and pathology.The most common of them following.

1.Bespokoystvo baby.Maternal smoking is often the cause of restless behavior of the child.He becomes moody, restless sleep, wakes up frequently, has a poor appetite.

2.Problemy with a tummy.These kids are more frequent and more intensive intestinal colic.In addition, they often occur upset stomach and intestines.

3.Negativnoe effect of smoking on children manifested sudden infant death syndrome.There are three risk factors for this condition - sleep baby on his tummy, artificial feeding and maternal smoking.

4.Znachitelno increased in children of those mothers who smoke, the risk of developing lung diseases - bronchitis, asthma, croup, pneumonia.Increases their risk of lung cancer.

5.Kurenie breastfeeding triggers the development of a child's allergies.Such children doubled the risk of allergies to animal fur, and by 50% the risk of food allergies.

6.Zalozhennost nose of the child.The nasal passages of a young child is very sensitive to cigarette smoke.After irritation of the nasal mucosa smoke formed mucus, which hinders breathing baby.

7.Serdechnososudistye violations.The effect of smoking on children and may occur in the future.Statistically it is proven that such children in the future, significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease.But even at the age of 4-5 years, these children often can increase your blood pressure.

8.Zamedlenie development.Smoking during breastfeeding often leads to a slowing of physical, intellectual and psychological development of the child.This partly contributes to the fact that these kids continually experience a lack of oxygen.

9.Tak nicotine refers to soft drugs, the children of smoking mothers have an increased susceptibility to this harmful habit.Often, these children become regular smokers in adolescence.

Smoking during breastfeeding

In the case where a nursing mother can not quit smoking, it should try, as much as possible to minimize the damage to their child health hazard.To do this, try to perform the following simple rules of smoking while breastfeeding.

first - smoking only on the street or on the balcony.It is necessary that the baby was in a room where there is absolutely no smoke.It's a little smoke will reduce the impact on the child.

second - while smoking while breastfeeding mother should try to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.In addition, you should try to go to lighter cigarettes, which contain a lower concentration of nicotine.To reduce the concentration of nicotine in the blood can not try was finishing up a cigarette end.

third - smoking immediately after nursing.Scientists say that the greatest concentration of nicotine in the blood 40-60 minutes after smoking.For three hours the nicotine content in the blood is reduced to the minimum possible values.Therefore, if you smoke a cigarette after feeding until the next feeding nicotine concentration is lowest.

fourth - good nutrition and proper water regime.Since smoking while breastfeeding helps to reduce the content of vitamins and other nutrients in milk, should be particularly pay attention to nutrition.The food should contain high amounts of vitamins, trace elements.In addition, drinking plenty of fluids will rid the body of toxic substances mother and foster greater flow of breast milk.

fifth - you can not go to the baby clothes, which smoked.Also, prior to contact with the child need to be sure to wash your hands and rinse your mouth.